When to Know Your Marriage is in Dire Need of Counselor

 No marriage is made in heaven. Couples frequently face a lot of challenges that often threaten their marriage.

Marriage is like a business partnership where each partner must actively try to understand each other to ensure the success. No party should take the other for granted or try to shift grounds.

If you are having doubts about your marriage and wondering why you even got into it in the first place, you are not alone. However, things can still work out and you will rediscover why you loved your spouse in the first place and be able to rekindle your relationship.

Sometimes though, all you need to do is to see a marriage counselor. A marriage counselor have received enough training and certification coupled with some years of experience that can help you.

Listed below are the signs that you need to do just that.

You No Longer Communicate as Before

Communication seems to be the first to be hit in marriage. You may have found out that all the usual gist and fairytales spiced with loud bellows of laughter that you always shared have been reduced to mere short phrases with impolite interjections.  Don’t panic, a marriage counselor can pick up the pieces.

Withdrawal of Affection

Your spouse may no longer be saying those sweet words that you have always cherished. Possibly, he or she does not try to please or pamper you anymore, in fact, no longer gives a damn about you. This is a big red flag and you really need to seek help.


When some marriage counselors offering Couples Counseling Campbell CA, were asked what was the most frequent complain they receive from couples seeking help, most of them said that secrecy between couples top their list. You may have noticed that your partner no longer share secrets or intimate feelings with you. You also would have noticed that you are also no longer inclined to do same. This is one of the signs.


Several respondents who have contributed to interviews during studies of couples therapy Campbell, CA, have agreed that infidelity or thoughts of it was their greatest motivation to seek help.

If your marriage is facing this crisis, you need not worry much as marriage counselors that specialize in infidelity therapy that can help dig out all the causative factors and dissolve them.

Change in your sexual rhythm

It is normal for both of you not to be frolicking in each other’s arms as much as before especially after some years of being married. If however, you have noticed that your partner no longer reaches out for you or acts uninterested while at it, you sure do need help.

It is important to note that a marriage counselor, particularly a married one, can give you adequately motivating and inspiring information some of which are their personal experiences. Knowing these can be the treatment and steps that will heal your pain.