5 Things You Want For Your Kids’ Rooms

It’s best to furnish kids’ room for a long run, not having to redecorate it every two years. Since kids stay kids until they are 18 their room has to be comfortable but functional with as little fixed furniture pieces as possible.
You know that your child has to accomplish too many activities in just one room. So, if you can’t afford separate rooms for sleeping, playing and learning equip yourself with room dividers, and we are going to supply you with the ideas of how to apply them.

Creative Nook

5 Things You Want For Your Kids’ RoomsThis is one of my favorites. It provides them with a peace of mind, creativity, and happiness. I made one that resembles a kids workshop. It’s placed in the up right corner of the room right next to their study desks. However, you may enclose it with a handmade imprinted screen divider so as not to distract them while learning. My little one’s creative nook consists of a bookshelf, mini desk, and two tabourets.

The bookshelf is tremendously helpful storage for creativity kits such as clay, thick paper, watercolors, stationery and books of course. They have their weekly creativity schedule attached to the imprinted screen and each time they accomplish their task they are awarded a WOW “certificate”.

It’s usually a pre homework activity. It doesn’t only boost their energy but confidence as well and make their mind set for learning.

Work Nook

Remember, it’s not all about budget. Sometimes inventiveness plays the more important role. You can place a desk right next to the imprinted screen. Pin their handmade class schedule on it, list of best-loved and less favorite subjects.

The last ones should be handled in their creativity nook which should be of the same size as their working space. You can place a dry-erase board on or above the desk. They cost $10 on average and are very handy when it comes to practicing maths or any other subject. It makes their homework time fun and is worth every cent.

Place the desk next to a window and fill it with at least five drawers. Brighten up their workspace with a lamp, pencil box, and a family photo. Motivational messages attached to window curtains are highly welcoming.

Playing Nook

I made a room for their playing space in the back left corner of the room on the opposite side of the work nook. I just want to be sure that it’s out of their site while doing the homework.

Even though kids are incurably in love with colors I chose a self- colored playmat since every inch of the room is brimming with colors. You can apply this rule to all furniture pieces and leave the details be vibrant and colorful. Plastic or wooden storage toys boxes are proven to make your children less lazy when it comes to putting their toys away and clearing up the mess after they are done.

Sleeping Nook

Sleeping NookIt’s best and healthiest to place it in the up left corner of the room opposite the windows. Since it’s meant for your kids resting&sleeping time it should be plain in design and comfortable above all. No distractions like TV and other gadgets shelves. Place a small nightstand beside a bed and enhance it with your child’s favorite book, toy, family picture and a glass of water.

Wardrobe Nook

This is the hardest one unless you have a spare storage room or a built-in closet. If the opposite is the case install as many wooden shelves in a closet as possible. It will help you to organize a lot more clothing. It’s smart to install a few extra drawers in a wardrobe too since your kids will always have something extra and very precious to put away. Be it storage Christmas decorations, tooth fairy gifts or Spiderman suit. It’s space saving if you adhere a mirror tightly on a wardrobe door. It will leave the wall space free for kids paintings, mape, Educational posters and wall charts.