Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife Reviews

Wenger Swiss Army Knife

Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife ReviewsThe Swiss Army Knife traces its root back to 1897 when the concept of such knives surfaced. Since then the Wenger company has been producing the Genuine Swiss Army knife. The term Genuine Swiss Army Knife is only used by the Wenger company (the rival company Victorinox used the term “Original Swiss Army Knife” until it took over the Wenger).

The product of Wenger Genuine Swiss Army Knife has been used by the variety of people from the common person to adventurers, mountaineers, and even the astronauts. The great features of the genuine Swiss Army knives of Wenger are the quality, reliability, integrated tools and the most important one the affordable price. Wenger has maintained its quality since its foundation, and it goes something like this “Once a Wenger user always a Wenger user.” The different changes have been made since the production of Wenger Swiss Army knives, and it still continues.

If you are asked to think about Swiss products which you love the most then what would they be? Not sure about the order but many of you will surely mention the traditional Swiss Wenger Knife. There are so many good reasons actually why this Wenger knife is so world famous. First of all, it has a lifetime warranty and that is what makes it really worth buying.

Secondly, you cannot keep so many components with you all the time which you could courtesy to this knife. It is not that much big, in fact, you can carry it in your front pocket. One more important thing is that many people think Wenger Swiss army knife is only good for adventurers and hikers but the truth is it can be more useful for daily life. All the things in this Wenger army knife are so useful that you would surely buy one. Let’s see some of the best Wenger Swiss army knives.

14 Best Wenger Swiss Army Knives

1. Ranger 61 Knife

Best Wenger Swiss Army KnifeThis is truly one of the best Wenger Swiss Army Knife the “Ranger 61 Knife”, available in the reasonable budget. You can count huge advantages of this knife particularly because it has to offer you a number of functions. To be more precise this Wenger knife has got 10 functions and not to mention with 6 different implements. In this compact useful tool, you will be able to have a wire stripper, cap lifter, locking straight screwdriver. One more important thing is that you don’t need to really worry about the reliability of the Wenger Swiss army knife as it can be used for generations if not lost.

2. Wenger Crusader, Red

Best Wenger Swiss Army KnifeThe Wenger Crusader in red color and a great thing about this knife is that it is available at a very low price. There is no compromise on the quality of this as it is purely made in Switzerland. You can carry this anywhere you want as it is not more than 2 and a half inches when closed. Most of the components in this knife are made up of stainless steel and you will love so many different components. This Wenger Crusader has a pen blade, toothpick, tweezers and not to mentio0n the key ring. With an ergonomic handle, this is just amazing to use.

3. Wenger Evolution Crusader Swiss Army Knife, Red

Best Wenger Swiss Army KnifeIf you are looking for quality in some super low budget then this Wenger knife is going to give you that for sure. The Wenger Evolution Crusader Swiss Army Knife in red color as it has got so many different functions to perform. The material used in the making of this knife is of high quality and that what makes Wenger knife reliable for decades. Blades are made up of stainless steel and good thing is that it is very much feasible to carry anywhere given its compact size.

4. Wenger Swiss Army Knife 16911 Air Traveler TSA Permitted Black

Best Wenger Swiss Army KnifeAnother very high-quality Wenger knife the “Wenger Swiss Army Knife Air Traveler TSA Permitted”, in black color. There are so many extra components added in this to make it more efficient. Of course, you will have to spend some extra bugs for this but in return, you get the full value too. It comes up with a micro screwdriver, springless scissors and not to mention the tweezers and the key ring attached to this. One more important thing about this knife is that it is TSA permitted meaning that you can carry this while traveling.

5. Wenger 16979 Highlander Swiss Amy 3-1/4-Inch Knife

Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife ReviewsThe Highlander Swiss Army knife is the product of Wenger. It is very compact just 3.25 inches long, and that’s the reason it can easily be carried away anywhere (or you can put that into your pocket as well). The 11 different functions can be performed alone from this knife with an approximation of more or less seven different and unique implementations. The upper blade is of the length 2.5 inches and all the tools are made up of pure stainless steel; this is the reason for the durability of this Wenger Highlander Swiss Army Knife. The other tools include such as Philips screwdriver, wire stripper, cap lifter, can opener, Reamer, Awl. The key ring eye is also given with this knife. This is truly a lightweight product as it just weighs around 2 ounces (you won’t even feel it having in your side pocket).

