10 Best Health Apps for Android

Health is a thing which everyone is concerned about. There would be no one who would not like to have a good life with good health. All the time we keep looking at the ways of getting good health. Some people visit nutritionists for this purpose, some try to use home remedies etc. Maintaining a proper diet and health is a basic necessity of life. Now technology is so advanced and this century is named to be the century of technology and advancement. This high tech has played its role in improving health too. Android and other smartphones have launched many apps which help you to track your daily activities of diet and food intake. These apps not only help to track but also useful in keeping a record and giving weekly or monthly health reports. These mobile apps will be assisting you in eating better, living better, exercising better etc.

1. Calorie Counter MyFitnessPal

Best Health Apps for Android

This app keeps a count on your calorie count. This app will not only assist you in calorie count but will also keep guiding you about exercises and new diet plans according to the current conditions. It will make your life so easy and healthy. It also contains support for tons of other services which are provided by MyFitnessPal, for free of cost. It is so easy for you, install the app, open it and start using. It doesn’t have any complicated functions etc. It is made to help and assist you to keep a smooth track over health.

2. Calorie Counter by pro MyNetDiary

Best Health Apps for AndroidMyNetDiary also offers an app for calorie counting. The special aspect of this app is that it will not only keep track of the calorie counting but also keeps a record for better quality and services. The prime purpose of this app is to provide you free service and best assistance in health. This app supports barcode scanning for your ease. It also has to remind systems that remind you to eat and what to eat. It also has advanced options for those who want to go backward on their cholesterol and sugar levels.

3. Fooducate

Best Health Apps for Android

Fooducate is the app which will be telling you to know which foods are good or bad. It will be helping you to track your diet and exercise. Besides these qualities, its food database contains 250,000 unique items. These items are letter graded for quick response. It also offers the pro version which will be assisting you in managing gluten free and allergy specific diets. The Paleo diet and other diets are included.

4. GoogleFit

Best Health Apps for Android

Google’s platform for fitness is Google Fit available for free at play store. You can track the level of your fitness. You can analyze your stats to see what you need to improve and it also tells the ways you can improve. Google Fit has also included a feature to integrate with other health apps for better quality and response. It also includes support for a variety of wearable and apps. A perfect app to keep you on the track.

5. iTriage Health

Best Health Apps for Android

iTriage Health is an app which will help you to find doctors and health treatments according to your problem. You would simply have to insert your query or the symptoms you are feeling, this app will give you a broad answer about what you should do or where you should go to get the treatment done. It can be downloaded for free and it’s all features are available in free version.

6. Lifesum

Best Health Apps for Android

Lifesum is an app which includes lots of feature at one place. It includes calorie count, food analysis, and many reminders including water reminder. You would be able to enjoy a lot of things in a single app. By having separate apps for reminders, calorie count etc. makes things harder. And you might not be able to handle all at once. It can also be integrated by Google Fit and S health. By picking up pro version you can also enjoy additional support for other wearables, meal information and a variety of diet plans.

7. MyTrainer Diet Fitness Workout

Best Health Apps for Android

MyTrainer is one of those few apps which costs nothing and its in-app purchases are also free. This app will be helping you to set goals and set reminders for it. It works as a workout helper with other elements plying secondary and tertiary roles. Its workout plans have been helping people, and the lowest rates make it the best app.

8. Pocket Yoga

Best Health Apps for AndroidYoga helps you to stay focused and healthy. Now your yoga guide will be in your pocket because an app named Pocket Yoga is available at play store. Its price is very economical and the results are awesome. Plus in-app purchases are free. It includes 27 different sessions and 200 poses based on your experience and expertise. It will also keep a track and record of your workout.

9. Runtastic

Best Health Apps for AndroidOne of the most popular health apps is Runtastic. Running has a ton of benefits. It helps building stamina and your body will remain fresh. This app uses GPS to see how far you have run and helps you keeping track and setting goals. It also provides voice coaching, maps to plan running routes, work out logs and a lot more features. It has the highest number of downloads among all health apps.

10. Zombie’s Run

Best Health Apps for Android

Zombies run is a fitness app with a video game. It’s more like fun and work. In this game, you will be thrust into your own zombie adventure and while watching the video game walking or jogging will be fun. It’s a pretty good way to attract people to walk and run with enjoyment of a video game. Everyone would like this way. The response of users was very good and they find it useful. There are two versions, one paid with no in-app purchase and other free.


According to a famous saying, Health is wealth. These apps will help you in gaining wealth in the form of health. Having a beast quality life is everyone’s basic right and choice. You can get the best health guide through these apps, select the one app whatever you like the most.