What type of dress codes do Las Vegas nightclubs have?

If you are the kind of person who loves music, Broadway, concerts, shows, and nightlife, then Las Vegas is for you. Las Vegas is primarily known as “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” No one will get bored in Las Vegas as there is always something to try, especially for tourists. There are plenty of tourist attractions, from museums to resorts to fantastic hotels with captivating views. Most of all, Las Vegas is known for its 24-7 nightlife destinations. 

Kinds of Nightclubs in Vegas

Hip-Hop Clubs

As the name suggests, the music played throughout the night is hip-hop predominantly. The lighting, music, sound and production, ambiance, and performances all shout hip hop. Top-tier performances by performance artists and superstar DJs are always a sight. 

Electronic Dance Music Clubs

Vegas clubs have a fundamental distinction between hip-hop clubs and EDM clubs. Though essentially in the music industry, hip-hop is said to be a sub-genre of electronic dance music. EDM clubs use non-rhythmic ambient music at 200 beats per minute, house music, techno, drum and bass, and trance. An enormous lighting system sends gushing light throughout massive dance floors. 

Night Swims

Night Swims are ideal for clubgoers who enjoy getting into the water while listening to live music and drinking. Night swims are typical for pool parties in both the daytime and nighttime. Night swims are primarily common during the summer months in Vegas, where the temperature gets scorching hot. 

people dancing in the nightclub

Nightclub Dress Codes – Dress to Impress! 

Dress codes in Vegas nightclubs are much stricter for men than for girls because girls can pull up absolutely anything and look nice effortlessly. A dress code is an essential part of a nightclub’s rules as it is one thing that will describe the nightclub’s character. 

For Men:

Top: polo shirts paired with a suit, a blazer, a jacket; collared shirt, or a button-up shirt. 

Bottom: business pants, slacks, or khakis. Men can also wear jeans or stylish dark jeans, but make sure that they are well-fitted and do not have rips and holes as a style in them.

Shoes: leather shoes, dress boots, or low-profile tennis shoes. 

Night Swims: tank tops with thick straps, swimming trunks, and sandals.

For Women: 

Top: Blouses, jacketsdresses like cocktail dresses, layered dresses, bodycon dresses, and other long or short dresses. For tops, anything can work as long as they are not too revealing. A person who prefers to wear a t-shirt should ensure that the shirt is stylish and can be paired with a ladies’ suit or a nice blazer.

Bottom: Jeans, rompers, trousers, skirts, mini-skirts, dressy pants

Shoes: high-heels, stilettos

Night Swims: tank tops, whether with thin or thick straps, one-piece or two-piece bathing suits, rompers, sarongs, shorts, and flowy tunics

What not to wear

Baggy Jeans: Wearing baggy jeans in nightclubs can be seen as too sloppy; though a doorman might consider the style fashionable, baggy jeans are considered “ill-fitting” clothing to wear in a club. 

Sports hats: Hats, in general, are a no-no policy for nightclubs. Wearing a hat is no help to door attendants who need to recognize people immediately by their faces; wearing a hat conceals the overall look of a person including the hair. If a person wears a hat in a nightclub which is supposed to be a place for flaunting the face to meet new people, it would be suspicious right? In the same way, sports hats are banned, especially if they contain the logos of specific teams in sports, to avoid disputes between opposing factions. Some doormen might consider beret or brimmed hats or fedoras and the like. 

Tennis shoes: Tennis shoes, especially flashy ones that catch attention, are not allowed in nightclubs. The same goes for shoes considered too “sporty” in style. However, some might allow tennis shoes with only one color, like all black, gray, or all white, as long as it only has one uniform color. 

Shorts: Girls may get away with wearing shorts but not men. Shorts for men are not allowed, especially if they have loads of rips on them or the shorts look too casual. 

Worn T-shirts and Cutoffs: This type of wear won’t let you get in the nightclub’s door attendants. Like shorts, this type of wear can be considered casual and incompatible with nightclubs that famous personalities and celebrities might visit. 

Jerseys: Just like sports hats, jerseys, or any other wear that will look sporty is not allowed in nightclubs. Anything that might start conflict and division between clubbers is not permitted.  

Final Thoughts

The nightclub is a fun place to relieve stress, bond with a friend, meet new people, spend the weekend, or just show your fun side. Therefore, it is crucial to know and plan the kind of dress one would wear to get inside the Las Vegas nightclubs, as you do not want to be the only one in the group left out with the doorkeepers because of not meeting the dress code. One tip that you can do to avoid any problems is to inquire about the dress code of the specific nightclub you want to go to ahead of time.