Become a grill master: 9 tips for better BBQ

Mastering grill is not easy, but neither impossible as well. You can cook grills just like restaurants if you follow some easy and simple tips. You will find people with BBQ skills, but many of them don’t really know where they are lacking behind. Let’s find out some simple tips to get started.

Best Tips For Better BBQ

There are some easy tips to get an edge over your BBQ cooking. Just follow these to turn your BBQ knowledge to an uphill level.  Be sure to also buy a good grill machine.

1. Make your Grill Non-Stick

Nothing is more frustrating than a sticky BBQ. You have done everything right, but the result is just not pleasing. Not only do you lose the crispy crust but also a bit of taste for this.

How can you fight this? Well, it is so easy to overcome this problem. First of all, heat the grill to the desired temperature. Now slice a potato in half and skewer the end of potatoes with meat forks.

Rub the exposed portion of potatoes over the grill surface. Try to cover the entire cooking surface. Potato releases starch and creates a barrier between the food and the grates. You can also take onion or lemon as an alternative.

2. Direct and Indirect Heat

You can create separate zones for direct and indirect heating. You can do this with gas or charcoal easily. You just need to understand the applications of direct and indirect heat for BBQ meat. If the heat is applied directly to the BBQ item, then it is direct heating. On the other hand, if it gets heat from the sides and not from the center of the grill, then it is indirect heating.

Both are important for different purposes. Direct heating is important for a short burst of cooking. That is small, tender pieces of meat. You can prepare them in less than 20 minutes. On the other side, indirect heat is for a large chunk of BBQ cooking. It takes a long period for the perfect juicy flavor of BBQ to set in. The time it requires is generally an hour or more.

3. Turn Grill to a Smoker

Grills are great when it comes with a smoky flavor. If you are cooking a big chunk of meat like ribs or a pork shoulder, then indirect heat should be the option. You can add some wood chunks to coal to give your grill a smoky flavor. Also, you can choose apple or olive wood for an extra flavor.

While going through that process, people often forget to clean their grill. You can place an aluminum pan just under the BBQ meat and banking coal aside. Mix the coal with wood chunks, so the meat receives heat and smoke from the sideways, and the aluminum pan can catch dripping quickly. This will give your grill a more juicy and smoky flavor.

4. Marinade for Better Flavor

How can I add more flavor to my grill? This is one of the most common questions to encounter in recent times. There are multiple ways to add more zest to your BBQ. You can add syrup coating during the last couple of minutes of grilling. This contains honey, molasses, or maple leaf syrup. Brush it to enhance both taste and flavor.

The best way to create the savory crust is to marinate it properly. Apply a blend of herbs, spices, mustard, yogurt, olive oil, and many more. You can make this blend according to your recipe of choice. Marinate your BBQ meat a few hours before you cook. That will indulge quality flavor to your meat. You can go searing and crosshatching over your BBQ item to intensify the flavor. 

5. Fix the Rubbery Chicken Skin

Rubbery chicken skin is a common problem in Grill chicken. The smoke infuses flavor but makes the tender skin rubbery. It can hurt the overall taste of the BBQ. How can you fix it? Prepare the coal bed with heat and chicken with high temperature for nearly five minutes. This will make the skin crispy instead of rubbery. After the first five minutes, you can slow down the heating process to give it a more juicy taste.

6. Shut your Lid

To give your BBQ a great taste and flavor, you have to give it a consistent heat. Whenever you are opening the lid, some heat is getting lost to the surroundings. This fluctuation of heat does not get you the best result. So, it is better not to open the smoker too often with curiosity. Keep your lid shut for the best quality BBQ.

7. Check BBQ Temperature

Maintaining a consistent temperature is the most important issue for tender, tasty BBQ. It is better to check the temperature at a regular interval. Some people make a mistake by placing the thermometer on the lid. But that is not the actual way. Instead, use a digital thermometer to measure the perfect temperature at the grate. They have a dual probe so it can provide a much better result.

8. Quality of the Smoker

You have done everything right, yet you are not getting the expected results. This can happen because of a bad smoker. It is worth it to buy a good machine for a quality BBQ. The unit must have good air circulation and consistent heat supply.

Also, try a smoker that offers a warranty on it. Some people often try cheap machines and complain about why I am not getting the results. So, check your machine before you go for a BBQ. You will find more information on this in social media.

9. Avoid Cooking Flare-ups

Cooking flare-ups is another big concern for BBQ preparation. Sometimes people catch fire in their grill while cooking.How should you avoid this? Make sure you remove the extra fats from meat, and the grease tray is empty before cooking. Also, a very high temperature to start can cause flare-ups. Some people spray water to get out of this problem. But that is not the perfect solution. You better turn off all burners to stop flare-ups.

It is not that only the best cooks can prepare the best quality BBQ. All you need is to follow a few tips for getting a quality BBQ. It is simple and easy. Just follow the tips mentioned above for a better quality grill.