Herbalife Reviews Showcase Prolessa Duo Fat Burning Benefits!

With beach season always around the corner, it can help to pay attention to your nutrition year-round. For some, burning fat can be an easy process that takes little effort, while others require some extra support along the way.

Enter the dual-action formula Prolessa Duo by Herbalife Nutrition.

While fitness and nutritional enthusiasts are already aware of fat-burning and protein-packed products like Formula 1, Prolessa Duo incorporates a new formula that has been uniquely designed to help people lose weight while meeting their fitness goals.

Introducing Prolessa Duo

Long lauded for their customer-first approach to product development, Herbalife reviews have already shown support for the new Prolessa Duo.

What Is Prolessa Duo?

Like many other products within the Herbalife shakes line, Prolessa Duo is an easy-to-mix beverage that operates as a meal replacement option, allowing individuals to control their hunger with a simple fat-reduction powder. Ideal for individuals looking to make it through a long day with minimal time for meals, Prolessa Duo is an ideal long-term option for weight control and weight loss.

As this product review will make clear, the Prolessa Duo powder mix has many key benefits that can be enjoyed across 30-day and 7-day programs.

Core Ingredients in Prolessa Duo

Losing weight is all about nutrition and activity. Prolessa Duo incorporates a wide range of natural ingredients, but the primary focus should be on conjugated linoleic acid that serves to decrease body fat.

In addition to conjugated linoleic acid, Prolessa Duo incorporates

  • Clinically Tested Ingredients
  • ZERO Stimulants
  • Palm and Oat Oil Emulsion to Promote Feelings of Fullness
  • When mixed with Formula 1, Prolessa Duo can help deliver15g of Soy Protein and 24 key Vitamins and Minerals.

Herbalife Nutrition has long focused on science-backed nutritional products that meet the needs of both shoppers and health aficionados. Millions of people utilize Herbalife products in more than 90 countries around the globe.

How To Use Prolessa Duo

While the Prolessa Duo dual-action formula can be explored on its own, the advisors at Herbalife suggest adding it to Herbalife’s Formula 1 nutritional shakes. Already containing Herbalife’s proprietary blend, the Prolessa Fat Burner will work wonderfully with Formula 1 to meet nutritional needs while maintaining feelings of fullness.

Simple Instructions

To begin using Prolessa Duo, simply add a scoop of the dual-action formula once per day to either your morning or evening Formula 1 shake.

  • Shake Your Prolessa Duo canister to ensure the contents have not settled
  • Mix your Formula 1 Shake (Any Flavor Works!)
  • Add 1 Scoop (10.5g) of Prolessa Duo
  • Mix up to 10 seconds, ensuring a competent blend
  • Avoid using Prolessa Duo with hot or acidic drinks

Prolessa Duo can be used through 7-day and 30-day dietary programs, depending on the ultimate goal of the consumer. Consult with an independent Herbalife Nutrition advisor to learn more about your options with Prolessa Duo.

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