Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for Women

Leather Riding Boots for Women

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for WomenJust as with most riding equipment, riding boots for women also come in a wide range of styles and fashion. But before choosing on what boots to use for riding, there are a number of factors you may want to consider. And since riding boots are part of essential investments in making your riding experience memorable, it is worth spending on boots that will make you feel that you deserve to use whichever design or style you opt for. In most cases, women will go consider comfort, safety, and the ability of the boot to stay for long without the fear of earlier tear and wear. However, not only these are needed when choosing a good boot.

Since women are very particular about colors, it is also imperative that this is put into consideration before coming up with a specific boot to buy for riding needs. While most women prefer shouting colors, it is worth appreciating the fact that awesome riding experience is best matched with colors that do not shout. Black and brown boots are particularly preferable in this consideration. Again, women are very particular about fashion. While others prefer long boots, there is a group who will feel fashionable in short or low heeled boots. Please have a look at the following best leather riding boots for women below;

1. Women’s Slouch Mid Calf Ankle Strap Buckle Western-01 Style Cowboy Boots

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for WomenFor those women who understand where a mix of class and fashion meet, the Ankle Strap boots are their best match. This synthetic boot is creatively designed with a touch of modernity yet timelessly poised with the O-ring buckle ankle strap around it. It lasts long since it’s leather material customizes it to all seasons. The boot is fitted with a rubber sole which adds up to its durability feature. It fits well in different sizes with its perfect fit slouchy.

It also features ideal 11 inches height which, to many riders, is a factor to look out for. So whether you are going to use these boots during summer, winter, spring or even autumn, all weathers and seasons are preferably taken care of. The heels too are admirable; the perfect match that most women riders will go for. The 2-inch heels are practically comfortable and stylish enough for riding experience. Even while walking, the 2-inch heels will still make you feel comfortable.

2. Ariat Women’s Sidekick Western Cowboy Boot

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for WomenThe Ariat Sidekick Boot for women is a perfect western boot reflecting fashion and opulence all on it. It has the western outlook that any cowgirl will undoubtedly be looking for. This boot will leave you feeling great and comfortable while riding and enjoying the experience. These boots from Ariat also blend well with their performance needs. They are crafted in a stylish way that adds to their ATS comfort technology.

You, therefore, enjoy an awesome leather boot with a nice upper collar overlay that gives you the real riding and outlook experience in one piece. The fashionable outsole is sufficient proof that these boots will last longer than their age. You can use them on rugged surfaces and still count them new as before since the sole is perfect for such surfaces. One interesting thing with the Ariat boots is the technology that they are created with. They actually provide lasting riding experience with the stability technology which also enhances their performances. This boot is also designed with a wide and square toe profile and comfortable boot opening.

3. Ariat Women’s Tombstone Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for WomenThe Ariat Tombstone wide square toe boot for women is another kind of design created from Ariat. This boot is also uniquely designed to fit the needs of riders. One interesting thing about it is the punchy shafts that create a unique outlook of the boot. The amazing color linings and the cross-edge design is also a kind of pattern that accentuates the outlook of this boot. Ariat has also applied technology, ATSTM technology, in creating this boot.

It also features fun foot leathers with a nice embroidery pattern pasted on it. While riding, this boot will provide stability and comfort through its ATSTM technology. The synthetic DuratreatM outsole is also wonderfully used to give the boot a long-lasting finish. The sole is actually thick enough to hold its ability to last long. This boot is comfortable on your feet and easy to move with even while walking. This great western boot will, without a doubt, serve you for years.

4. Ariat Women’s Dahlia Western Cowboy Boot

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for WomenThese Ariat Dahlia boots are sweetly made of leather to last for long. They are stylishly made with fashionable forward features. The boot is amazingly fitted with a leather wingtip and a heel counter that overlay curatively. It gives you that original but fashionable outlook as you enjoy the comfort and durability of your boot.

The Dahlia boot is also a perfect shape that many women are comfortable with. Out of the Ariat designs, the Dahlia boot is creatively shaped with an authentic leather sole that assures you a longer use of your boots. They make you enjoy riding for as long as you want because they actually create a feminine charm while enjoying your riding experience. The comfortable heels are also an advantage to the riders. Apart from these, the boot also prides in its ATS advances torque stability which is a technology that makes the boot essential equipment for women riders.

5. FRYE Women’s Phillip Riding Boot

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for WomenThe FRYE boots are another type of perfect boots for women riders. They define class and style in what a boot should have pride in. These boots create an amazing riding experience since they are designed just for that. The Philip Riding boots are one of those riding boots that are creatively made out of the need to express comfort in riders. It is made of leather and a soft vintage around. It also has a smooth leather lining that takes care of your toes. The cushioned footbeds also add comfort to riders who use this boot.

