Go Out In Style With A London Fog Wembley Satchel

London Fog company logo

Looking for a new satchel to take your style up a notch? Check out the London Fog Wembley Satchel! This bag is perfect for any fashion-savvy woman, especially if you are a fan of London Fog handbags and purses. It comes in several different colors, so you can find the perfect one … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Boonie Hats

a camouflage boonie hat

It is very important to keep your head protected when you go outdoors, especially when fishing or boating. It is one of the most overlooked parts of preparation when it comes to outdoor activities, but it should not be. One of the best ways to protect your head from serious sunburn is … Read more

How Many Boonie Caps Are Made in the USA?

A Multicam Boonie

The boonie cap goes back to the beginning of the 1960s decade as part of the U/S military culture. While its types and variations have evolved for over five decades, we can pinpoint its evolution by looking at the most common examples. To start with, a boonie hat is a kind of … Read more

What is the Drawstring Bag Used for Most Often?

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Aside from shoes and clothes, you will not find any traveler without a backpack as it has become a necessity these days. Almost every individual has a carrying bag, but the recent trend is the rave of drawstring bags and custom backpacks. Buying a designer bag is behind us now, and everyone … Read more

The Guide to London Fog Handbags and Purses

London Fog Carlisle Dome Convertible Shoulder Bag

If you want to buy a London Fog purse, you’re one of the few women who value quality and longevity when it comes to choosing handbags. It may not be a well-known brand luxury brand like Prada, Hermes, or Louis Vuitton, but it offers prices that are hard to beat, considering the … Read more

The Best Bomber Jacket for Men with Style

Like many types of clothing (such as the onesie), the bomber jacket also has traditional iterations as workwear. Initially, the bomber jacket was specifically designed for fighter pilots during World War I. Because fighter jets had no enclosed cockpit at the time, it was too cold to fly at higher altitudes. Pilots … Read more

Fabrics Used in Top Men’s Scarves

We need to wear scarves to keep ourselves warm from the biting autumn and winter chill. A scarf is a seasonal clothing item that we use only once a while every year. It may be a functional piece of clothing accessory, but it is also a good excuse to dress up and … Read more

What Are the Best Celebrity Colognes for Men?

One of the perks of being a celebrity is that they can take advantage of their famous names by turning them into a label. Celebrities can promote their names all over the packaging of those fashionable things, namely: clothes, shoes, and perfumes. However, not many people have a good impression of that … Read more

The Best Trench Coats for Men for Dress Up and Casual Wear

A trench coat is a long, waterproof coat made to be worn over clothing during the cold autumn and winter months. The traditional double-breasted trench coat usually has ten buttons on the front, a wide lapel, and a belt in the waist. The trench coat has its military roots, as it was … Read more

Guide to Trench Coat Styles and Materials

Of all the pieces of clothing for men that have a military heritage, the trench coat is probably the classiest. It is a three-quarter-length coat that is designed to keep the grime and rain off your finer clothes. It is one of the oldest army garments that is still being worn in … Read more

Best Boonie Hats for Children

a blue Boonie hat for kids by Sunday Afternoons

Most children today are seen playing with different gadgets at home. But isn’t it nice to see them playing outside as well from time to time? If you want your kids to spend some time outside, you needto protect them from the harmful rays of the sun. Putting on sunscreen is a … Read more

Define Your Look with the Best Bomber Jackets for Men

The bomber jacket is one of the classic fashion items for men, and it is still being worn by many people today. It is a functional and robust piece of clothing that can easily add an element of elegance to men’s style. You can combine it with the right pair of sneakers … Read more

What are the Best Boonie Hats Today?

