Guide to Being Stylish

Ever said “I have nothing to wear” while looking at a closet full of clothes? We’ve all had that frustrating moment when nothing seems to fit or feel good when you put it on. It’s difficult to come up with fresh outfits when you don’t have an unlimited budget or endless closet space. Sometimes our fashion “style” is about throwing on whatever is clean and close by.

Fashion can seem like it has a bunch of secret rules you have to follow, like “not wearing white after Labor Bay.” So how do fashion bloggers put together a look that seems so easy? What rulebook are they following? How does everyone else on your social media feed keep up with the latest trends and looks? And how can you fix your wardrobe for the same fashion-forward feel?

Believe it or not, being stylish is actually pretty simple. You don’t need to toss out all your clothes. Or hire a personal stylist. Or keep up with what’s “in season.” And you definitely don’t need a full walk-in closet with racks of shoes for every week. So put down your credit card, because our 6 tips will help you dress stylishly without buying all the high-end brands. It all comes down to understanding the common mistakes we make with our wardrobes and knowing just what to do about it.

Common Wardrobe Mistakes and What to Do About It

Mistake: Buying clothes because they’re a bargain

Solution: Rule number one for all fashion-forward folks — only buy things that you absolutely love! Sales have a way of making us feel like we need to buy something right then and there or we’ll miss out. It might feel good to save money, but it’s more damaging in the long run. When you shop this way, chances are you’ll end up with a closet you hate wearing.

Mistake: Holding onto clothes that are too tight or stretched out

Solution: It’s tough to toss out clothes when they don’t suit you anymore, especially if you have a limited wardrobe or budget. Maybe you loved that shirt three years ago, but now it’s washed out or losing its shape. It’s time to recognize when to say goodbye. When your clothes aren’t functional, they shouldn’t be part of your closet. You deserve clothes that fit and feel good!

Mistake: Not wearing any accessories

Solution: Accessories are the underrated heroes of style. They can dress up an outfit, making you ready for a big day at work. Or they can help transition your look from day to night. Start with a pair of sunglasses that will work for any occasion. From cruising downtown to heading out on an adventure with friends, sunglasses are functional and fashionable. Check out for an affordable variety of styles.

Mistake: Grabbing something from the closet without really thinking

Solution: Tossing on whatever you find in the morning? Clothes can help express who you are to the rest of the world. So when you’re not wearing an outfit that’s truly “you” — you’re bound to feel uneasy. Take time to plan your outfits based on what feels good to you. You’ll feel more comfortable, confident and stylish!

Mistake: Sticking to basic and simple outfits every day

Solution: One of the biggest things that hold people back in their love of fashion is not testing out the waters with new prints, patterns, and textures. Keep your prints and bold patterns in the same color family to help create a clean look. A striped print is easy to start mixing, matching and shaking things up. Get creative with your wardrobe by adding something different.

Mistake: Not having fun when getting dressed

Solution: Clothes are an extension of who you are inside. Getting up and ready for the day should help energize you. That shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should feel like a chance to be the person you really are. So if you feel frustrated trying to be trendy, just break the rules! Wear what makes you the happiest, even if it doesn’t seem like a good match. Fashion is about finding and expressing yourself. If you think you look good, you can pull off anything!

When you avoid these common pitfalls, you’ll find yourself feeling confident and stylish every day.