Victorinox Champion Plus Knife Review

Victorinox Champion Plus Knife

Do you want much good hiking, fishing or camping tools together with a size that you can carry in your pocket? Then you should opt for Victorinox Champion Plus Knife. Victorinox as usual marketed a great set of tools with smart casing just for you. Victorinox Champion Plus Knife is a high-quality knife with a lot of useful tools than other branded knives.

Due to its smart size and less weight and pleasant look it can be carried easily to any place. This knife would be a good aid to your daily life little jobs whether you have to cut or reshape some wooden material or need a screwdriver to turn tight the screws or have to peel vegetables and fruits. It has a traditional Swiss Army body with red colored nylon handle and aluminum frame. All rust-resistant tools are housed inside its durable body, as Victorinox never compromised on quality.

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Key Features of Victorinox Champion Plus Knife

Champion Plus is comparatively lightweight pocket knife with a length of 3.5 inches. It has red shiny nylon handle with sturdy aluminum frame. There are three sharp blades, the large main blade, a little blade and a multi-functional blade whose sides can be used as a file. Other tools include a multi-purpose hook, a wood saw, reamer with sewing eye, a little scales with fish-scaler other side and a hook disgorger.

Besides champion plus includes the most used tools like sharp and sturdy scissor, a magnifying glass, a four headed screwdriver, a bottle opener with a flat head screwdriver on tip and wire stripper near the pivot, a can opener with small flat screwdriver, a glass screwdriver and a corkscrew on the knife’s body. Other tools contain a little needle under corkscrew, a toothpick, and a pen. A lanyard ring is available, which allows you to fish it out from the pocket very easily.


  • Smart size and less weight body with a perfect assortment of useful tools.
  • Shiny red nylon handle and aluminum body gives it a sober look and can be carried to an office.
  • A multifunctional package of tools for camping, hiking, fishing and everyday use.
  • Easy to wash. Just pull out all the tools and hold under hot water for a while.
  • Its magnifying glass can be use to lit a fire during outdoor tours.
    A lanyard ring to connect keys with it or hang it with your hiking bag or hydration pack.
    Tools made of stainless and rust-resistant steel.
    Lifetime warranty.


  • For some, few tools may look superfluous.
  • Bit large and bulky for some pant pockets.
  • No pliers.
  • No one hand is opening or locking blades.
  • Nail nick’s hard to latch on to handle side.
  • Edge retention is average.
  • No, engrave plate to personalize it.

Why Should You Buy It, and Not Others?

Swiss Army SwissChamp KnifeIf you still thinking whether to buy or not, then it is highly recommended to stop thinking and go to buy Champion Plus. This product is going to endear to you itself when you start using it. It will prove its worth to you in the field as well as the workplace or at home. Comparing to other brands, it is an economical, smart and lightweight package of powerful tools. It contains 30 rust-resistant and stainless-steel tools with 60-plus individual parts and easy to carry it in the pocket. It can work as your key chain due to lanyard ring. It is sturdy with a lifetime warranty.

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