Why Kids in Northern Ireland Love the BERG Go-Kart Range

Driving go-karts is one of the most liked activities amongst the kids in the Northern Ireland these days. It’s pretty original, as it makes the youngest ones do something that adults do – driving a car. That will make them feel all grown up too. Plus, they’ll enjoy it so much.

If you’re looking for inexpensive and safe fun for your kids, Berg Go Karts Northern Ireland is your thing. Open-wheel car from this brand can be ridden not only at the tracks or the playgrounds but also in the backyards. You can even take your kids for picnics or at parks and have fun on the grass as well.

These improvised vehicles are also very durable and don’t require much maintenance. You don’t need extra space to park them and, as they have a minimum of electronics, you can even leave them outside. Parents from Northern Ireland appreciate these advantages. But what about the youngest ones?

Enjoy Realistic Activity

Kids love go-karts because they get the opportunity to drive their vehicles in a realistic way. These cars are fitted with push-button pedals that give the driver the ability to move and pass the obstacles. The BERG’s open-wheelers karts are light-weighted and wide enough, so they can’t tip over easily.

One of the greatest benefits of the karts is that they allow the kids to participate in the driving activity without adults. In most situations, when they’re on open and flat terrains, they don’t need headgears. These vehicles can’t move at a dangerous speed, making them an ideal toy even for toddlers.

When children don’t race or ride engine-driven open-wheelers, they don’t face any danger. So tiny drivers can focus only on the vehicle and enjoy the ride. Battery-powered models are safe too, but wearing protective gear for the youngest ones is recommended.

Developing Reflexes

Many activities that are suitable for children actually bring numerous health benefits. With go-karts, these may not be noticeable at first glance. Over time you realize that this fun activity is beneficial in many ways for your little ones.

Whether they drive it on the track or somewhere in nature, children must maneuver go-karts in the best possible way. So they go around or cross obstacles, keep direction, or drive without losing control so as not to hit something. Even when they are in familiar terrain (yard or park), it’s a different feeling being on their feet and vehicle.

You will admit that adults also need a lot of practice for this. Go-karting is an excellent way for the youngest to develop their reflexes and perception of things around them. When acquired in childhood, these skills will be much better at a later age. More on these skills read here.

Easy-to-Learn Driving Skills

Developing Reflexes

There are so many different go-kart makers in the world today, but very few with the notoriety of the Berg Go-Kart brand. Their vehicles for kids are equipped with a cool new mechanism, called BFR. This system enables the little drivers to maintain the back brake while the wheels are turning. Overcoming obstacles became easier than ever.

Great Designs

The BERG go-karts for kids come in different styles, and you can choose one of them depending on your choice and your child’s interest.  If you are buying the go-karts for your little angels, then you can go for ones with small wheels and no big engines.

But this is not something that will thrill school kids. They’d prefer a bit more excitement, so BERG made open-wheelers with more powerful engines. These vehicles can reach a better top speed, but it’s still safe enough for the youngest drivers. These open-wheelers also have better battery life, so that you need not worry about running out of juice while driving to the track.

Kids love BERG open-wheel cars because they can customize them with different parts. You don’t have to worry about your youngest driving around looking for spare parts because they’re easily carried around in their car.

When the right time for your kids to start driving karts is, find out below:


It’s safe to say that go-karts from BERG have won the hearts of many kids in the Northern Ireland and around the world. Driving these toy-cars has many benefits for kids that you might never think of. These vehicles look fantastic; they are sturdy and provide hours of fun both for the youngest and adults.