10 Reasons Why It’s Useful to Carry a Swiss Army Knife

There are people who like to keep a knife on their belts or pockets wherever they go. This is because they come in handy in many situations. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to these knives, and one of those is the Swiss Army Knife, which is popularly made by the brand Victorinox. It is a pocket knife that features many different tools. You can read our Tool Use Guide for the Swiss Army Knife to learn about how to use the different tools that it features.

Swiss Army Knives are among the most practical things that you can keep in your pocket every day. Sometimes, it is even more important than your smartphone, as you never know when you might need it. There are many different situations in which you will find it great to carry a Swiss Army Knife. If you are wondering what these are, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you ten reasons why it is useful to carry a Swiss Army Knife.

A Swiss Army Knife is useful when dining out to remove stuck food in your teeth.

a Swiss Army Knife on dried leaves

Have you ever experienced looking at the mirror after eating in a restaurant and noticed that you had food stuck in your teeth? It is quite challenging to remove this, especially when there are lots of people around. But if you carry a Swiss Army Knife, this is not a problem. All you have to do is excuse yourself and go to the washroom. There, you can use the toothpicks that the pocket knife has to remove the stuck food in your teeth. 

A Swiss Army Knife will enable you to enjoy wine even when you are out on picnics.

If you plan to bring some wine on a picnic with your loved one, it is useful to carry a Swiss Army Knife too. This is because it comes with a corkscrew that you can use to open the bottle of wine. In addition to opening the bottle easily, you can also use it in peeling some fruits like apples. 

A Swiss Army Knife can help you assemble furniture.

If you are one of the people who enjoy buying DIY furniture and decorative items in stores like IKEA, then carrying a Swiss Army Knife is a great idea. It’s because most of these pieces of furniture require screwdrivers to put the parts together, and fortunately, the Swiss Army Knife has that tool. You just need to reach for it in your pocket, and you can start assembling your new furniture. 

A Swiss Army Knife is useful for changing toy batteries.

If you have kids who love playing with toys that require batteries, having a Swiss Army Knife in your pocket at all times is very useful. This is because most of the time, the batteries are screwed at the bag of the toy. Therefore, when it’s time to replace the batteries of the toys, you just need to get your Swiss Army Knife and use its screwdriver to open the battery pack and change the batteries. 

A Swiss Army Knife will allow you to buy a bottle of beer anywhere you go.

person cutting a branch using a Swiss Army Knife

If you are outdoors and you’d like to drink a cold bottle of beer from a convenience store, you will also find Swiss Army Knives useful as you can utilize them to open the bottle for you. It’s because it has a bottle opener, too. It is handy when attending a party and your friends forgot to bring a bottle opener. 

A Swiss Army Knife can help you when you are put in questionable situations.

There are moments when you might find yourself in strange places. For example, if one day a friend of yours pranks you and you find yourself tied to a tree, a Swiss Army Knife can help you cut yourself out of it with the knife that it features. This is better rather than waiting for someone to come and help you. It will help you become prepared for different situations that may arise. 

A Swiss Army Knife can help you with removing splinters.

A splinter is a fragment of a larger object or a foreign body that penetrates the skin. You can get it in situations like opening a wooden gate or holding onto railings. It hurts, and it should be removed as soon as possible. If you carry a Swiss Army Knife with you, you can easily remove splinters with the pair of tweezers that it features. 

A Swiss Army Knife is handy during campouts.

When going on camping, most of us tend to bring foods that are easy to eat, such as canned goods. However, they are not very easy to eat when you forget to bring a can opener with you. But if you have your Swiss Army Knife in your pocket, you are lucky as you can use it to open the can easily. 

A Swiss Army Knife can help you scale a fish.

A Swiss Army Knife features a fish scaler that looks like a ruler with a curved, jagged edge. It is short, but it can definitely help you decide whether the fish is the right size to harvest. Also, by rubbing its edge back and forth across the side of the freshly caught fish, you will be able to remove its scales and prepare it for cooking. Also, at the tip of the fish scaler, you will find a U-shaped tool called a hook disgorger. This is also useful for anglers as it can be utilized to remove a hook from a fish without causing any harm to it. 

A Swiss Army Knife can help you sew.

Did you know that a Swiss Army knife also has a sewing tool? It comes with an awl, which is a blade-like tool that features a hole in its side. It gives you the ability to punch or widen holes in cloth, leather, and even aluminum. The hole can be used similarly to a needle for sewing.