Different hair removal methods and its myths busted

Hair removal is also known as depilation and is the removal of body hair willingly. We can’t deny the hair growing on all the parts of the human body. Body hair becomes evident after puberty. That is when people tend to grow thicker hair. People become conscious of body hair after a certain age, especially in their teenage years. Need to remove hair on your body? You must visit this Laser Hair Removal treatment based in Singapore from Only Aesthetics.

Hair removal may be practiced for medical, aesthetic, hygiene, sexual, cultural and religious reasons. Removal of hair has been in practice since the Neolithic age. Hair removal methods can vary in different times and regions.

Hair Removal Methods

Nobody likes unwanted hair growing on the chin, upper lip, back, toes, feet, legs and fingers. There are several reasons or explanations for growing unwanted hair. They include steroids, hormonal imbalance, genetics and polycystic ovarian syndrome. You can choose whatever hair removal method best suits you but with most methods, some of your hair will grow back.

Mentioned below are few hair removal methods

Shaving: You get razors that are specifically meant for shaving your body. It is a simple method that hardly takes any time. Right before you take a shower in the morning you can quickly shave your legs, arms and facial hair.

Plucking: You can tweeze or pluck your hair using a tweezer. This is a painful method. However, if you have only a few strands of hair to be removed this is the best option to remove your hair. Don’t use this hair removal method on large areas.

You can use the tweezer to reshape your eyebrows or remove extra facial hair.

It can cause ingrown hair and scarring

Hair Removal creams: These are popularly known as depilatory creams. These are easily available at medical stores. All depilatory creams are the same, kindly read the label before you pick it up. You cannot use a face hair removal cream for other parts of the body. You need to use specific depilatory creams.

Do not leave these creams on your skin for long, it can burn your skin or cause irritation. To understand if the cream works well for you, you can first use it on your arm to make sure you have no bad reactions to it. Follow the instructions mentioned on the cream. There are exclusive hair removal creams for men and women.

Laser Treatment: This is the longest lasting method among all the other hair removal methods. It is as time consuming as efficient it is. It takes several seatings with each seating four to six weeks apart.

Laser treatment works the best because it destroys the hair bulb. The process is expensive and painful. Considering your safety first, consult a doctor to gain more knowledge about the process.

Waxing: Most women prefer to wax their bodies. Wax comes in two variants- hot wax and cold wax. Hot wax works better than cold wax. You can wax yourself at home with some assistance or even get it done at a salon.

Waxing is a slightly messy and painful process. Sometimes it can leave some hair behind. Some of you who have sensitive skin can face infections. Be careful to not burn your skin by applying too hot wax.

If your skin is prone to acne then avoid waxing your body. Many women prefer waxing their body in the bikini area and also to remove upper lip hair. Make sure you pull out the hair from its root and not just break off the hair.

Threading: The next hair removal method we will be discussing is threading. Threading is typically an Indian hair removal method that most salons offer. Professionals use strings or thread and twist in a particular manner to pull out unwanted hair.

Hair Removal Myths Busted

There are few myths attached to hair removal. So let us see what those myths are.

  • Hair grows back faster and thicker every time you shave: This is the first myth we’ll talk about. This is false. Hair tapers towards its end. However, once you shave your hair off you are left with a blunt tip which looks thick. This is obvious because the blunt tip is naturally thicker than the tapered end.
  • Laser treatment is a permanent solution to hair removal: This is the next myth I would like to bust. I agree that this is the most effective method compared to the remaining methods but it is not a permanent solution.

It is more of a hair reduction method than a hair removal method. Since your hair can grow again, you can use maintenance treatments.

  • Tan will not affect laser treatment: False! Your skin colour does affect the treatment. If you are willing to undergo so much pain you might as well do it right. Avoid fake tans prior to your laser treatment. Natural tan is acceptable but not fake tan.

We all know that darker colours absorb more light than lighter colours. Tanned skin will absorb the laser light and this will reduce the efficiency of the hair reduction treatment. The treatment works best when there is a contrast between your hair and your skin.

  • It is acceptable to wax in-between laser treatments: In short, NO! Avoid tweezing or waxing in between your laser sessions. Avoid any method that involves removal of hair from the follicle. If you absolutely cannot wait till you complete your session then you stick to shaving.
  • Shaving against your hair growth: You can shave your body in the direction of your hair growth, it will not cause any problem. You can shave in any direction.
  • Don’t wait to use deodorants after a shave: Your skin is very sensitive and susceptible to irritation after a shave. It is recommended to wait for twenty minutes before you can use a deodorant.
  • Store your razor in shower: Oh God, do not do this. You don’t want bacteria breeding on your razor. Also the moisture can lead to the rusting of your razor. Dry your razor after your shower and store it away from moisture.

These were the few hair removal methods and the myths associated with it. It is important to educate yourself on such topics. You need to learn and understand everything regarding your hygiene and personal health.