Why Officers Should Consider a Military Friendly MBA

Many people consider it an honor to serve their country and that’s why every year thousands of people sign up to join the military. Aside from the fact that it is a truly honorable profession, some soldiers join the military for some other reason. Some say they chose this path because it makes them look cool while others say they get to gather experiences that they otherwise wouldn’t have as a civilian.

Although many soldiers grow old in the army, others serve for a few years and get out of the game for several reasons. Some leave due to injuries they’ve sustained, while some make the decision to quit themselves and try out a different career. Regardless of the reason for leaving, it’s been found that transitioning from military to civilian life can be quite challenging for many veterans. Visit https://www.va.gov/vetsinworkplace/docs/em_challengesreadjust.asp to learn more.

Some go into military contracting because they have little to no experience or knowledge about civilian careers. However, others return to school to prepare themselves for civilian life, and getting an MBA can help in making this transition smooth and seamless.

That said, veterans aren’t the only ones that should consider getting a Master of Business Administration degree. It can be a great asset too for those still in active military duty. In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons why an MBA is worth considering if you’ve served or are still serving in the military.

Career Switching

Most veterans have a strong background in operations work. While many find it easier to get a civilian position working in operations, others want to work in a completely different field. The latter will definitely switch careers seamlessly with an MBA degree. A master’s in business administration program offers a wealth of knowledge in different fields and all that knowledge is made available to those who take this path. Learning about how other business fields work not only provides them with choices but also opens them to different opportunities.

Generous Starting Salary

An MBA degree generally results in higher salaries for both civilians and military veterans. However, veterans who can successfully sell how their experience in the military will benefit their new employer could earn more than a civilian with the same qualification. If you’re on the fence about getting this degree, the following numbers may be reason enough to make up your mind.

MBA graduates from 2020 earned a starting salary of between $101,034 and $192,095 with a signing bonus; but it gets even better. According to compensation projections published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, starting salaries for 2021 MBA graduates should increase by 11.3%.

What this means is that these figures may continue to rise year on year. That said, it is worth mentioning that several factors can affect how much you’re able to earn with this degree. Some of them include the school you obtained the degree from and your specific career path.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Several financial aid programs like the Yellow Ribbon program and the G.I. Bill are available to active and non-active military personnel. However, factors like the length and nature of the officer’s service may affect eligibility and how much financial support the officer gets. That said, there are other scholarships and financial support programs for officers looking to go back to school. A good example would be the Pat Tillman Foundation’s scholarship program. Click here to find more scholarship programs for officers.

Larger and Richer Professional Network

One of the many reasons that people decide to get an MBA is because of the chance to build great professional network. When it comes to succeeding in business, a quality network of experts and professionals can go a long way.

For officers, this benefit cannot be overemphasized. This degree allows them to connect with people from a non-military background, helping them learn and understand how civilians think. By mingling with people from completely different careers, they get to experience new and unique perspectives. Of course, this also helps them develop and hone their networking skill which is valuable and important in the world of business.

Many Job Opportunities

Officers have more opportunities in the civilian world than they probably know. Many civilian companies actively search for veterans for many reasons including excellent teamwork, leadership, focus, emotional and mental stability, maturity, and their ability to work under pressure.  If you have a master’s in business administration degree, you can imagine just how valuable you would be to these companies.

That said, some officers are very much aware of this fact but still hesitate, especially those in active duty. This hesitation is often because of the difficulty in meeting up with both commitments. Fortunately, for officers looking to get their MBA, military-friendly institutions that understand their need for flexibility are now available to offer programs tailor-made to fit this group of officers.

Final Thoughts

As we said earlier, a master’s degree in business administration can be a powerful asset to officers. Even officers that intend to remain in the military can benefit from this degree as there are several business jobs in the military. With this qualification, rather than trying to navigate the civilian world, older officers can get a job working in the military as accountant, purchasing manager, or any one of several roles.