Best Ways to Wear a Boonie Hat

Boonie hats are one of the most useful hats you can wear outdoors, especially when hiking, hunting, and fishing. However, some people find Boonie hats challenging to wear in style. Some people complain about the annoying retention strap string and as well as the width of the band. But there are also some who can effortlessly sport them no matter what outfits they wear. 

There are actually lots of modifications you can make when it comes to wearing Boonie hats. In fact, some companies or manufacturers of Boonie hats have improved the designs of the hats they produce to make them look more fashionable. There are some Boonie hats today that no longer have strings. Instead, they have double bands so that they can still stay on your head even during windy days. There are also other Boonie hats that feature interior pouches, patches, and other designs. 

If you’re one of the people who gets annoyed with the string or strap of Boonie hats, or if you do not know the best way on how you can wear wide-brimmed Boonie hats, then you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to give you the best ways to wear a Boonie hat. 

What to Do with the Strap

For those who find their Boonie hat’s strap annoying, here are some of the ways you can wear your Boonie hats:

Wear the strap of your Boonie hat loose, behind the head.

When you wear your Boonie hat this way, the strap will keep the hat from blowing away completely when you catch a tailwind or updraft from the back. If there’s a downdraft, you can just simply look down to prevent your hat from flying off. 

Wear the strap of your Boonie hat loose, in front of the head.

Another way is to wear your Boonie hat with the strap in front like a necklace. But you don’t have to tighten the strap. This is a great way to wear your Boonie hat if you are constantly facing into the wind. But if there’s a tailwind, you need to pull the hat off to prevent it from taking off. 

Tie the strap up over the top of the hat.

If you do not want to use your Boonie hat’s strap or string, you can simply tie it up over the top of the hat. It will look like a cowboy hat. However, this is not advisable if you are under the scorching sun because you might get sunburned ears. You are also more prone to losing your hat with this style when any sort of wind blows. 

Wear the strap over the head, under the Boonie hat.

You can also tuck the strap of your Boonie hat inside, so it will be over your head when you wear it. This style can totally hide the string if you don’t want to use it, or if it’s not needed. However, if your Boonie hat is too big, the string might eventually fall out.

Tie the strap into a knot, at the back of your head.

To make the string of your Boonie hat a little less annoying, you can simply tie it into a knot, and place it at the back of your head. If you do this properly, it can prevent your Boonie hat from blowing off. However, this might be uncomfortable for some, as the knot may rub the back of the head and neck a little. 

How to Wear Boonie Hats in Style

After knowing the different things that you can do to your Boonie hat’s strap to prevent it from being annoying, we are also giving you different ways on how you can wear Boonie hats in style. These tips will provide you with some ideas on how you can wear Boonie hats to define your casual outfits. 

Wear your Boonie hat at an angle for a casual feel.

You can express your personality and style with the way you wear your Boonie hat. In fact, you can adjust it to create many different looks depending on your mood. You just simply need to place it on your head at an angle to create a laid back and easy-going look. 

You can tilt the hat forwards to block a rising or setting sun, or you can tilt it sideways for a more unique style. But if you want to look more serious, you can wear your Boonie hat straight on your head, covering most of your forehead and eyes. 

Roll up the brim of your Boonie hat for a change of pace.

If you want to create a whole new vibe for your outfit, you can roll up the brim of your Boonie hat. This can change the entire look of your hat, adding a personal touch to it. Also, rolling up your brim can make you stand out from others who are also wearing Boonie hats. 

Wear Boonie hats with simple outfits.

Boonie hats are best paired with simple outfits like jeans and a t-shirt. It’s because they can bring together a casual outfit. You can also add a pair of classic sneakers to finish your look. If you want a semi-formal but laid back style, you can wear a blazer or a patterned collared shirt. You can also wear your Boonie hat with a matching dress, which creates another simple but stylish look. 

Wear your Boonie hat with a sweatshirt and joggers during the winter.

If you want to look stylish even during the cold days, then a Boonie hat will complete your winter look. You can wear a bomber jacket and a matching scarf or a pair of gloves that can all compliment your Boonie hat during the winter season. 

Wear your Boonie hat with accessories.

If you want to look more extra, then you can add some accessories to your Boonie hat. You can put some pins on the brim of your hat, or even on the front or back part. This will help you express your individuality, or support your favorite bands, brands, music, and more when you wear the hat. Aside from pins, a patch can also do the same, which is a cleaner option. 

These are some of the best ways we can recommend when it comes to wearing a Boonie hat. Boonie hats are indeed versatile pieces of clothing. Aside from keeping you safe from the heat of the sun and from the rain, it can also help you add style to your outfits.