Boonie hats are one of the best kinds of hats you can wear outdoors. If you love to engage in outdoor activities like hiking and fishing, Boonie hats can help protect you from the scorching sun. Since they have wide brims, they can protect your head, face, and neck. There are also … Read more

Learn About Victorinox Fragrances

Victorinox is a well-known knife manufacturer, making a name in the cutlery industry for their iconic and original Swiss Army knives. It can come as a surprise to some people that they don’t only create functional pocket knives, but also items such as travel gear, apparel, accessories like watches and its delicate … Read more

4 Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Jewelry

4 Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Jewelry

In spite of being among the smallest accessories that any woman can wear, an exquisite piece of jewelry could easily become the highlight of any outfit. However, to recognize and buy high-quality jewelry, you do need some knowledge and experience. In case you are planning to gift something special to someone close … Read more

Guide to Being Stylish

Ever said “I have nothing to wear” while looking at a closet full of clothes? We’ve all had that frustrating moment when nothing seems to fit or feel good when you put it on. It’s difficult to come up with fresh outfits when you don’t have an unlimited budget or endless closet space. Sometimes our fashion “style” is about throwing on whatever is clean and close by. Fashion can seem like it has a bunch of secret rules you have to follow, like “not wearing white after Labor Bay.” So how do fashion bloggers put together a look that seems so easy? What rulebook are they following? How does everyone else on your social media feed keep up with the latest trends and looks? And how can you fix your wardrobe for the same fashion forward feel? Believe it or not, being stylish is actually pretty simple. You don’t need to toss out all your clothes. Or hire a personal stylist. Or keep up with what’s “in season.” And you definitely don’t need a full walk in closet with racks of shoes for every week. So put down your credit card, because our 6 tips will help you dress stylishly without buying all the high end brands. It all comes down to understanding the common mistakes we make with our wardrobes and knowing just what to do about it. Common Wardrobe Mistakes and What to Do About It Mistake: Buying clothes because they’re a bargain Solution: Rule number one for all fashion forward folks — only buy things that you absolutely love! Sales have a way of making us feel like we need to buy something right then and there or we’ll miss out. It might feel good to save money, but it’s more damaging in the long run. When you shop this way, chances are you’ll end up with a closet you hate wearing. Mistake: Holding onto clothes that are too tight or stretched out Solution: It’s tough to toss out clothes when they don’t suit you anymore, especially if you have a limited wardrobe or budget. Maybe you loved that shirt three years ago, but now it’s washed out or losing its shape. It’s time to recognize when to say goodbye. When your clothes aren’t functional, they shouldn’t be part of your closet. You deserve clothes that fit and feel good! Mistake: Not wearing any accessories Solution: Accessories are the underrated heroes of style. They can dress up an outfit, making you ready for a big day at work. Or they can help transition your look from day to night. Start with a pair of sunglasses that will work for any occasion. From cruising downtown to heading out on an adventure with friends, sunglasses are functional and fashionable. Check out rheosgear.com for an affordable variety of styles. Mistake: Grabbing something from the closet without really thinking Solution: Tossing on whatever you find in the morning? Clothes can help express who you are to the rest of the world. So when you’re not wearing an outfit that’s truly “you” — you’re bound to feel uneasy. Take time to plan your outfits based on what feels good to you. You’ll feel more comfortable, confident and stylish! Mistake: Sticking to basic and simple outfits every day Solution: One of the biggest things that holds people back in their love of fashion is not testing out the waters with new prints, patterns and textures. Keep your prints and bold patterns in the same color family to help create a clean look. A striped print is easy to start mixing, matching and shaking things up. Get creative with your wardrobe by adding something different. Mistake: Not having fun when getting dressed Solution: Clothes are an extension of who you are inside. Getting up and ready for the day should help energize you. That shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should feel like a chance to be the person you really are. So if you feel frustrated trying to be trendy, just break the rules! Wear what makes you the happiest, even if it doesn’t seem like a good match. Fashion is about finding and expressing yourself. If you think you look good, you can pull off anything! When you avoid these common pitfalls, you’ll find yourself feeling confident and stylish every day.