6. Wenger Swiss Clipper AT

Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife ReviewsThis is another highly useful product by the Wenger. The Swiss Clipper AT has all sorts of capabilities which can fulfill the demands of an adventurer and an office worker alike. The price of this integrated knife is 15 dollars and it offers 11 unique functions which can be easily done using this knife. The integrated tools in this Swiss Clipper AT knife include pair of scissors, nail clipper (not included commonly in other swiss army knives), nail cleaner, tweezers, mini screwdriver (which is also very rare in such small swiss army knives), and the key ring. The design of this swiss army knife has been made as such to suitably adjust into the hand. The durability of this Swiss army knife is out of the question as all the manufacturing has been carried out by stainless steel of pure form. It just weighs 1.3 ounces and highly recommended for beginners.

7. Wenger 16978 Swiss Army Evolution Lock S10 Pocket Knife, Red

Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife ReviewsSwiss army EVO S10 is the low price with an integrated number of tools. The cost of this EVO S10 by Wenger is just 26 dollars and it is capable of doing more than 12 functions which can be implemented in 9 unique ways. The main blade of this knife has the locking mechanism so it gives you complete safety as well. The locking straight screwdriver, cap lifter, wire stripper, can opener, corkscrew, reamer, toothpick, tweezers so almost everything included which can be used in everyday life to adventurer’s life. The design of this EVO swiss army knife by Wenger is according to ergonomic so it fits the hand very easily. The EVO S10 is very compact and lightweight swiss army knife as the length of this knife is just around 3.25 inches and it weighs 2.4 ounces. The great advantage of having this knife is that it has a locking blade and screwdrivers, a great product indeed.

8. Wenger 16314 Swiss Army RangerGrip 60 Knife

Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife ReviewsThis one is the red and black Wenger Ranger Grip Knife with an affordable price of 48 dollars. There are approximately 6 different implements with 10 unique functions and the quality of all the tools aim to provide you the longer reliability. The main blade of this knife is of the length 3.9 inches and it has the locking system as well (a rare feature of swiss army knife). The other useful tools include the locking screwdriver, can opener, wire stripper, cap lifter, reamer and on top of all that the Philips screwdriver makes it the complete kit for everyone to always carry with. The key ring has also been given to this Ranger Grip wenger swiss army knife for the convenience. It can make its way to your pocket as the weight is just around 4.4 ounces and the easy grip just makes it great for anyone.

9. Wenger 16994 Matterhorn Swiss Army Knife

Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife ReviewsThe Matterhorn Swiss Army Knife is the “Genuine Swiss Army Knife” produced by the wenger. Unlike other wneger swiss army knives the matterhorn comes up with 14 different functions with the implementation of $41. Two blades of varying lengths have been integrated in this knife with other tools include such as High Decibel Whistle (you won’t find whistle in most of the swiss army knives), carabineer clip, locking straight screwdriver, the Philips head screwdriver with the locking mechanism, wire stripper, cap lifter and not to forget the tweezers, toothpick. Key ring eye is also there with this Matterhorn Swiss army knife. The compact Matterhorn swiss army knife can be adjusted in any size of the pocket as it is just 3.25 inches long and weighs around 3.7 ounces. The material used in making the tools is of very high quality and that’s why it comes with the lifetime warranty (truly justified).

10. Wenger 16916 Esquire Aluminum Money Clip

Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife ReviewsThis is very cheap wenger swiss army knife the “Esquire Aluminum Money Clip” will just cost you 20 dollars. It has an ability to perform unique, functions and the number of tools integrated in this knife is like pair of scissors, main blade, nail file, nails cleaner and the money clip (you won’t find this in majority of other swiss army knives). The Color of this Esquire Aluminum is red which has also been the brand color of the original swiss army knife. The material used in the making of this knife is pure stainless steel with the durability long lasting. The design of the knife has been made such to provide the easy handling of the knife; which in return makes it able to use in any difficult circumstances. The weight and the size are just suitable and it can be adjusted to the pocket easily.

