What are natural ways to enhance the flavor of water?

Water is one of the most critical necessities for survival. Without water, life would be impossible. 71% of water covers the earth’s surface. This percentage is broken down into saltwater, freshwater, and frozen water locked up in glaciers and polar ice. Even the adult human body is composed of 60% water. 

Surface water, including freshwaters such as oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs, is the most common source of potable water. Humans consume about 321 billion gallons of surface water per day. 

Uses of Water

woman drinking a glass of water

1. Drinking 

The primary use of water is for drinking. Humans and animals drink water to survive and stay hydrated. In everything we do, we drink water: before and after eating, before and after an exercise, before and after going to sleep, and for all occasions where we feel water can aid our thirst. 

Humans are encouraged to drink up to 8 glasses of water daily for the body to function well. It is said that a healthy heart and kidney can be maintained with adequate water in the body. Science added that water could suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and help lose body fat. 

While abundant water is most often underrated and taken for granted, some countries face water shortages. The United Nations reports that there are about 2 billion people who are living in water-stressed countries. 

2. Cooking or baking

Aside from drinking, water is also one of the crucial ingredients in food preparation. Whether to make a dish or prepare a cake for a specific occasion, water is present. People need water to wash raw meats and vegetables, utensils, and tools for cooking. Since water is a solvent, it also helps dissolve minerals, sugars, and salts in a dish. Water regulates the flavor of every dish for it to be acceptable to the palate. Water is also necessary for boiling hard meats for them to get tender. Boiling is said to kill bacteria, and it would only be possible in the presence of water. 

3. Bathing

Taking a bath is also another important use of water. Bathing aims to maintain hygiene and protect the human body from bacteria that may cause sickness. People take a bath once, twice, or three times a day to keep their bodies fresh and clean. Taking a bath, especially with the use of warm water, does not only refresh a person’s feelings but is also said to be medically beneficial. According to a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine, bathing lowers feelings of fatigue, stress, and pain.  

4. Industry and Commerce

Water is also beneficial for household use, industry, and commerce, which produce other needs for people. Water is involved in the processing, washing, diluting, cooling, and fabricating of products. Large amounts of water are necessary to produce food, paper, and the chemicals all people need.

5. Agriculture

Without water, agricultural production will never be probable. Plants and crops need water for nutrients and growth. It is used in irrigation, pesticide, and fertilizer application. Livestock, which supplies a source of meat for people, needs water to grow and be healthy so that it is safe for people to eat. 

 6. Energy Source

Lastly, water is one of the primary sources of energy that helps appliances and machines function. Hydroelectricity relies on clean and renewable water energy sources in lakes and rivers. 

Natural ways to enhance the flavor of water

clear cups of water with fruits

As mentioned, drinking water is one of the primary uses of water. This article offers some natural ways to enhance and level up the flavor of water to make your drinking sessions more fun and exciting:

  • Add fruits to your water. Slices of lemon, lime, or orange will add a refreshing and enhancing taste to your water. You can also use crushed fresh raspberries, apples, watermelon, a slice of strawberry, or cucumbers. 
  • Make it into juice. You can try to blend some fruits like cranberry, pomegranate, grape, or apple and add the liquid to your water. Or you can buy ready-made juices that are natural and with no added sugar and mix them with your water. 
  • Try to use tea. Local groceries offer several flavors of tea that are healthy and tasty. Try to use herbal teas that contain basil, ginger, rosemary, or cilantro. 
  • Use wine. A small portion of wine can bring a tasteful experience to water. Just make sure you will not overdo it and put more wine than the quantity of water you have. 
  • Apple Cider Vinegar. Although this can be similar to adding citrus to water, adding apple cider vinegar can become a source of vitamin C to your body. 


Water use should never be abused, as we may not have it forever. With several issues of drought and water shortage, the abundant water that we might have today can be gone tomorrow. So, to enjoy it more, we should know how to use it wisely.