Are quilting machine and the sewing machine a similar thing?

Are you aware of the fact that quilting without using a sewing machine is a tough thing? Only the people who are doing quilting knows why it is important to have a sewing machine for this purpose. It is fine when you use a standard sewing machine for quilting purposes. But it can take your hell efforts when sewing the joints, or you may end up getting frustrated with it. In the standard sewing machines, there’s a short arm quilter that doesn’t work well for quilting purposes. If you want to reduce your efforts while doing the quilting, you need to buy a quilting sewing machine for it. For this, you can see ample of options available on the online stores and market too.

Are you beginning for the first time to make the quilts? Or doing quilting at an advanced level? No matter how much professional you’re in quilting. But you need to have the best sewing machine for quilting. It is not that standard sewing machine that can help you in a quilting job. Both the quilting and sewing machine do hold some difference, which is why one can’t do proper quilting using the sewing machine and vice versa.

If you’re passionate about quilting, then you need to buy a proper quilting machine for this job. It is not because it can save you a lot of time. But it is because quilting machines are not the same as a standard sewing machine. It does all the special operations which are required in quilting in an effortless manner, which will take your hell efforts when using the standard machine. You don’t need to keep standing for so long hours to do the quilting while using the quilting machine, which makes it a better option suitable for quilting purposes.

1. Attached table

Attached table

In your quilting work, it is an extension table that can be attached to the quilting machine. If you want more space to do the work, then it will be a perfect thing. On the contrary, it might become a hassle when you try to put that extension table on the sewing machine. Not every sewing machine is supportable to hold the extension table allowing your more workspace. You might not even require an extension table or add more workspace for the sewing or stitching works. It is the quilting job that demands you to get more workspace to make the joints perfectly.

2. Quarter Inch foot option

Quarter Inch foot option

In the quilting job, you need a quarter-inch allowance of the seam, which is perfect for quilting the top. With the quarter-inch foot option, you can make the quilting more accurately. Also, it is a must recommendation that can help in quilting tasks. But how can you expect such a seam allowance when using the sewing machines? Both machines do have their different uses, which don’t fit well when done with the wrong machine.

3. Space available for work

One of the most common differences in the sewing and quilting machines is the space available for work. Both the machines don’t have a similar space to do the work. It is because both the machines are designed to be used in different types of work. Quilting is not a regular stitching work which can be done using the sewing machine. Even if you try it, you won’t be able to complete it peacefully. Are you passionate about quilting? Then you might be aware of the workspace required to do the quilting? Is it more than the workspace required in stitching or other sewing jobs? For all those who don’t know about the workspace required for both the works. You can get an idea from the content.

The workspace is measured, keeping in mind the machine throat. To determine the throat, it is measured by the machine length. If the machine has a longer length, then it means it has a wider throat, implying a larger space available for work. In the basic stitching or sewing works, you don’t need a large workspace with a long table as it would sound like a luxury and not a requirement. Generally, quilting work requires more workspace, which is available in the quilting machine. And the sewing machine doesn’t have a longer workspace, which is not even needed.

4. Stability and speed of the machine

Stability and speed of the machine

If you’re adopting a quilting job seriously or doing it for living purposes, then you need to ensure that the quilting machine is of high-speed. If you don’t get any one of the fastest models, it will become a tiring job for you. And you would surely like to save some of your hours for other work. So, it can be done when you buy the quilting machine which works with a high-speed. In such machines, the stability features also get added up, making it a better option for quilting work.

In the last words, it can be said that there’s a long list of differences between the sewing and quilting machine. Quilting can be done easily by saving more time using the quilting machine only.