What are the different types and styles of men’s blazers?

Blazers are a type of jacket that can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. They are adaptable and go well with a variety of outfits, including jeans, khakis, formal pants, and even shorts. Additionally, blazers may give an outfit a sophisticated touch.

Blazers are essential for instances when you want to seem put together and a suit could be an overkill. Every man should have a variety of blazers in his wardrobe. When purchasing a blazer, there are several factors to take into account such as what fashion to choose, what outfit to pair it with, or what material is best. Buying the appropriate blazer be really challenging if you don’t know what you’re searching for.

A blazer is a jacket that is acceptable for formal wear even if it is not a component of a suit. The blazer differs from the suit in style. A blazer is often seen as a step down from a suit jacket in terms of formality. The main distinction between a blazer and a suit jacket is that the former may be purchased separately while the latter is always available with a matching set of pants.


In recent years, a variety of blazer styles have been introduced to the market. Given the many blazer types available, it might be difficult to choose one that fits well and is stylish.

two men wearing two different blazer styles

Single Breasted. A coat, jacket, vest, or other similar item with one column of buttons and a little fabric overlap is referred to as single-breasted; however, four or five buttons are occasionally found. They are versatile and comfortable to wear for a wide range of events, including formal ones like weddings and evening dates. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have a few single-breasted jackets in your closet.

Double Breasted. These blazers have two columns of buttons and a bigger quantity of cloth that drapes over at the front. These jackets are often much more formal than their single-breasted equivalents, therefore they don’t work as well for occasions that are more laid-back.Double-breasted blazers aren’t as prevalent, but they may look terrific with the proper attire and for the perfect formal occasion.


There are different categories or types to blazers depending upon the materials used to make them. The textiles might change according on the season, the event, and the attire. However, there is always the ideal blazer for any occasion, day, and goal in life.

Different fabrics and materials are used to make various styles of blazers. While flannel fabric was initially used to make blazers, its use has gradually changed to reflect fashion trends, weather, geographic location, and market conditions. The various blazer styles determine the kind of cloth to be used. Blazers now come in a variety of hues and textures, while the traditional royal navy blue or razor black blazers made of cotton or flannel still reign supreme.

While many blazer styles for men use materials including flannel, tweed, denim, corduroy, and tartan, various blazer styles for women use lace, velvet, cotton, leather, and a variety of other materials. The blaze’s cut will choose the cloth to use. Different materials and feels are required for various events. Blazers made of silk or linen may be ideal for an outdoor meeting, but they are inappropriate for a mountain retreat.

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Cotton Blazer. The greatest choice for guys who value simplicity and comfort is a cotton blazer. It is particularly suitable for summer activities since it keeps a person feeling calm and cool. Even when worn to the most informal occasions, cotton blazers exude a sophisticated elegance. For a more casual look, they may also be worn with jeans and a t-shirt.

There are several blazer fabric varieties. Cotton cloth is particularly popular since it exudes a laid-back and casual vibe. However, a cotton blazer for men appears sharp in casual meetings. Blazers are a style of jacket that are thought to be appropriate for formal situations. Shirts, t-shirts, and cardigans can be worn with men’s casual cotton blazers. Additionally, the greatest combination for styling a blazer with guys is jeans and chinos.

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Linen Blazer. The best option for blazers to wear in the warm spring or summer is a linen blazer. These are made of lightweight, breathable fabrics that keep you cool and party ready. Men look dapper in linen blazers, regardless of the setting—casual gatherings, events, or any hangouts. A stylish approach to dress is with a linen jacket. Choose pastel hues so you can wear them with chinos or even denim to create a lovely look.

The most popular fashion trend today is to wear a lightweight, crumpled blazer. Thus, linen can only give a kind personality a rough appearance.  Choose a blazer for men in a light, airy linen fabric for the smart-casual aesthetic. Additionally, pastels and neutrals look best.

To get the blazer style that exudes of traditional summer in the French Riviera, linen is the choice. They are odor- and microbe-resistant, lightweight, breathable, often unstructured around the shoulders, and, they look pretty rad. Just be sure to maintain your linen blazer well-pressed and ironed, as wrinkles can ruin the appearance.

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Corduroy Blazer. This type of blazer are for the trendsetters.  Blazers made of corduroy are stylish and cozy. A twill fabric with diagonally woven threads, such as corduroy, gives the surface more texture. Additionally, the fabric’s strength and thickness will keep you toasty during the winter. 

You probably picture a man wearing a corduroy jacket from the 1970s with large lapels, even bigger sideburns, and excessive chest hair coming out of his shirt when you think of a corduroy blazer. However, a contemporary interpretation of the men’s corduroy blazer is unquestionably in style, especially when worn as a component of a sharp ensemble. This timeless piece of menswear need not appear antiquated.

The ‘wale’ on your corduroy blazer refers to the ribs and might be thick, thin, or in-between. A thin or medium wale is best for a blazer since anything thicker would make you think of classic leisure suits and Brady Bunch episodes. A thinner wale, often known as a “pincord” or “pinwale” if it is really thin, always has a classy appearance but begs to be handled.