11. Wenger EVO 81 Swiss Army Knife

Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife ReviewsWith seven different function this wenger EVO 81 swiss army knife is one of the quality and the cheapest knives available right now. It will just cost you 20 dollars and so. There have been approximately six different things where these functions can be applied so it is very versatile. The pen blade of 1.75 inches is given into this knife with the springless pair of scissors. Other useful tools include nail file, nails cleaner, toothpick, tweezers and not to mention the key ring as well. The all materials have been manufactured with stainless steel which provides you the guarantee of long time use with good quality. The ergonomic design enables you to grip the knife in a good manner. The other advantage of this knife is that it is very light in weight as it just weighs around ounces. With high quality and low price this one is surely recommended for you.

12. Wenger Esquire Swiss Knife

Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife ReviewsIf you are thinking to buy a swiss army knife for the first time then you must look for this one. The wenger Esquire Swiss army knife offers you the complete integrated kit useful in almost most of the conditions. It is able to perform 7 different functions with 6 unique implementations and it will just cost you around not more than 25 dollars. The main pen blade is of the 1.75 inches long with 1.8 inches springless scissors. The number of useful tools makes their place into this swiss army knife as well such as nail file, nail cleaner, toothpick, tweezers and the key ring. The weight of this Esquire swiss army knife is very low as it weighs not more than 0.7 ounces so that’s why you can easily bring this to anywhere. The durability is good and easy to use capabilities make it the best choice for the beginners.

13. Wenger 16881 Swiss Army Knife With Cigar Cutter

Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife ReviewsThis wenger swiss army knife comes up with so many functions and the implementations. One of the unique implementations of this wenger swiss army knife is that it can be used as Cigar Cutter. The price of this knife is $70 and it has 14 different functions with 10 implementations. The other tools include as the springless pair of scissors, locking screwdriver, cap lifter, wire stripper, can opener, nail file and not to forget the toothpick, tweezers. The design and the weight of this original swiss army knife have been according to the grip of human hand. So that’s why it is very light in weight just weighs around 3.2 ounces and the special design allows this knife to have firm grip. The length of the knife is just 3.2 inches and the quality material used in the tools ensures the longer durability.

14. Wenger Microlight Esquire Genuine Swiss Army Knife

Best Wenger Swiss Army Knife ReviewsThis one is another fine product by wenger, the Microlight Esquire swiss army knife has 7 functions to offer you with 6 unique implantation. It costs around 30 bucks or so. The pen blade of 1.75 inches also is included in this integrated tools swiss army knife. One of the unique functions of this knife which is not present in others is that it has the ultra bright torch in its head. Other tools include such as springless scissors, nail file, nails cleaner, tweezers, and the key ring. The weight of this knife is just 0.8 ounces and that is the reason you can keep it all the time alongside with you. The length of this Microlight Esquire Swiss army knife is 3.2 inches and as the name suggests it has been made to carry inside pocket. The batteries of the flashlight can be replaced as well.

Why Wenger Is Considered As The Best Swiss Army Knife?

There are so many reasons why the Wenger has been the name of the quality throughout the years. One of the qualities of the Wenger is that it guarantees you the long-lasting original swiss army knives. The products of Wenger are made up of plastic and the stainless steel and the design of the tools give you a warranty for decades using. Another great aspect of Wenger is that it has to offer some quality Swiss army knives under very low budget (which is its plus point) and the easy to use tools make it the best choice for anyone willing to buy swiss army knife.

Popular Knife Tools By Wenger

There is no competition in terms of the design of the tools of Wenger with other companies producing the swiss army knife. Not too many tools are integrated into a swiss army knife produced by Wenger but the limited number of tools has the capability of being used in almost solving all sorts of problems. This Wenger Swiss army knife has got the privilege to be the official tool for the astronauts working on the  International Space Station. The blade of the tool is just outclassing which has a longer lifetime than the other products out there. The grip and weight of the products of the Wenger are according to fit human hands so it beats almost in everything.

Personal Views about Wenger Swiss Army Knife

To be honest this Wenger Swiss Army Knife is just more than a toolbox. It has a complete package and so many different applications that it has become a must-have tool for nowadays. No matter if you don’t go outside your home as this Wenger Swiss army knife is not only for the adventurer’s even the kids can have this and use it. If you don’t own the Swiss army knife yet then now is the time and after using it once you will always keep it in your pocket. A very handy tool and Wenger makes it amazingly simple and yet affordable.

Bottom Line

Now you are completely aware of Wenger Swiss army knife and its functions. That will really help you in making up your mind for it. Once you start using swiss army knife it almost becomes the most important part just like your cell phone or personal computer. So it is really good to have one.