How to Avoid Lockouts – Simple Tips for Everyone

Think of this scenario – you arrive home after a long, exhausting day and find that you’re locked out. What a terrible experience, right? If it is late at night, it makes things even more difficult. If your first reaction is panic, don’t do that. It may worsen the situation.

However, it’s crucial to consider how to prevent such lockouts from happening in the future. We will emphasise practical and effective tactics to keep you from being locked out. Next time, you can enter your home confidently, regardless of the situation.

Establish a Routine for Key Management

When it comes to keys, you need to be consistent. We all rushed out the door and later realised that the keys were nowhere to be found. The solution? Create a routine. Choose a few spots in your home for keys. For example, hooks, racks, or bowls near the entrance work wonders. Make sure to check for your keys before leaving. Leave them in the same place every day. Use reminders or notes to jog your memory, ensuring you never go without them.

Be Smart

You should set a daily notification on your phone to remind you to take your keys. Schedule a reminder a few minutes before leaving. Using a voice-controlled device such as Alexa is an excellent option.

Upgrade Your Locks

With recent lock innovations, modern locks are your saviour from lockouts. Smart locks and keyless entry systems bring modern solutions to common lock issues. Smart locks come in various models – keypads, biometric and wireless locks. They offer remote access through your smartphone, and installing them is a breeze. You can even give temporary access to trusted people. When choosing a smart lock, consider security features and compatibility.

Make and Hide Spare Keys Strategically

Creating spare keys is wise, but hiding them is an art. Avoid the clichéd spots like under the doormat or a nearby flowerpot—burglars know these all too well.

Opt for secure alternatives like lockboxes or hidden compartments. Ensure they’re well hidden and not easily found. Only share the location of spare keys with people you trust, such as close friends or family.

Change the Doorknob With а Keyless One

You can get locked out if you close the doorknob from inside and go out without your keys. Sometimes, you don’t even notice it’s closed when you leave to do something outside for a minute. And when you return, you are locked out. Consider changing your front door knob to a keyless one. This step will help you prevent locking out.

In terms of security, the doorknob is not reliable. You will improve the security of your home if you add another deadbolt to the front door. This solution is not suitable if your door is without a deadbolt.

Provide a Spare Key to a Neighbour or Friend

Entrusting a spare key to a neighbour or friend is an extra measure against lockouts. In the event of an unexpected lockout, it’s a lifesaver. It is important to put this trust in the right hands, however. Select someone you can rely on. They should be able to help you. Building good relationships with your neighbours contributes to overall home security.

Regular Maintenance of Locks and Keys

Organising your keys is not enough to prevent lockouts. Check your locks and keys regularly for signs of wear. Address issues promptly to prevent lockouts. Proper care includes lubricating, cleaning keys and locks, and checking if they work properly. Keep your looks in good working order by arranging a professional inspection every year. Locksmiths can replace old or damaged keys. These simple maintenance tips will help you to avoid lock issues.

Prepare a Personal Emergency Plan

Preparation is crucial to dealing with a lockout. Having a detailed plan can be a game-changer. Make sure to include the following details in your plan – reliable locksmith contact information, alternative accommodation options for extended lockouts, and the locations of emergency spare keys. Check and update your plan periodically to keep it relevant. It is helpful to conduct practice runs or drills at home, especially if there are children or elderly members of your family.

Take Advantage of Modern Technology and Services

Modern technology can save the day by preventing lockouts. Smartphones can serve as your memory aids, setting reminders for key-related tasks. Stay organised with smart home systems, including virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Connect your home security system with your smartphone for enhanced convenience. Receive alerts and control your locks remotely. Subscription services, often offered through home insurance or standalone options, provide lockout assistance for that extra peace of mind. Consider opting for smart door locks – no more looking for keys in your pocket.

Find a Trusted Locksmith

You can find a local locksmith to trust. Keep his number in your contact list. Next time you are locked out, you don’t have to waste time looking for a random technician. Just call this one on your contact list. Getting locked out is a terrible experience. Prevent this from happening by being organised and prepared.

Locked Out? Contact an Emergency Locksmith

People often attempt to handle a locked-out situation on their own instead of calling a locked out service. Such a DIY approach can often lead to further damage to the lock and may even put your safety at risk. Here are the reasons why you should call an expert:

Professional experience – Technicians have all the tools required to unlock locked doors without causing damage. They can handle any kind of lock, and if needed, they can even replace or fix it.

Saves you time – If you’re locked out, you must act quickly. Being shut out becomes more and more inconvenient if you have a lot to do, places to visit, and obligations to fulfil. The professional can fix the issue more quickly than you think.

Saves you money –  Your attempts to open a locked door on your own could result in a costly mistake. With the help of a skilled locksmith, you can resolve the issue without damage.


The lockout experience is not pleasant at all. You may reduce your chances of being locked out by getting to know what causes these situations and taking preventative action. With all these strategies and tips mentioned above, you can prevent lockouts. It is essential to be prepared in advance. A few simple steps can ensure you can always access your front door. Stay secure, stay prepared, and enjoy peace of mind with a well-planned strategy.