8 Best Rowing Machine Workouts Ever

Best Rowing Machine Workouts

Best Rowing Machine Workouts EverDo you have a desire for weight loss and full body fitness? And you do not have spare time for running then rowing machine workouts are the only option to fulfill your wishes. Workouts done on rowing machine have little impacts on joints and tendons, good for cardio and muscles of legs, arms, and back. You should know the technique of rowing stroke- catch, drive, finish, and recovery.

The key for fitness is to understand your body; if it requires variation then go for it. This article will discuss the best rowing machine workouts for all levels- beginner, intermediate, and advance. In all cases, variables will be time or distance, strokes per minute and resistance level.

1. Steady Rowing

Steady rowing is a beginner level rowing workout and a warm up for intermediate or advanced level rower. It is an easy-paced workout of 18 – 24 strokes per minute. It is not recommended for weight loss and fitness but highly recommended for beginners.

2. Interval Training

Interval training is an intermediate level rowing workout that is good for improving fitness and weight loss. The rowing period is usually 1-2 minutes at a high stroke rate of 30, and then do reduce the stroke rate to 20 for the same period, this will burn more calories. This workout will allow you to maintain heart rate as you switch to next level.

3. High Intensity

An advanced level of rowing workout that improves your stamina, fitness and makes you competitive rower. Naturally, you should proceed gradually to avoid any injury. Start rowing hard and faster as you can. When you begin to feel hard in rowing then, set a timer and then row. Note your time and repeat it for different sessions.

4. The Pyramid

The pyramid is an advanced level and traditional rowing workout for shorter periods at a higher stroke rates. Like rowing for 4 minutes at 22 strokes per minute, 3 at 24, 2 at 26 and 1 to 28. Then repeat the same when done.

5. Tabata Wattage Interval workout

Best Rowing Machine Workouts EverTabata Wattage Interval is a tough and challenging workout. This workout was founded by Izumu Tabata and is done by a watt that is displayed on rowing machine console. The basic formula for this workout is;

Wattage = Body Weight + 10%

There are 10 intervals in this workout. First start with 5 minutes slow rowing as warm up then continuously row fast for every 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest and at the end cool down your body with 3 minutes of easy rowing. And remember that your wattage should increase by 18-20 in each 20 seconds workout.

6. Heart Rate Program

This workout is very good for weight loss and superb fitness. You just connect yourself up to the console either with an ear clip or a heart rate monitor strap and set the rate. The console will guide you the stroke rate according to your selected pulse rate. It is highly recommended for rapid weight loss and improving fitness.

7. Lean Leapfrog Workout

Lean Leapfrog is a challenging advanced level rowing workout. Requiring high stamina, it is 46 minutes workout with repeated three rounds. It starts with 10 minutes easy rowing and ends up with 2 minutes of rest. Between this, each 1-minute rowing is separated by other 1-minute rowing by 1-minute rest. There are five rowing workouts with a different stroke rate of 26 and 28. Lean Leapfrog workout is highly recommended for strong muscular bodies and if you feel any stress then stop before your body exposes to any injury.

8. Online Racing

You can have fun with a significant innovation in rowing machine that you can connect rowing machine to online systems to beat other rowers. This feature is available to Concept2 machines having PM3 or PM4 monitors. While competing others this feature helps you to know about your level of rowing.