12 Exterior Paint Ideas to Liven Up the Look of Your Home

Are you itching to make a change in the look of your abode? One of the easiest ways to do exactly just that is by changing its color. But, instead of focusing on an interior transformation, how about livening up the look of your home from the outside?

You can change the color palette of your property by making a few tweaks to the landscape with flowers and architectural components and opting for new exterior wall paint.

When painting the outside walls of your house, you are only limited by your imagination. There are countless paint colors to choose from, and not only that, there are lovely finishes to consider, especially if you wish for your walls to take on a unique appearance. But, if you need some ideas for exterior paint to make your property stand out, rounded up below are some paint color combinations to consider.

1. Vintage Blue and Soft Yellow

If you wish to give your home a classic charm, light vintage blue and soft yellow make a fantastic color combination, especially if you live somewhere warm and close to nature. With these two colors, your home will be the most welcoming sight on your street.

2. Indigo and Canary Yellow

Architectural Digest recommends this bold color pair if you want to take a more rebellious route in making over the look of your house. This color combination is whimsical and wild — perfect for people with eclectic tastes.

3. Emerald Green and Cherry Blossom Pink

This is another delightful pair of hues. Give your house the look of spring romance with the high contrast between light color and a rich and bold one. And to provide your home a more luxurious appearance using emerald green and Sakura pink, throw in some gold and white for the metal hardware and trimmings.

4. Burnt Sienna and Kiwi Green

If you like the look of autumn throughout the year, burnt sienna and kiwi green make a fantastic pair for exterior coloring. This combination will give your residence a warm and toasty vibe. Burnt sienna is one of the hip paint colors of 2020; thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s a top choice color for exterior paint.

5. Different Shades of Blue

Colors come in different intensities or opacities, and they are actually fun to work with, especially for exterior walls. Blue, for example, is perfect for modern homes with a bit of a masculine style.

When you work with different shades of the same color, you are given the opportunity to play around with textures and even tile patterns without worrying about going overboard. Plus, it is much easier to create a sense of continuity indoors even if you use a unique interior wallpaper design.

6. Caramel, Espresso, and White-Blue Marble

This sophisticated color combination is all the rage in the architectural world. It’s been featured in home and lifestyle magazines because warm hues (caramel and espresso) play off a cool tone (white-blue marble) beautifully reserved for details such as trimmings and panels. If you want to give your home a luxurious appeal, this is undoubtedly a great color mix to use.

7. Coral and Espresso

Espresso has long been a favorite hue in the home design world, and what’s wonderful about it is that it brings richness to any color it’s paired with. Coral, which can look too mod or warm when used in profusion, for example, takes on a more elegant appeal the moment it is paired with espresso.

Espresso has the ability to tone down the tacky orange intensity that coral sometimes imparts (a quality that makes it a tricky color to use for walls). Therefore, when you put these two together for your exterior walls, your home instantly stands out in a good way.

8. Robin Egg Blue, Eggshell White, and Matte Black

This is another classic color combination that works for old-fashioned architecture. It’s bright and cheery. Plus, it has that Nordic appeal that a lot of people are into. To give it an edgy appeal, consider adding black to the mix for high contrast.

9. Olive Green and White

If you are a big fan of Tudoran aesthetics, olive green and white is a color combo perfect for your outdoor walls. This combo has that old-world vibe that can only intensify over the years. Also, if you live in a place where there’s lush vegetation, this pairing will allow your home to blend into its surroundings harmoniously.

10. Aubergine and Stone Grey

For something completely out-of-the-box but visually impressive, opt for aubergine paint. You can use this for the walls or roof and set it off nicely with stone grey. You would think that these two colors are similar to each other and would look dull overall. However, if you play up textures by using special finishes, you can create a more pronounced and pretty contrast between the two hues.

11. Aquamarine, Salmon Pink, and White

This is a color combination that’s perfect for beach houses. It’s “summery,” vibrant, and these are colors reminiscent of a clear blue ocean, white sand, pink corals. Therefore, if you want your home to have that beach house vibe, these three hues are obviously perfect to use.

Aquamarine would be ideal for the shutters, white for the window panes, and two tones of salmon pink for the walls and doors.

12. Light Mocha and Peacock

Peacock is one of the top paint colors for 2020, and what many love about it is how it can look both modern and classic. Plus, it comes in different intensities to make it the perfect contrasting hue for pastels and other neutral tones.

But, if you want to take the safe route, pair peacock with light mocha. This color match will give your house that pleasant and homey vibe.

So there — 12 exterior paint ideas designed to transform the look of your home.

Whatever may be your style is, for sure, a few of the options cited above will go with it. For all the paint colors featured on the list, check out the products of top decorative paint suppliers.

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