A One Month Clean Eating Meal Plan for Beginners

If you’ve tried and failed to revamp your diet and stick to a clean eating plan, you’re not alone. With so many options available, it can be tough to switch your diet to include mostly whole, natural, and organic foods. Don’t fret; remember that a change like this is likely to affect your entire lifestyle, and as such, is likely going to be hard to nail down for good. If you need a nudge in the right direction, read on for a simple, approachable, and easy-to-follow meal 1-month meal plan for beginners.

Rather than list out a day-by-day plan of exactly what to eat, this plan allows for the week-by-week structure of incorporating different food groups into your diet. This structuring means that you don’t have to worry about going out and buying a ton of groceries all at once (for recipes that you might never make again). You need to look at the food groups listed and make your own choices based off of preference. This method is also a lot easier psychologically; rather than worry about what you can’t have, you focus on gradually adding in good things to your diet. Over time, you will likely be so pleased with your new food discoveries that you will be less tempted to go back to less healthy choices. A clean eating meal plan subscription can help with staying the course as well.


This diet plan is structured to allow you to discover new recipes and foods on your own. It is tailored to help you discover and experiment, rather than follow a rigid structure.

Weekly Shopping List

3 Protein Sources (Eggs, red meat, poultry, or fish.)

1 Cruciferous Vegetable (Broccoli, Cauliflower, etc.)

2 Leafy Greens (Spinach, kale, etc.)

2 Fruits (Any kind)

2 Berries (Any Kind)

3 Carb Sources (Grains and veggies are allowed; no processed breads/pasta. Examples include oats, sweet potatoes, and quinoa.)

1 Sweetener (honey, agave nectar, maple syrup)

2 Nuts or Seeds (Chia seeds, peanut butter, etc.)

3 Fat Sources (Avocado oil, olive oil, butter, ghee, etc.)

Make it your goal every week to buy food items from this list that you haven’t bought or don’t often buy. If you focus on trying recipes using exclusively whole foods, you will develop taste overtime for them. Besides, your body will start to re-adjust to its newfound levels of nutrient intake. If you like the idea of adjusting your diet but don’t want to do all the planning yourself, a great option is to use a clean eating meal plan subscription.

Here’s a sample breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


1 Cup Oats

2 Tbsp Peanut Butter

1 Tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp Honey

1/2 Cup Blueberries

1 Cup Almond Milk

Combine oats, chia seeds, honey, and peanut butter, and almond milk in a bowl overnight. In the morning, top with blueberries.


1 Cup Spinach

1/2 Cup Walnuts

12 oz Baked Chicken

Balsamic Vinaigrette

1 Apple, diced

Combine all ingredients to make a salad.


1 Cup Quinoa

1 Cup Broccoli, pan-roasted

10 oz Steak

As you can see, there are a ton of options available for simple (but highly nutritious) meals. Don’t be afraid to branch out and experiment; it’s what makes the whole process fun and enjoyable.