Modern Non-Serrated Steak Knife 6 Piece Set

A lot of people would agree that steak is the master food that everyone should try. While having an indulging taste, the score lies in the technique of how it was cooked and served. According to Wonder How To: Food Hacks, one of the essential things when preparing a steak is the cutting part. Cutting a steak can be tricky when you don’t have the proper knives. Luckily, Foxel offers you only the best 6 Piece modern non-serrated steak knife set.

Why Choose This Set?

The tenderness of a steak is usually the most anticipated part of having it. However, the problem comes when your knife can’t cut your steak in 20 seconds; it destroys your anticipation and excitement.

Their non-serrated model knives are designed to give you that expectation and never disappoint. This set of knife cuts smoothly through your steak and will surely make you feel worthy of the money you spent on it as well as for your steak.

If you use a high-quality knife, it gives you a feeling of having the steak better than what it already is. It creates an illusion in your mind and makes the experience of cutting the steak much better.

Introducing Non-Serrated Steak Knife

Their non serrated steak knife set gives you an escape from the frustration of cutting with a blunt knife. Available in the market at a reasonable price in premium quality, they are made from Thyssen-Krupp 1.4116, aka X50CrMoV15 German stainless steel. This material has a Rockwell hardness of 56-58, letting it hold an edge well without being weak to rust spots and chipping.

Japanese steel can offer good edge holding but can easily chip when dropped while softer stainless steel has a good performance in preventing rust. The materials used for these non-serrated steak knife set are crafted from the best of both worlds and gives razor-sharp, long-lasting steel.

What Else Will You Get

This set doesn’t just offer quality experience but also comes in very good packaging. The box has a presentable feel that can be a good material for a gift during housewarming parties and anniversaries. With the quality of both the product and its packaging, it can never fail to impress anyone.

Not only that, but Foxel is not just committed to its products but also its customers. If you’re not fully satisfied with what they gave you, neither are they. They give you the freedom to contact or email them when you’re not happy with their products. Moreover, if you ever encounter any problems or defects, they are very willing to send you a new set of equal or higher value.

Steak knives aren’t usually a big deal for most people, but it should be. It improves the quality of life while eating a steak and gives you an easier time while cutting anything. Everyone should take into account that having a well-cooked steak doesn’t sum up the experience but having a good knife to cut with can make the meal a hundred times better.

If you want to maintain the excitement when having a steak, you should probably invest in a decent knife set that can last for a long time.