Best Universities In Europe

Best Universities In EuropeWhen it comes to science, technology, medicine, or business there is no better place in earth than Europe to study all these things. There are so many great things which you will find in Europe like it has got the most top-ranked universities in the world. This is the region where you will find out true research in almost every field. Europe is comprised of more than 50 countries or so and it becomes kind of a difficult task when you are willing to get admission in any of the university as there are plenty out there. For your guidance we have made the list of top 10 universities in Europe and with all right reasons you will find this list really helpful.

10. Catholic University of Leuven

This university is arguably one of the best universities in Europe and it has got its own reasons for sure. First of all it was established way back in 15th century and located in Belgium which is regarded as the heart of Europe for many. Except its main campus there are many campuses out there of this university across the country (to be more precise 15 campuses). You will love the standard of education there for sure.

9. University of Copenhagen

This is also the symbol of early stage of West’s era of enlightenment because it was also established in the late 15th century. This university has got the huge number of students as according to its website there are 40 thousand students currently enrolled. One great thing about this university is that it has to offer you more or less 200 programs and that is the reason why you will easily find your subject of interest in it.

8. King’s College London

It is located in London and let alone it has got five campuses in this city. You would love the main campus of this university as it is not only historical but well equipped to meet all the requirements of today’s world. There is one unique thing about this university is that it has produced so many Nobel Prize winners which is unprecedented really. You would be transformed totally after getting a degree from this university for sure.

7. Ecole Polytechnique Federal of Lausanne

You do not often hear about any good university located in Switzerland but there is one for sure. This polytechnic university offers not only the variety of programs in which you can enroll but good thing is that it is located at the center of most scenic views. There are 10 thousand students enrolled in this university with the concentration of undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral students. You will also get a good blend of internationalism in this university as most of the student hail outside Switzerland.

6. University of Edinburgh

If you are really serious about studying in English speaking country then this one is for you. It is in Scotland comprising of 3 colleges with 20 schools offering you all sorts of subjects ranging from engineering to business and economics. It is ranked as one of the best universities in Europe because of its research facilities and overall environment for the students to unleash their potential.

5. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

This university is not only one of the best in Europe but it has been ranked on of the top universities all over the world for quite some time. It traces its roots way back in the middle of 19th century and currently the huge number of students are from all over the world. For the matter of fact Einstein happened to teach in this university as well.

4. University College London

London is all about education as it has been the center of knowledge in Europe for many centuries and university of college London playing its due role in this. Wide range of programs is offered in this university and you would be amazed to hear that it has got large percentage of students from different parts of the world. There are thousands of students currently studying in this university and it is truly a good option to consider.

3. Imperial College London

If you are planning to study engineering, medicine or business this university can really help you out. This university is relatively new unlike other universities in London but it has made progress quite rapidly in few decades. Great thing is that you will love the internationalism in this university as it has got students from all over the world.

2. University of Cambridge

One of the most prestigious universities for sure which has got 19 thousand students. You would be amazed to know that this university was founded way back in early 13th century when most of the Europe was fighting tribal wars. Cambridge has also secured the top rank for many years in the world not only Europe and one more thing is that you will find many Nobel winners from this university other than any university in the world.

1. University of Oxford

This is the cradle of science of and technology in western civilization as it was established in 1096 which makes it the oldest universities in the world. There is nothing more prestigious than studying in this university as there are students from all different parts of the world. With so many scholarships to offer this university has transformed this world in many ways and continue to doing so.


Now you have got the list of best universities under your sleeve and hopefully, you will get admission soon enough. For more information, you must visit the website of the relevant university.