Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthier

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The seeds of the coffee cherry are the coffee beans. The coffee cherry is a fruit that grows on coffee plants, which are commonly found in tropical places around the world. Inside the coffee cherry are two seeds known as coffee beans. The coffee beans are removed from the cherry via a … Read more

Tips for adding caffeine to your water

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After a heavy workout, after waking up in the morning, during lunch or dinner, and in any other activities that people are involved in, drinking water is a necessity. However, water is not the only liquid people are interested in drinking, especially during the day when they need the energy to boost them … Read more

What are natural ways to enhance the flavor of water?


Water is one of the most critical necessities for survival. Without water, life would be impossible. 71% of water covers the earth’s surface. This percentage is broken down into saltwater, freshwater, and frozen water locked up in glaciers and polar ice. Even the adult human body is composed of 60% water.  Surface … Read more

Types of Meal-Replacement Nutrition Bars


True to their name, meal-replacement nutrition bars are quick and convenient food alternatives that we can choose in replacement of real or actual meals whenever plan to prepare them to fall through. Instead of going for fast food or other unhealthy options when you are tight in schedule and lack resources, consuming … Read more

What are the 5 Types of Protein Nutrition Bars?

Top-view-of protein-bar-made-of-assorted-nuts-oats-and-dried-fruits

Just like any other food supplement, protein bars are a convenient, go-to option that can provide you with the recommended amount of protein that you need every day. Protein is an essential nutrient that should be present in one’s diet as it aids the body in repairing cells and creating new ones. … Read more

What is a Liquid Water Enhancer?

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For some people, drinking plenty of water is challenging and feels like a chore to do. But this is very important as water keeps the body hydrated. Most people are not fond of drinking water due to its lack of taste or flavor. This is why many brands today are making flavored … Read more

What is Coffeeberry?

ripe and unripe coffeeberries

At the present time, there has been a lot of research about the benefits of drinking coffee. Almost everyone is aware that coffee comes from roasted coffee beans. However, most are not very familiar with the coffee fruit, or what is called coffeeberry. It comes from the same plant as the coffee … Read more

Best Ideas to Really Enjoy a Hot Bath

woman enjoying bath

In one of our previous articles, we’ve talked about the different health benefits of taking a hot bath. Some of these include improving blood circulation, reducing headaches, and relieving tension, especially after a long day. Soaking in a hot bath is a truly relaxing experience. However, there are times that it can … Read more

What are the Benefits of a Low-Carb Diet?

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, which most people are aiming for, there has been a hype with a low-carb diet. A low-carb diet limits carbohydrates, like those found in starchy vegetables and fruits. In addition to that, it focuses on eating foods that are rich in protein and fat. … Read more

What is Aspartame?

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When it comes to sweeteners and flavorings, there are many options out there, such as sugar, honey, maple syrup, dates, and molasses. But aside from those, another example of sweetener is aspartame. Most of the time, aspartame is used as a substitute for sugar and beverages, particularly in diet sodas. It is … Read more

How To Stay Healthy This Summer

Picture of people at the beach on a summer day.

During this crippling heat, it is vital to get protection from the summer heat. Look after yourself both internally and externally. Summer heat brings many harmful circumstances along with fun. If you are not mindful while partying your summer away, you can get into situations that can ruin your entire summer. Be … Read more

Preventing Skin Problems During Summer

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Summer is all fun and glory while you bask in the sun at the beach with the best company ever. But the moment your skin starts to itch badly, your pores clog, or your skin breaks out into the worst acne ever, all the fun crumbles down to nothing but worry. This … Read more