A Stress-Free Kids’ Birthday Party in 6 Simple Steps

As a kid, you probably remember your birthday party as something to look forward to every year. You have your parents to thank for that. Now, it’s your turn to throw an awesome birthday party for your little one and make it as memorable for him as it was for you.

In reality, that is easier said than done. Although your heart is in the right place, your good intention may not be enough to deliver a birthday party he will never forget.  You will need to be creative on gift ideas as well like a Disney subscription box or other options.

There are several elements that make a party great and even more aspects that need to be planned out. If you find yourself stressing out before you even begin, consider taking a breather and plan your child’s birthday party successfully  by following these six simple steps:

Step #1: Create a Game Plan

The very first step you need to take towards a successful birthday party is to come up with a game plan. A strategic plan can help you decide the different aspects of the gathering later, from the kids’ birthday packages and party venue you choose to the catering and take-home gifts for your child’s guests. Plus, it allows you to break the party planning down into smaller, more manageable steps.

Start by creating a to-do list of the things you need to accomplish. This will help you avoid getting drained from overthinking and juggling all your tasks by memory.

Step #2: Narrow Down Your Guest List

Once you have your plan ready, you also need to decide on the number of guests to invite for the party. Having too many guests can be stressful, not to mention physically and mentally exhausting.

In planning their kids’ birthdays, many parents think that they need to spend a lot of money, effort, and time. While it is true that you do need to dole out these resources, you can reduce the amount you need to use by keeping the length of your guest list under control.

Narrow it down to the most important people in your child’s life. You may even choose not to invite people who are close to him if your budget, time, or the venue cannot accommodate too many people. While this decision might be tough to make, it is necessary, especially if you intend to make the party a success.

Some parents believe that, when it comes to birthdays, less is more. After all, your child cannot possibly appreciate everything if there’s too much going on.

Also, never forget that you’re not required to reciprocate an invitation. Do not ever think that just because a person invited your child to his party, that you are required to do the same for him.

Keep the occasion special while easing your mom-guilt by explaining to your child why some people will not be invited. Not only will this help you save on food, drinks, and giveaways, but it would also give you a chance to prevent awkward encounters with estranged relatives.

The bottom line: Never make any decisions that will make you feel stressed or uncomfortable later.

Step #3: Enlist Your Child

If your child is old enough, you can also enlist his help in preparing for his birthday bash. It’s his birth that you’re celebrating, after all.

Give him age-appropriate tasks that he can do on his own or with your help. Toddlers aged three and up can be allowed to pick the theme and decide on games and activities to entertain the guests. Just make sure to guide him in the process to avoid getting his hopes up only to fail to deliver what he expected.

If he’s a bit older, you can ask for his help with some of the prep work that needs to be done. Pick tasks that can be accomplished even by his small, untrained hands. It could be packing goody bags or shopping for decorations.

Aside from getting more done for a shorter period, doing so can also help your child gain more precious memories attached to the celebration. That is, of course, unless you’re planning to throw him a surprise party.

Step #4: Set a Time Limit

While having an all-day birthday party sounds wonderful, it isn’t advisable for parents who are on a budget and working on their own in planning the party. Ideally, kids’ parties should be short, especially if you’re celebrating birthdays below five years.

Once you decide on the time limit, be sure to indicate it in the invitation along with the time the party will commence to guide your guests.

Step #5: Decide on the Entertainment

If your child isn’t old enough to decide on entertainment, you can pick something that doesn’t require too much effort but is still quite enjoyable.

For young ones, games like laser tag or hide and seek are quite popular. For older children, you can make a more challenging variation to add excitement to the game. Keep it simple for a quick and easy clean-up.

Of course, when you invite your child’s friends over, playing together is entertainment enough for the little ones. In this case, you may not even need to think about elaborate games to keep them happy throughout the event.

On the other hand, you can also purposely choose a venue that can also serve as party entertainment. One great example of this is a waterpark birthday party.

Step #6: Pick the Perfect Time

When scheduling the birthday bash, be sure to take your convenience into account.

For example, you can choose to hold the event late in the afternoon or early evening to give you more time to prepare. You can also avoid having it on a Sunday as it might leave you feeling rushed since you need to get back to your workday routine early on Monday.

Also, the scheduled time of day for the party will also dictate what you could serve your guests. Or it can be the other way around. Either way, if you enjoy creating an entire meal course for other people, you should schedule the event close to mealtime.

Finally, Don’t Forget to Enjoy

Enjoying your child’s birthday bash is the most important thing in keeping it stress-free. Remember to set aside some time in your party schedule for simply savoring the moment with your child.