These boots have low stacked heels, created comfortably with the long-lasting leather outsole. For a long time, Frye has produced quality boots which riders have enjoyed. The Philip riding boots give women amazing experience with the innovative buckles at the ankle, which makes the boots even more appealing. If you are looking out for comfortable and durable boots with sincere in and out perfection, then this must be your option.

6. Clarks Women’s Maymie Stellar Riding Boot

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for WomenThe Clarks boots have been enjoyed by riders for decades. These Maymie stellar boots feature among the best options that riders can pick from a range of choices. The boot is perfectly antiqued with studs and wrapped around straps that create a detailed and well-balanced type of boot for riding. This boot is wonderfully made of a leather material with the quality sole to make it one of the strongest for riding.

The synthetic sole is a bit chunky but amazingly created to fit on the need for flexibility on this boot. It also features comfortable shaft and boot opening that does not make you struggle while fitting your boot. It also has straps that accurately let you use the boots while riding. The breathable lining is another amazing feature that this boot is made of. This gives in an outline that is adorable and comfortable too. It has a memory foam midsole that adds function to the boot too.

7. Vince Camuto Women’s Phillie Riding Boot

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for WomenThis Vince Camuto boot will give you a clear and amazing experience going down your riding experience. The Phillie riding boots for women has a perfect design with a side zip closure which makes the boot comfortable and decisively a good match for riding. It is also well decorated on the top shaft to create a unique outlook that women automatically admire.

It has a completely comfortable shaft and boot opening that riders can actually find an easy time with. It is very useful as a knee-high riding boot since it’s a bit tall and well poised with its leather upper embossed in the medallion. It also has a harness strap located just at the ankle for the superb and comfortable match while riding. The strap will help you fit your boot well before you go riding. The light padded footbed also adds value to this amazing boot. The stacked heel and the creatively made outsole also ameliorates the design further.

8. Naturalizer Women’s Johanna Riding Boot

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for WomenWomen who prefer wide-shaft boots have an option of going for this amazing Naturalizer Johanna boots for women. They are creatively made of leather and decorated with perfect buckle details. It is a well-crafted long boot with a full-length zipper used to fit and fix the boot firmer. It also has an elastic goring located at the top line of the boot to offer an elegant skin-hugging fit just at the calf.

The wide shaft and excellent boot opening make this boot a trendy kind of riding. The boot also has a Naturalizer’s N5TM comfort system which is a treated insole that offers awesome comfort as you wear the boot. The synthetic sole also adds fashion and style to this feature. The boot sole is low enough for maximum traction. To add on this, there is a pull-on loop just at the entry that further makes this boot an essential piece you want to have.

9. Aerosoles Women’s Pride Riding Boot

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for WomenThe Aerosoles Pride boots for women are excellently crafted in style and superior comfort for riding. To all those who enjoy knee high zipper boots, the Pride boots are perfectly the choice to consider. They are made of quality fabric and rubber sole. It also has a rounded toe design which is supported by a one-inch heel. This amazing boot also has a contoured shape and a passionately fitted wraparound ankle strap that is created with a buckle for a complete riding outlook.

It has a superb shaft, measuring about 16 inches from the arch. The amazing boot opening creates an easy time for riders while fitting the boot. The ability of the boot to last long plus its creative designing are elemental. These features make it an awesome riding boot. This boot, therefore, offers complete comfort and is durable too. This creates a great functionality and style for the boot.

10. Naturalizer Women’s Johanna Riding Boot

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for WomenThis Johanna riding boot for women is another Naturalizer’s design created out of almost the same need as the other Johanna riding boots but with slight added flavor. This boot is a pure leather (100%) leather material boot made to last long and be used in every season. It also has a synthetic sole which is superbly fitted to offer riders comfort and amazing riding experience. The wide shaft, measuring 16.5 inches, also accentuates the amazing feeling that riders are expected to enjoy from using this boot.

The boot opening is approximately measuring 15 inches. This is good enough for various users’ needs. This leather riding boot also features a full-length instep zipper with three more adjustable buckle straps just at the ankle and at the shaft. These features prove that using this kind of boot brings with it comfort and superior riding experience. The gored panels placed at the back entry and at the side of the shaft are more to this wonderful boot.


While most riding boots for women are created in different designs, certain features remain constant when looking for a wonderful riding experience. These include the comfort, durability and riding experience that each user may want to experience. Other women riders will go for tall, buckled or strapless boots while others will prefer a complete opposite of this. Whichever your choices and needs, there is a wide range to choose from the list described herein.