Top 9 European Countries To Visit

Tourism has always been the joy for human beings and thanks to the fast traveling facility nowadays it has become a global phenomenon. There could be so many tourists destinations out there in the world but not many would argue that Europe is a place where you will find most of the amazing memories of your life. First of all, Europe can be seen as a place for so many different nations living near to each other without any movement restrictions because of the nature of the continent. You would love to visit Europe from southern coastline to the tundra of northern parts of it. We have tried to make a list of the top ten countries where you should go whenever you plan the euro trip. So let’s see what are they.

Without any doubt France has been the center of fashion, arts, tourism and what not in Europe for many decades. To be right it is the country actually which receives most of the tourists from all over the world, roughly speaking over 8 million people annually. France is a beautiful blend of modern and the historical world of Europe. It will give you the opportunity to explore the heritage it has got and not to mention that Paris alone has to offer you places to go than any other city in the world.

1. Germany

GermanyWell many of you must be aware of this fact that Germany is the horsepower of Europe and for the right reasons. It has got everything from the old architecture to the modern city coming out from all the places you will visit. One more interesting fact about Germany is that it has got the largest zoo you will ever find in whole Europe. There is so much to look for once you step in this amazing country from historical sites to modern engineering marvels.


2. Italy

ItalyWell, who on earth does not want to visit Venice once in a lifetime and it is of course located in the southern part of Europe that is Italy. There is one unique thing you will find in Italy that it has got so many world heritage sites declared by UNESCO. You will fall in love with the coastline of this country, not only this but it has to offer you entertainment in its big cities.


3. Netherlands

NetherlandsThis is the country where people are very much welcoming. You would love to visit the world-renowned city of Amsterdam (which is the capital city of the Netherlands) and that will give you so many things to look for. Ann Frank Museum is also there in this city which you might have seen in most of the documentaries and movies.


4. Spain

SpainThis is the southwestern part of Europe and believe it or not one of its cities Barcelona alone receives the highest number of tourists from around the globe. You would love to visit the old and new part of this great country. There are so many things to cheer about this country as it has got the big land and coastal line makes it the most attractive country alongside with historical castles.


5. Switzerland

SwitzerlandIf you are planning Europe and Switzerland is not in your go-to places then you are doing a great injustice. This is the place on earth actually having historical castles, lush green fields with snow-capped mountains. You would love the people here in this country as they are very much friendly and welcome tourists. This country is sandwiched between Germany, France and Italy, not that much big in area but offers you the diversity you have been looking for.


6. Greece

GreeceThere are so many things out there in this great country to talk about. Let it be the beaches and the islands it has got, not to mention its great hot weather which you seldom find in most of the parts of Europe. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and that is the reason why it has to offer most of the scenic beaches in the whole world.


7. Norway

NorwayWell if you are in Europe then you must visit this Scandinavian country. Several times in recent times Norway has been declared as the most beautiful country in the world by voting. One great thing about this great country is that you will come to see the northern lights as some of its parts lies on Arctic Circle. Weather is not that much good for the people coming from the southern areas but you will love the beauty which this country has got.


8. England


Probably one of the most historically rich countries you will find in Europe and in the whole world. There are so many reasons to visit this country as it has been the cradle of modern civilization with arts and history. You would love the outskirts of this great country which you don’t see most of the time or they get blurred in the presence of London. You need to have a week or so to completely see the London itself and the experience is worth remembering.


9. Portugal

PortugalThis is the country situated on the western side of Spain and most of the time tourists just overlook it. The people here in Portugal are very much friendly and there is one more thing about Portugal that you would love the food there. There is no doubt that coastal line of Portugal has to give you some breathtaking views for sure. Weather is just perfect as it is the southern part of Europe.



Well, you can disagree with the order of the countries but one thing is for sure that you cannot deny the beauty of each and every country in its own way. If you have not yet planned the trip of Europe then you must do it now for sure.