You’ll seem overly big if you combine that jacket with other heavy items of clothing because corduroy is a hefty fabric. For instance, it would be excessive to wear corduroy with a heavy wool sweater. Try wearing a shirt or a light crewneck sweater instead. You may also prevent seeming to have put on weight by wearing a slim-fitted jacket made of a finer gauge corduroy. Don’t wear a complete corduroy suit with anything other than a straightforward white button-up and basic shoes if you decide to attempt it; sure, it can be done.

Wool/Tweed Blazer. Finding a stylish dress that will keep you warm might be challenging. Simply said, sweaters are not stylish enough for formal occasions. The wool/tweed blazer steps in at this point to up the heat with its flamboyant flair. The type of jacket that never goes out of style is the wool one. You appear stylish and current thanks to it. These blazers are appropriate for meetings, celebrations, weddings, and other social occasions. For more warmth and comfort, pair it with a sweater.

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Woolen blazers are the finest choice if you live in a chilly climate to dress up or down for any occasion. Winter or chilly climates are best suited for men’s wool blazer jackets. The best and most fashionable tones for wool coats are grey, black, brown, or dark tints. Additionally, choosing wool-made trench coats is a great choice. 

Blazers made of wool are always a wise choice since they are durable, finely crafted, and maintain their shape over time. For a sharp-but-casual style, just pair your jacket with a pair of slim-fit jeans and a pair of leather desert boots. You may wear it with jeans or chinos, but make sure to appear put together by wearing boots or shoes.

Velvet Blazer. These are a great choice if you want to defy accepted fashion trends and stand out from the crowd. You will be covered for all weddings, cocktail events, and special anniversary meals with this chic blazer. The best occasions for it are winter gatherings. The greatest jacket for guys who desire the ideal mix of celebration, opulence, and comfort is a velvet one. To get the fashionable modern style, wear it with black pants and a pair of formal oxfords.

Although velvet blazers are rather uncommon, in the appropriate situation they may nevertheless draw attention. These blazers are the classy, elegant variety that you might wear on a date to the casino. Pair them with dark, slim-fitting chinos or dark, business-casual jeans. A patterned pocket square should also be remembered.

Floral/Motive Blazer. These festive yet trendy blazers are perfect for you if you don’t go for the ordinary, solid-colored blazers. These are the great blazers choice for men who wish to stand out in an occasion. This blazer may be worn for any formal occasion, such as a wedding or a Diwali celebration. By adding glam accessories to your attire, such as brooches, pocket squares, and cuff links, you can amp it up even more.

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Tuxedo Blazer. The tuxedo may be a familiar garment, but the tuxedo blazer is a newcomer. It feels like a tuxedo and is as comfortable as a blazer. A tuxedo blazer has a lapel that contrasts, typically made of satin. Wool and velvet are two other choices on the lapel material. This beautiful lapel is the ideal opulent accent for a cocktail party or a black-tie occasion.

Denim Blazer. If wearing a formal blazer becomes monotonous, choose a denim blazer to show off your appearance in style. These styles have grown with the jacket. All people love denim or jeans jackets because they are very stylish and masculine. Men’s slim-fit denim jackets often come in two-button designs. Additionally, the double-button suit offers males the greatest unstructured appearance. Wear it with shirts, t-shirts, or vests for a stylish look. Jeans and casual pants are the ideal outfit combinations for the general look.

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Flannel. Since flannel blazers are substantial and thick, this is one instance where the terms “blazer” and “sports coat” converge. Flannel blazers with patterns like checks or stripes are common. This is undoubtedly on the less formal end of the range, from “casual beer” to “canapes and champagne.”

Hopsack. Technically speaking, hopsack is a type of weaving rather than a cloth. The blazer can breathe more easily because to the broad weave and modest square design, which also gives the entire garment a good woven appearance. Additionally, it resists wrinkles, which is a plus. If you’re searching for texture and visual intrigue, hopsack blazers are fantastic.

Styling your Blazer

Styling a blazer needs a little more creativity than styling a suit jacket. However, because a men’s casual blazer looks fantastic practically anyplace, you have a lot more options.

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With blazers, unlike suit jackets, the goal is not to pick pants that precisely match the material. The goal is to choose shirts and slacks that go well with the blazer. This often refers to dark-washed denim or crisp, slim-fit chinos rather than suit pants. Rarely should a blazer be worn over a pair of suit pants; a suit jacket should be used instead.

The majority of men will don a loose-fitting linen blazer with a plain collared shirt underneath in the summer (typically without a tie). But don’t be hesitant to start experimenting with knits and layering throughout the winter. The loose shape and relaxed shoulder offer you more room for more fabric, which is a significant benefit the blazer has over the suit jacket.


The adaptability of a single piece of clothing is the biggest benefit of purchasing a blazer. You may create a variety of looks for various seasons and events by combining a blazer with materials like denim, sweaters, t-shirts, and shirts. Find the ideal-fitting blazer, then prepare to astound everyone with your newly discovered sense of style.