What Are Some of the Most Popular Monster High Dolls?

In a world full of dolls that were made to sit and look pretty in their tight frilly dresses, high heels, and neatly brushed hair, a new wave of dolls from “Monster High” have made a cultural impact worldwide with their unique and diverse characters based on mythical monsters or creatures. The adventure of these teenage characters which were also heavily popularized in a TV series under the same name, successfully marketed these dolls and nurtured the connection between them and the children who grew up loving their colorful personalities and confidence. 

If you plan on watching Monster High or buying any of their dolls, here is a list of some of the most popular Monster High dolls that you can choose from that you may like or get to know first before looking at the rest of the characters.

Frankie Stein

Frankie, the central character of Monster High, is the daughter of Frankenstein’s monster and his bride. Like the rest of the mythical characters and monsters, she has a slender and well-balanced body. Her white hair is long with popping black streaks similar to her mother, while her skin is the shade of light mint green. If you look closely, you can see that she has beautiful odd-colored eyes – one green, and one blue, which is a sign of a real-life genetic condition called heterochromia.

 She also has stitches all over her body and two bolts fixed into her neck that allow her to absorb electricity or energy to keep her body functioning. Described in the series as a charismatic girl with an outgoing, sweet, and polite attitude, it is no wonder that she is easily labeled as the most popular character in Monster High. Her abilities include electric powers and self-dismemberment where she can remove all her limbs from her body without feeling any pain. However, we suggest not doing it to the actual Frankie Stein doll as it will be difficult to put her back together.

Clawdeen Wolf

At 15 years old, Clawdeen is Monster High’s brilliant fashion designer who comes from a large clan of werewolves. Like a wolf, Clawdeen has golden yellow eyes, caramel-colored fur, and brown shoulder-length curls. Her stylish wardrobe is easily one of the biggest reasons why so many children admire her. She has been recognized by various fashion icons and media because of her original clothing designs where she usually considers the monster that wears them and how it can suit them instead of just following typical designs.


She is also described in the series to have a “freaky flaw” since her hair grows rapidly with so many different hair lengths which requires her to constantly shave her legs. Such incidents do happen in real life and her character also teaches people to embrace them. Her confidence in her appearance, energy, and fierceness make her loved by many. Her abilities as a humanoid wolf include enhanced smelling, hearing, speed, strength, lunar empowerment, and wolf transformation.


Unlike many cold and scary vampires, Draculara is sweet, energetic, friendly, and easygoing which is why she easily became best friend Clawdeen Wolf. She has long black hair with pink streaks which she loves styling into pigtails, a single ponytail, a beehive, or even just hung loose. 

She also has purple eyes, pointed ears, pale pink skin, and of course a vampire’s signature sharp fangs. Her style consists of a Victorian-inspired outfit that is mostly pink complemented by black and white colors and has hearts, mesh sleeves, and lace cuffs. 

Her abilities include levitation, bat transformation, hanging from surfaces, and of course immortality. She also has a knack for writing and storytelling and she is part of the school magazines and newspaper. Aside from that, she also has a hidden talent for acting and performing in school plays.

Cleo De Nile

Cleo is the president of the student body in Monster High who comes from Egyptian Royalty where she was raised to be sassy and somehow a little bit selfish, and arrogant. However, once you get to know her she is the most loyal, caring, and thoughtful friend. Her abilities include having a glass-breaking scream, snake and beetle charming, super strength, manipulation, and like most of the undead – immortality. She has long black and brown hair with fringed bangs and gold highlights, although she may also have blue, teal, or purple as optional colors. 

Like most female Egyptian royalties, her hair is styled with a gold headband with light blue jewels. She also has tan skin, blue eyes, black winged eyeliner, and of course, the fashion rule that she can’t break – to have at least one piece of burial wrapping around her since she is said to turn into dust without it. But of course, this won’t happen to her as a monster high doll, or can it?  

Lagoona Blue 

Lagoona is the offspring of the unusual love between a sea monster and an ocean nymph. Growing up in the deep waters of the Great Scarrier Reef, her whole body developed pale cyan scales, webbed hands, and fins on her lower arms and legs. Due to the chlorine in Monster High’s pool, her long blonde curly hair has cyan-azure streaks, and her face and green eyes are dotted with freckles. Among the rest of the Monster High characters or dolls, she wears the most tomboyish clothes including a deep-pink, fish-scaled swimsuit attached with fishnets, black and cyan shorts, as well as a jacket with a fish-styled hood. 

At times, her hair can be in a braid, a ponytail, or even a Mohawk however this is only applied in the TV series and books. Her abilities include breathing underwater since she has both lungs and gills, talking to underwater creatures, and of course, swimming. Lagoona is also a good example to many children and other people since he is an environmentalist who wishes for the ocean to be clean that loves helping water species.