What are the benefits of wearing a sports smart watch for cycling?

Like a wristwatch, a smartwatch is a digital time-keeping device worn on the wrist but with more to offer. Cyclists who are always on the go would prefer these smartwatches because they possess on-the-go functions that are easy, flexible, and compatible with their activities.

Why are they called “smartwatches”?

Smartwatches are technologically advanced and can be connected to smartphones. They are called smartwatches because they can do a lot more than ordinary wristwatches, aside from telling time. Once they are connected to smartphones, smartwatches can be used as a notification for whatever notification comes to the phone. These notifications can include e-mails, incoming calls, text messages, and even applications. Some smartwatches can even make telephone calls. The production of smartwatches is an intelligent choice as, even with their small size, they can perform various things considered necessary in today’s computer-centered world.

Smart watch showing heartbeat

Evolution of Wristwatch to Smartwatch 

Telling time existed as early as 2000 BC; it has been done based on the sun’s position. Until the early 1300s, the earliest people had no mechanical device that told time. The mainspring was invented in the 15th century; it is a metal ribbon that was wound up, creating stored energy that is used to power the gears in a watch. Peter Henley, a German clockmaker, was credited with creating timepieces embedded in a chain or a pendant. However, his invention was said to be inaccurate. It was only in 1657, that two investors named Robert Hooke and Christian Hugin were able to come up with and improve the accuracy of the pocket watch by the use of a balance spring. Several inventions that are helpful in crafting accurate timepieces followed in the 1700s. It was finally by the year 1810 that the first wristwatch was made by Abraham Louis Breguet for the Queen of Naples. At the end of the century, the popularity of wristwatches began to grow. In the 21st century, these wristwatches were given additional features with the use of technology to make people’s lives easier. It worked and was able to produce smartwatches. 

Sports Smartwatch

Every sports athlete secures a smartwatch to use, especially during training and even at the actual sports event. It is because a sports smartwatch helps them keep track, aside from allowing them to keep a record of their time at every practice, but also because a sports smartwatch allows them to keep track of their heartbeats, which lets them know their limitations and up to how much they can prolong themselves.

Running app on phone and smartwatch

Benefits of wearing a sports smartwatch for cycling

For cyclists, a good massage can help relieve soreness from bicycling. But, owning a sports smartwatch is a much more convenient way of making athletes’ lives easier and trouble-free. Cyclists should look forward to having a sports smart watch for the following benefits:

  • Sport smartwatches have built-in heart rate monitors. A cyclist can press a button for a heart rate monitor when he wants it to track his heart rate throughout an activity. A single press can measure tissue changes in the blood as it circulates the body.
  • Provides live tracking. Smartwatches can keep a record of their user’s real-time location. The device allows sharing its location with other people, which means that in case of an emergency, it can serve as a tracking device for a person.
  • Activities off the bike can be recorded. This is especially advantageous to triathletes who do not just do biking but also do other activities, such as swimming and running. The device can be customized and set other activities aside from biking and the user can transition the device to the next movement he wants it to record. A small stroll to the park, skateboarding, or a simple walk can also be recorded.
  • They are lightweight and fashionable. Cyclists do not need to worry about carrying them. These smartwatches stay on their wrists whenever they leave the house. If they decide to stop over at some coffee shops or restaurants in between their cycling routine, these smartwatches will still look fashionable and can be turned off as a regular time-telling wristwatch. 
  • They serve as a notification devices. As mentioned, these smart watches can be connected to phones and can use as a notifier for text messages and phone calls. In this way, a cyclist does not need to reach for his phone to check for any calls or messages. 

cyclist checks health in smartwatch

Common Features of Sports Smartwatch

  • Heart Rate Monitor. The most crucial feature that athletes would like in a smartwatch. This feature allows athletes to keep watch of their health; so that they will know the right time to rest and to continue.
  • Notifications. A convenient feature that will allow athletes to be aware of people’s messages even without looking at their phones. 
  • Activities recorder. Athletes would always like to know how much they have been productive throughout the day. This feature allows them to record their activities throughout the day without needing to remember the time they spend on each activity.
  • Music player. Good music while on an activity is a good motivation. Playing a favorite song while an athlete is busy with his daily workout would be nice.  
  • GPS. Useful in providing real time location and maps. 
  • WIFI Connectivity. No matter where a person is, he or she can connect to the internet and access important messages or e-mails in time of an emergency.

Final Thoughts

Sport smartwatch plays a big role in athlete’s demanding life. They serve as not just a device that tells time but as something that keeps track and progress of their trainings.