5 Reasons Why You Were Using Sun Lotion Wrong All This While

Even though summer is coming to an end, there’s still time to get out and soak up some rays. You already know how important it is to use sunscreen, but did you know that there is a right way and wrong way to apply it?

Yes, it’s true. Not applying sunscreen the right way can lead to painful sunburns or even skin cancer. To clear the air and make sure that your application is on point, here are five things you need to stop doing with sunscreen and after sun lotion:

Less is More

Some people think that the more lotion they apply to their skin, the higher the level of protection. However, this usually isn’t the case. While you do need to apply sunscreen liberally, you only need to apply a thin, even layer to all exposed areas of skin. You should also reapply every two hours when outside if you plan on spending the day outdoors.

SPF Matters

Previously, SPF 30 was the golden rule. Now, with UV rays being stronger than ever, you need to increase your SPF to at least 50. However, the Journal of the American Academy has reported that sunscreens and lotions with SPF 100 or higher are more efficient when it comes to staying out for long periods. It’s also in your best interest to check the expiration dates on your sunscreens before buying them.

Stick to Lotions

Although spray sunscreen is handy, it may end not give you the protection you need. Since it comes out in a mist, it’s hard to tell if you’re getting the appropriate amount of sun protection. Often, sprays tend to go ever put where it’s intended, so even though you think you’ve sprayed enough, and you may still end up burning. It’s better to stick with lotion or cream-based sunscreen to ensure adequate coverage.

Know Your Rays

The sun produces two types of rays; UVA and UVB. UVB rays cause almost irreparable damage to your skin, whereas UVA rays cause long-term age spots and cancer. To prevent these rays from damaging your skin, purchase a sunscreen that says “broad spectrum.” These products can protect your skin against both of these sun rays.

Missed Areas

In addition to your arms, legs, and face, you also need to apply sunscreen to your ears, back of your neck and even your scalp, if you’re bald. For too often these areas of forgotten. Unfortunately, basal cell skin cancer can grow anywhere on your body, so you need any areas of exposed skin covered with outside.

After Care Counts

Just because you have darker skin due to sunbathing doesn’t mean you don’t need sunscreen. What you apply after sunbathing is just as important as your sunscreen. After-sun lotion should be rich in moisturizers and help replenish your skin. It should also be free of dyes and heavy fragrance, which can irritate your skin.

There’s nothing like taking in the sunlight. However, if you aren’t wearing sunscreen or lotion, you could end up having problems. Always apply your sunscreen or lotion before and after you’re done soaking in the sun.