How To Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Kids

Sunglasses may always be part of the everyday wardrobe of any adult, but your kids might need it too.

Your kids need sunglasses not mainly for overall wardrobe, but for their own protection. During their developmental stage, kids are more likely at risk of damage from UV rays, particularly in their eyes.

But you cannot just buy any other sunglasses. Buying sunglasses for kids are a little bit more complicated to do because there are a lot of things to consider. Here are some tips to get you started:

Be sure that it is durable

Most sunglasses are already durable, but anything that your kids are using has to be more durable than that. Kids are often active and careless at the same time. Because sunglasses for kids usually require more specifications, they could also be more expensive. Factoring in the durability of these sunglasses is pretty much appropriate when you are buying them.

Investing in durable sunglasses for your kids also provides you convenience. It means that you do not have to occasionally buy a new pair every time your child or children break their sunglasses.

Choose specialized lenses

Some lenses were just made for aesthetics. Not all sunglasses have lenses that provide protection from UVA and UVB, which is what your kids’ sunglasses need to have. Sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays could help your kids prevent different kinds of eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

It is important to protect your children’s eyes early on because most of the damages brought by UV rays happens before most people turn 18. Kids’ eyes are also more sensitive compared to the adults’ eyes.

Also, consider buying sunglasses with lenses made of polycarbonate because it is more durable than other materials. Polycarbonate does not scratch or break easily, which is perfect for active children.

Consider the size

Make sure that the sunglasses of your kids are well-fitted. Large-framed sunglasses for kids are also preferable as it should completely cover the eyes of your kids, including the other parts of the face that are sensitive to UV rays.

Apart from the lens itself, you should consider that the other parts of the sunglasses fit your child. The nose pad, which is obviously located under the sunglasses’ bridge, should be fitted because it helps the sunglasses stay put. If it is loose enough, your child might have trouble doing things normally because he/she needs to fix the sunglasses constantly.

The temple and temple tip, which are located across your child’s head towards the back of your child’s ears, should also fit properly because it also holds the sunglasses together.

Let your kids choose the style

They are the ones who are going to wear them, so let them choose what they want. Involving them in the choosing process could make them feel that wearing these sunglasses is not a requirement or an obligation. Most kids have a rebellious nature, so they usually turn away from the things that you are making them do. If you make this seem that it is their choice to wear these sunglasses, you might not have trouble making your kids wear them.

It could also be a bonding experience for both of you. You could discover what your child likes or what sense of style he/she has by letting him/her choose the sunglasses. This experience could also give them a sense of independence that would help them easily express their personality.

Always check the product after purchasing

Almost every sunglasses shop promises great quality. But always remember that there are sometimes slip-ups when it comes to quality control. Just like any other merchandise, check the sunglasses before leaving the store.

You could also check the material if they are lightweight. Your child may not consider the weight of the product when choosing, so help decide on it. Choosing sunglasses with lighter material could help your child be more comfortable while wearing them. Lighter materials could also help them feel unobstructed while wearing their sunglasses. The lighter it feels, the less likely they remove it.

Think of upgrading them once in a while

Unlike adults, kids are growing constantly until they reach their peak. So consider getting an upgrade if the sunglasses do not fit your kid anymore. It could be unsafe to let them use sunglasses that do not fit well anymore.

If there are flexible sunglasses available, you may consider buying that to be more practical. But always consider if your child still feels comfortable the ones they are still wearing.

It is really not that complicated to choose the right sunglasses for your kids as long as you are willing to let them engage. Because of the benefits of wearing sunglasses for kids, it should not be considered as a luxury, but a necessity. So invest in it wisely through the tips above.