Ever said “I have nothing to wear” while looking at a closet full of clothes? We’ve all had that frustrating moment when nothing seems to fit or feel good when you put it on. It’s difficult to come up with fresh outfits when you don’t have an unlimited budget or endless closet … Read more

10 Best Bucket Hat Reviews

Best Bucket Hat Wearing hats can protect us from the harmful rays of sun especially bucket hats because they have wide enough brims that can cover our face, neck, and hair. Bucket hats are best used on outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking, and more. Aside from the UV protection they … Read more

Top 7 Foundations for Oily Skin

Foundations for Oily Skin We all know that base is the most important part of makeup as it can make or break your overall look. Therefore, a lot of foundations have been launched into the market in order to ensure that you have ample options to choose the best for yourself. Generally, … Read more

Best Messenger Bags for Men

Bags for Men Messenger bags have been used over many years for a lot of different things. They make it easy for men to carry things such as laptops, files, clothes, and other belongings that can fit in them. Messenger bags are also popularly used as a personal carry-on bag for flights. … Read more

10 Best Mens Leather Bomber Jacket Reviews

Best Mens Leather Bomber Jacket Reviews

Mens Leather Bomber Jacket The men’s leather bomber jacket is the things which are considered to be the most versatile item. It is the item which can enhance the look of the wardrobe and also of the wearer. The bikers who love their bikes usually love these bomber jackets as it perfectly … Read more

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for Women

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for Women

Leather Riding Boots for Women Just as with most riding equipment, riding boots for women also come in a wide range of styles and fashion. But before choosing on what boots to use for riding, there are a number of factors you may want to consider. And since riding boots are part … Read more

7 Best Celebrity Fragrances Reviews

Best Celebrity Fragrances Reviews

Celebrity Fragrances For most of the people choosing fragrance is somewhat a tricky challenge and they take even longer when choosing out of celebrity fragrances. These celebrity fragrances are co-released by the celebrities themselves and the perfume company and their fans could enjoy and feel the presence of them through the fragrance. … Read more

10 Best Ladies Waterproof Jackets Reviews

Best Ladies Waterproof Jackets Reviews

Ladies Waterproof Jackets It is very irritating if you get wet in the rainy seasons and it is especially not loved by the women. Thus the ladies waterproof jackets have become popular. The first thing while choosing the ladies waterproof jacket is that they should be able to satisfy the needs as … Read more

10 Best Men’s Scarves Reviews

Best Men's Scarves Reviews

Best Men’s Scarves Scarves are not only the trend and fashion for women but men are equally trendy in terms of having scarves. The men’s scarves are an important part of the wardrobe. There are certain tips for buying scarves for men. The first and foremost is the fabric of scarf. The … Read more

5 Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for Men

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for Men

Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for Men When the term riding boots is heard the first thing that comes to mind is the boots used for horse riding competitions. But they are not only used for a single purpose as they help in protecting the feet of the rider when riding … Read more

8 Best City Classified Wedges for Women Reviews

City Classified Wedges

City Classified Wedges for Women Nowadays when ladies are also working and they also need to look gorgeous and stylish. But heels are too tiring for those women who work all day. In this situation, wedges are the best choice for a classy and fashionable look. In most of the shoes, the … Read more

10 Best Brands for Men’s Athletic Shirts Reviews

Best Brands for Men's Athletic Shirts Reviews

Brands for Men’s Athletic Shirts As there has been so much production in almost every area so is the case with clothing. These days you will find a lot of clothing brands for almost everything but right now we are interested in some of the best brands and their best athletic shirts … Read more

10 Best Ladies Waterproof Boots Reviews

Best Ladies Waterproof Boots Reviews

Ladies Waterproof Boots In the season of rain, you can cover up yourself with a waterproof jacket or raincoats. But what to do with feet? When there is rain in winters, you can’t even leave your feet bare. Then you must need waterproof boots. These boots are not only useful in rain … Read more

10 Best Womens Down Jacket Reviews

Best Womens Down Jacket Reviews

Women’s Down Jackets One should be well prepared for the winter and if you happen to live anywhere near the North Pole then you must be in need of heavy jackets. We are right now specifically talking about women’s down jacket. These down jackets are not only good for helping you out … Read more