Why Birth Plates are the Perfect Gift

So your best friend, sister, or maybe workmate is having a baby. They’re overly excited about their little angel and are trying to find out everything they can about being a parent and things to know about having a baby.

Meanwhile, you’re still here, bending over backward trying to think of the perfect gift to give them. There are tons of things in the market you can buy, but you want this one to be personal.

How about giving them a custom-made Dutch birth plate that will serve as a reminder of their special day, with their cute baby. Still not sure if you should get it? Well, here are a few reasons why it’s a perfect gift:

1. Customizable – Well, you wanted your present to be personal. What better way to do that than to give the parents to be something you customized yourself?

A birth plate comes in different colors, style, size, and design that you can choose. What’s more is that you can choose to etch a personalized note, letter, or a quote, and it will stay on that plate forever.

Your gift will not only be unique and personal, but it will also stand out from all the baby toys and clothes that other people might give to the lucky couple.

2. Sentimental Value – Whether your gift is made of gold, copper, or tin, what’s essential is the value that you have placed onto that gift.

Nothing says personalized valued that a hand-crafted, customized gift! A birth plate will let the parents know that you took your time personalizing your present, which can create a stronger emotional bond.

Plus, when the baby is born, you can always tell the story of how in the 1500s, birth plates were a luxury time. Only the elites and wealthiest of people could afford to have birth plates. So that’s also kind of like saying that the baby is one with the royals of Dutch.

3. Timeless – People keep nameplates for years. Almost nobody ever throws away a birth plate. Unlike with toys, shoes, and clothes that the baby could grow out of, birth plates are there forever.

The recipients of your gift could put the birth plate in a china cabinet, on the wall, or even on top of tables as decoration, which will symbolize the baby’s birth.

Because it can be preserved for a long time, even after the baby has all grown up, they can still keep the plate and show it to their kids. It can be like a memoir or timepiece that is passed on to generations to come.

If you’re interested with nameplates, look them up online and see if they strike a connection with you. If it’s something that is your taste and you think it will serve as a great gift, then buying one wouldn’t be the worst thing.

These are only a few reasons why you should get a birth plate. But even so, the point with giving gifts is that they are personal and sincerely from your heart!