5 Worst Fashion Mistakes You Could Make When Traveling

Most people do not think about fashion when they travel but since you are here, it is a certainty you are not among them. The fact that you travel for hours is no excuse for not looking your best. This includes what you wear, your make-up and practically everything about your appearance. In most cases, it is ignorance why people dress badly while traveling, not bad intentions. With this in mind, here are the worst fashion mistakes you could make as you are on vacation. Avoid them to look your best at all times. Need help in moving to Denver?

Wearing Terrible Shoes

There are more shoe types than you might think. You can choose out of so many but in most cases, when traveling, you instantly stand out as a tourist as you wear jeans and sneakers. The goal is obviously comfort but the gym look is not at all stylish.

There are many other better options that are available, like lightweight shoes that have some extra support. As you travel, basics work well, like some ankle boots or slip-on loafers. They work with so many clothes and can easily transform your entire wardrobe. When it is cold, opt for some Chelsea boots.

Speaking about shoes, make sure you do not wear flip-flops. These are just meant for the beach and they are not suitable for a day out.

Wearing Shorts When Flying

It is so common to see people wearing shorts on a plane and the first thing that comes to mind is “how are they not freezing?” Besides this, you might end up faced with numerous problems, like not being allowed to board the plane. Men usually do not have that problem but it still does not look fashionable at all. You end up standing out for all the wrong reasons.

Wearing Revealing Clothing When Not Appropriate

You might already know that you need to be at least moderately covered if you visit countries in the Middle East but there are many other cultures where it is completely inappropriate to wear revealing clothing. Wearing linen pants is an alternative you can consider, just like the pashmina scarf.

Make sure that you research as much information as possible about the chosen travel destination. See if there are some dress codes that have to be respected.

Wearing Obnoxious T-Shirts

Leave the shirts that have designer logos, sports team names and political slogans at home. You surely do not want to argue about controversial topics, like money, sports or religion when you travel. You might end up being a target because someone has some sort of grievance, or simply does not like the message on the t-shirt. At the same time, all your travel photos are going to look a lot better if there is not a giant logo on your shirt.


Backpacks are highly practical but should only be worn when you go to work or class. Grown adults should simply not wear huge backpacks when going out. This is especially the case with the travel backpacks since they are going to create problems with those around you, especially if using public transportation or visiting popular tourist destinations.

When you visit something, all you really need is a belt bag or a cross-body purse. These are enough to fit all necessities and are so much more secure as pickpockets do not target them. At the same time, remember that in many museums or other attractions you are not actually allowed to walk in with a large backpack.