James Bond 007 Watches


Ian Fleming, the creator of the Bond series, gave the character of 007 exquisite taste and style by basing it on his preference for classy Swiss watches and tailored clothing. James Bond movies have made use of some serious horology, as seen in Sean Connery’s Rolex Submariner and Daniel Craig’s Omega Planet … Read more

What are the benefits of wearing a sports smart watch for cycling?

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Like a wristwatch, a smartwatch is a digital time-keeping device worn on the wrist but with more to offer. Cyclists who are always on the go would prefer these smartwatches because they possess on-the-go functions that are easy, flexible, and compatible with their activities. Why are they called “smartwatches”? Smartwatches are technologically … Read more

The Interesting History of Swiss Army Knife Wenger Watches

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Wenger is a popular brand due to its invention of the Swiss Army Knife. In addition to the multifunctional knives that the brand offers, Wenger also produces watches. These watches are designed around the Swiss Army Knife and are related to all the basic ideas and concepts of the knife, which includes … Read more

A Guide to Buying the Best Watches for Hunting

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You might not consider a hunting watch to be a priority in your hunting paraphernalia unlike crossbows or hunting rifles, but it is one of the key equipment in any hunter’s gear. It is fairly easy to lose track of time when you are out taking in nature. Before you know it, … Read more

Best Watches for Cycling

There are plenty of accessories available for cyclists when it comes to improving rides, including sports watches, fitness trackers, and dedicated sensors. But just because you are passionate about cycling doesn’t mean you are able to spend too much money on just a watch. Whether you want a wristwatch to track your … Read more

7 Best Wenger Swiss Army Watches

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Wenger Swiss Army Watches During the beginning of the year 1908, a new introduction to the market of multi-tool was made by the Wegner Company. This shows that how much old this company is. Wegner has over 100 years of excellence in providing the exact tools for its customers and to the … Read more