Great Gift Ideas to Make Your Daughter’s Thirteenth Birthday Special

Your daughter’s thirteenth birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone. It marks the official end of her childhood and starts the beginning of her teenage years. She’s not quite a teenager yet, but you already see the burgeoning signs of adolescence–she’s more independent, more prone to speak her mind, and less interested in toys and more preoccupied with romance and dating. To celebrate this new journey she’s about to undertake, you’re probably thinking about buying the perfect gift for your 13-year-old daughter. Here are a few gift ideas that will surprise and delight her.

1. A New Phone Case

OK, this gift idea might seem pretty simple, but we’re not talking about a standard clear phone case. Most teenage girls love spending time on their phones, to the point that their phone becomes a reflection of their personality. Buy her a fancy phone case with hand-painted art, her favorite brand logo, or an Instagram-ready design that looks great on social media. And while you’re at it, maybe think about upgrading her phone, too–she probably wouldn’t complain!

2. A Water Bottle

Again, we’re not talking about a standard plastic water bottle here. With today’s health craze, you’d be hard-pressed to find a teenage girl who doesn’t have a fancy water bottle or two. Give her the gift of health with a water bottle that comes with special features, like the ability to infuse fruit into her water or a self-cleaning function that kills germs and bacteria. Once she has this bottle in her hand, you’ll never see her without it.

3. Concert or Event Tickets

There’s no better gift than a memory she’ll cherish for the rest of her life. And the anticipation she’ll experience in the build-up to the event is almost as good as the event itself. Buy her a concert ticket for her favorite singer or band, or get a ticket for that sports event she’s been wanting to see. You could sit and watch the game at home, but there’s no comparison to the excitement and energy of sitting in a venue packed with people waiting for the event to begin. Concert tickets as a gift are also a great way you can spend time together before she gets caught up in the responsibilities of high school.

4. Art Supplies

When she was little, all she needed was a pack of crayons and a coloring book to make her happy. Now she’s getting older and more talented, and art supplies are increasingly expensive. Those $5 crayons have become an $80 pack of markers, and it’s only going to get worse when she heads off to art school. Give her the gift of creativity with a nice set of art supplies that’ll give her a taste of living like a professional artist.

5. A Weighted Blanket

If she has trouble sleeping or deals with anxiety, give her a weighted blanket for her birthday. A weighted blanket makes her feel comfortable without feeling smothered. It improves the quality of sleep and it’s perfect for relaxing in the evenings. There’s a reason that this product is all the rage, so buy one for your daughter and see how her mood improves in the mornings.