What is the history of Ariat boots?

Ariat boots are popular equestrian boots. It is a product made by Ariat International, whose name is based on the legendary racehorse named Secretariat. Secretariat, also known as “Big Red,” won the American Triple Crown (a series of horse races for three-year-old Thoroughbred horses) in 1973. 


Ariat International was a company founded by two women named Beth Cross and Pam Parker. Cross was born in 1959 in Pennsylvania, while Parker was born in 1960 in San Francisco. The former got her college degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder, while the latter at the University of California, Berkeley. The two had the chance to meet when they became classmates at Stanford Graduate School of Business during their post-graduate education in 1988.

After finishing their masters, they met again in 1990 while employed at Bain & Company in San Francisco. Both saw that the traditional riding boots needed more improvement. With the influence of several top athletic shoe manufacturers, the two decided to apply the principles of athletic shoe technology and sports marketing to the equestrian footwear market.

In 1992, Beth and Pam formed the company, and the boots finally entered the marketplace in 1993. With Beth’s leadership as CEO, the company continued to expand and develop innovative products to serve the needs of the world’s top equestrian athletes. Today, their products include not only equestrian boots but also apparel and denim.


What Inspired Cross and Parker

Both women were connected to equestrianism in their younger lives. Pam Parker had been riding horses since she was ten and has kept her horse locally on the Peninsula. On the other hand, Beth Cross stated that she grew up on a thoroughbred farm in Pennsylvania where her father raised racehorses.

When the two entrepreneurs started their company, their first headquarters was at Parker’s home in California. The two refused to take money from investors and decided to use both of their life savings. When the two finally accepted investors, their first one came from the late Frank Chambers, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He was one of the role models that influenced them to be more committed.

Ariat International Today

Since Ariat’s launch, the company has boomed in growth and continued to gain in sales. They have acquired factory partners from Mexico, Asia, and Europe, and their products continue to reach and be sold to other countries.

Ariat boots qualities

1. Design

Depending on the kind of boots you want, Ariat boots offer a range of equestrian wear for men, women, and kids. The company provides different styles, including western, work, outdoor, and lifestyle. Some variations are designed with decorative cutouts and stitching.

2. Quality of Materials

Ariat boots are often described as boots that stand the test of time. They can withstand water and mud and have been proven to withstand even the worst conditions for the longest time. It is because the materials used are planned and well-picked by its designers. The materials used in Ariat boots are full-grain, genuine leather. Some styles use buffalo leather, bison leather, and cowhide. Some boots may use other materials besides leather.

3. Value for Money

Ariat boots are worth the price. Although they can be expensive, these boots can be a good investment as they can last for about 5-15 years. They are not only used for horse riding but can also be used for work as they are durable and comfortable. As mentioned, Ariat boots go through strict planning as one shoe is equivalent to 150 people working on it.

4. Craftsmanship

Though Ariat boots may appear rough and rugged on the outside, that is not the case on the inside. The feet are designed to be engulfed in soft comfort inside. Ariat boots are crafted with advanced technologies to promote comfort and durability. The innovative materials used are the dura tread sole, mid-calf shaft, squared toe shape, cushioned soles, and footbeds with shock absorption technology.

5. Customer Service

Ariat’s customer service is responsive and offers different ways of contact, especially with products ordered outside of the country. Ariat boots provide a 12-month warranty, valid from the date of purchase.

Final Thoughts

Ariat International is a successful and well-known riding boot manufacturer today. Without its female founders’ courage and high spirits, it would have been impossible.