How to Choose the Right Tile for Your Pool

From building an entirely new pool to improving an existing one, the whole process may seem to be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. One of the major decisions you will make while building a swimming pool is the selection of the tiles, which is an important feature that may transform it completely. These provide the artistic touch which is crucial for the design process and raises the overall valuation.

This may apply to individuals looking to design their own backyard pools and even hotel or resort owners wanting to create an aesthetic pool to attract customers.

Confusions may arise from the many options that are already available in the market. The right color, type of tile and durability are all things to consider within the right budget. Many other aspects are also important to pick out the perfect tile for your particular pool which can alleviate the overall look.

Other than the style that provides the stunning looks and pleasing aura, the functionality also matters with the right material of the tile. In this post, we will provide details on tiling to breathe life into your entire pool.

Here are some tips for you to choose the right tile for your pool.

Cost and budget

The right planning with an allocated amount requires the right budget tailored towards quality. The cost may depend on various aspects such as the size of the pool, material and style. It is always good to compare the options and designs available.

The budget should consider the long-run prospect of the pool, focusing on durability. Usually the case can be seen that the more intricate the design, the more expensive the tiles, setting an impression on the budget.

Planning the right budget may also allow you to focus on other features of the pool after deciding on the tiles, such as, a unique water feature. Getting suggestions from in-house designers, builders and landscapers for custom builds or re-tiling can help with the allocation of the budget.

Importance of safety

Choosing aesthetic tiles may be the first decision in the beginning, but you should also consider the safety of loved ones or clients. Picking a specific tile must be based on additional qualities, such as, acquiring slip-resistant ones.

These are especially important for areas outside the water region. Look out for tiles which have surfaces preventing slippage that can avert accidents along the poolside which is generally wetter most of the time. This can go a long way to ensure safety of customers or for kids from hurting themselves on edges or walkways.

The right material

Tiles are manufactured with various materials. It is important to understand the different tiles based on material and experts can help to settle the best option.

Most pool designs consist of ceramic or porcelain tiles as these are popular for being budget friendly and readily available. These can also be used to create unique mosaic or artistic designs in your pool as they offer a variety of colors and designs.

Stone tiles usually offer a more natural and textured look to the swimming pools, providing subtle antic impressions. These tiles are also known to be more slip-resistant as compared to other materials. These may include sandstone, limestone and granite as standard options.

Glass tiles, on the other hand, provide a more luxurious touch to the pool as these can be clear or tinted for each individual tile. Pools seem more magnificent with these tiles as these glisten and dazzle in the changing light or against the flowing water. Glass tiles outfit the pool with a more spectacular design. However, these may cost a lot compared with the other two materials and can be more prone to instances of slippage.

The proper style

There are different styles and designs available in the market and may influence other factors. Maintaining a pool can be a lot of work, such as cleaning.

Larger tiles may require less focus on cleaning as with fewer seams having less dirt buildup. Smaller tiles are for intricate designs and most go for this option if they want to create an impression with their swimming pools. These can also help to create artistic designs, making the entire pool into a work of art.

Companies usually have catalogues of tiles with plain or different prints. Note that you can even create some visual impact by arranging plain colored tiles by arranging them differently. It is also wise to look into samples or online examples of varieties of styles beforehand.

The color matters

The color of the tiles can have a crucial impact on the pool. The color has to best suit your swimming pool as well as the home or hotel decoration. It really comes down to the personal choice.

Brighter colors may brighten the entire pool that may provide apparent addition of depth while simple white pool tiles may give a relaxing ambiance and unique impression to users. The different colors matter due to the reflective effect that water has on pool tiles.

Green, blue and white tiles are more favored due to reflection on light, making it more attractive and inviting. These three colors of the tiles may also distort in deeper water. Darker colors may provide more depth and dimension. An attractive touch may be found by contrasting other bands of colors.

The right quality

The right material

Tiles focused solely on artistic or color-based features may not always be good. Quality pool tiles often require less maintenance. It is important to use tiles that have lifetime guarantee against any damage or color fading.

This gives the pool a lasting appeal and makes best use of the budget. Most people nowadays often go for pool tiles which are environmentally friendly. It is wise to invest in products which do not cause harm to the environment.

Areas for tiling

The above tips may be used with swimming pool tiles which need to compliment the surrounding area of itself. Knowing the applicable areas for tiling can make other decisions easier for you.

Waterline tiles placed under the edge of the pool to mark ideal water level can add accent to it. Using materials such as stone or glass for the tiles on the edge or border of the pool, known as the coping, can add a luxurious touch.

Different tiles may be added to the steps of the pool which may glow in the dark to add a feature as a guide at night. Classic tiles can be used on walls and floors with one or more decorative designs. Anti-slip tiles or materials can be used on the deck as well.

Your perfect swimming pool with the desired tiles using these tips

Pools can literally shine with the required creativity of the choice of the tile. The choice of size, style, quality and material of your tiles along with the right budget can make a huge difference. However, maintenance will still be required to make it last longer and keep it looking beautiful. These factors on pool tiles should give you the knowledge and confidence to create your own masterpiece.

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