Best Ideas to Really Enjoy a Hot Bath

In one of our previous articles, we’ve talked about the different health benefits of taking a hot bath. Some of these include improving blood circulation, reducing headaches, and relieving tension, especially after a long day. Soaking in a hot bath is a truly relaxing experience. However, there are times that it can become a bit boring. With this, how do you think you can make a hot bath more enjoyable? 

There are different things that you can do to really enjoy a hot bath. You can have a good book in hand, light some scented candles, play relaxing music, and more. If you want to learn more about these, you’re in the right place. Read on as we are giving you some of the best ideas to really enjoy a hot bath. 

  • Use a heated towel.

One of the things that could ruin a nice hot bath is stepping out and feeling the rush of cold air. To prevent this from happening, it is better to heat your towel on the radiator so that you will be able to move from one form of comfort to another. You can also do this to your bathrobe and slippers if you like. 

  • Add some essential oils for a more relaxing and enjoyable hot bath.

Using essential oils can help make your hot bath feel more relaxing. You can find many different combinations for aromatherapy blends, and each of them offers different benefits. For example, you can combine eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils to clear your sinuses. If you want a more relaxing hot bath, you can mix lavender and bergamot. And if you want to relieve stress from a long day at work, you can try blending orange and clove or cedarwood and lemon essential oils. 

  • Make sure that you get the perfect temperature.

When going on a hot bath, the perfect temperature is two degrees above the normal body temperature. Therefore, it should be around 37 degrees Celsius but not hotter than 39 degrees Celsius. This way, you can ensure that the bath is comfortable enough and will make you feel more relaxed. 

  • Take a shower before soaking in a hot bath.

It is essential to take a shower before you soak in a hot bath to ensure that you are clean and not soaking in your own filth for a long time. 

  • Enjoy reading while having a hot bath.

One of the enjoyable things to do while soaked in a hot bath is to read your favorite book. To prevent the book from getting wet, you can use a bath caddy. You can place it on top of the tub to hold your book or tablet or other items that you want to bring with you. 

woman relaxing in the bath tub

  • Try some beauty therapy while you are in the bath. 

While you a soaked in a hot bath, you can also try some beauty therapy, such as putting on a face mask. You can use a store-bought face mask that will moisturize your face and detoxify your skin. You can also make one at home by following tutorials online. 

  • Prepare a healthy snack or bring a glass of wine.

While enjoying your book, you can also bring with you some snacks and a glass of wine. Some examples of snacks are fresh fruits. Just ensure that you place them within your reach as you enjoy your hot bath. 

  • Relax and enjoy the hot bath.

Immerse yourself in the tub and let all of your stress be washed away. Try to think about happy thoughts, good places, and other relaxing things. Let all of the thoughts about work evaporate with the steam. Try to meditate and enjoy the relaxing hot bath. 

  • Stay in the bath for as long as it feels pleasurable and comfortable. 

You can enjoy and relax the hot bath for as long as you want. However, when it begins to feel less enjoyable or if it is getting too cold, then it is time to hop out of the tub. After the bath, you should feel calmer and more relaxed. 

  • Drink some healthy tea after the hot bath.

Drinking tea, specifically herbal tea, after enjoying a hot bath will help maintain your relaxation and as well as contribute to the detoxification process. 

These are some of the best ideas that we can recommend on how you can enjoy a hot bath. Therefore, if you are searching for the perfect way to calm your nerves and relax after a week of stress at work, a hot bath is one of the best options. Just make sure that you moisturize your skin after the bath, as this will help lock in hydration and reduce possible dryness or irritation. We hope that the ideas we shared here will help you plan a relaxing hot bath soon.