Here are Simple And Easy Ways to Boost Cannabis Product Shelf Life

Cannabis products are well known for their relaxing nature. So, whether you purchase cbd oil, vape, tinctures, gummies, or cannabis flower, every product requires proper storage care. A good storage condition not only helps you to achieve all the benefits but also boosts cannabis products’ shelf life. For instance, if you purchased quality cannabis flowers and you put them openly in direct contact with air, moisture, heat, and light. You can never enjoy stale buds and flavorless flowers. Similarly, a top-shelf cartridge also requires complete care, if you want to save it from breakage.

What Factors Deteriorating CBD Product Shelf Life?

Light, temperature, air, and moisture are the major culprits that affect the durability of cannabis products. Conditions like heat, air, and UV rays lead to modification of potency and effects of cellular changes. For example, when cannabis is kept in too much light, its two major compounds cbd and THC are synthesized into CBN. Cannabinoid (CBN) is known for making you very sleepy. It can be helpful for those who are suffering from insomnia, but not for all. People who are using cannabis for pain reliving, stop cancer cell growth, protect from heart diseases or others may not be able to achieve benefits.

Easy Ways To Store Cannabis Product And Boost Shelf Life

Considering the optimal benefits of CBD products, it is significant to store cbd products in the most favorable conditions. Here we have details to study:

CBD edibles

Every manufacturer defined the expiry date on the cbd edible products label. Therefore, it is recommended to read instructions and does not use the products after the expiry date. Expiry date does not emphasize that you can keep the product in any condition and it will be safe to use. For instance store gummies in a cooler environment, if you want to attain cbd gummies’ health benefits.  Keep in mind, always place the products away from the extreme hot and cold climates.

Cannabis Flower & Pre-Rolls

Cannabis flowers and rolls can be kept for long durations with favorable preserving conditions. As the flower easily deteriorates when comes in contact with oxygen, humidity, or UV rays. Therefore, to save your precious cannabis plant pop top bottle is highly recommended. The pop-top bottle keeps the flower fresh for a long time without affecting bud or flower quality. Further, flowers can be kept in a cooler environment, preferably between 60°F to 75°F temperature.

Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges must be put in a cool and dark location to save properties and flavor. So, the manufacturer case could be a good choice for the longevity of the vape cartridge. But if you do not want to use a manufacturing case for a long duration, there are great cartridges storage options available in the market. A good cartage storage case can save it from annoying mishaps like leaking and clogging.


Proper storage is a function of good preservation. Therefore, always use a good quality storage device, if you want to enhance your cannabis product shelf-life. Always check the product description and choose that keeps items free of debris, deterioration, and harmful UV rays.