What Essential Items are Needed When You Go Horse Riding?

Horse riding is also known as horseback riding or equestrianism. It includes the use of horses for practical working purposes, transportation, and as well as recreational activities, and competitive sport. If you want to try it as a hobby or sport, it is no exaggeration to say that it is an expensive sport, even just in terms of the amount of equipment that horseback riders can accumulate through the years. 

Horseback riding needs lots of equipment. Aside from the horse, there are special horse-riding clothes, bridle, saddle, helmet, boots, and more that you need to have. For beginners, it may seem quite overwhelming, and having to buy all of them may feel a bit much. If you are one of them, where do you think you should start? What are the important items you need to start horseback riding? 

You don’t actually need to buy all the gear that you see on the market to start with horseback riding. But it is essential to invest in a few good quality pieces that will help you stay safe on horseback. If you are wondering what items you need, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you a list of the essential items that are needed when you go horse riding. 

woman riding a horse

1.Horse Riding Helmet

The horse-riding helmet is one of the most important items that you need, especially if you are a beginner. It is also essential to invest in a good quality helmet. The good thing, though, is that most horse-riding helmets are not very expensive. All you need to do is look for the safety standards. But note that different countries have various standards. Therefore, before you buy, it is essential to check first what the standard is for your country. Most of the time, the standard is based on a test that determines if the helmet can provide you protection if ever a horse-related accident happens. 

2.Horse Riding Boots

One of the common dangers when horseback riding is the risk of getting stuck in the strap with your foot. It’s because when you fall off while your foot is stuck, you can be dragged after the horse and injure yourself. This is why it is very important to wear horse riding boots that have heels and covered ankles. 

Most of the time, leather boots are used, which are called paddock boots. You can also use cowboy boots, as long as they are not too fancy as you will be getting some mud on them. In fact, they are one of the best riding boots for men. Also, ensure that they are comfortable and have at least an inch heel, as it will prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup.

3.Comfortable Clothes

Comfort and safety are the two main factors that you need to consider when choosing items for horseback riding. It’s because nothing is worse than getting wounds and chafes on your legs, hands, or feet due to ill-fitting or impractical clothes. Here are some of the comfortable clothes that you need for horseback riding:

  • Riding Pants: These are also called breeches, riding tights, riding jeans, jodhpurs, and more. But all of them refer to the pants that have no seams along the inside of the leg. They also usually have patches of grippy material on the inside of the knee. Wearing pants that are made for horseback riding will keep you comfortable and secure in the saddle. Beginners do not need to think much about specific styles. But when you become more skilled, investing in discipline-specific pants, such as breeches for jumping and dressage us important. 
  • Shirt: For the shirt, you can wear any kind that you like, as long as they go along with your boots, pants, and gloves. You can also wear a sweater or jacket. Choose ones that have breathable fabrics so that your movements will not be restricted when you ride. Remember to leave excessively loose clothes at home, and as well as jewelry as these can get caught on the saddle or create noise that might scare your horse.
  • Gloves: It can be painful at first to hold leather or rubber reins, especially if they are new and are not yet soft and flexible. In addition, your hands can also become sweaty and make the reins slick, which affects your ability to keep a safe grip. Therefore, wearing gloves will solve these problems. Horseback riding gloves will conform smoothly to your fingers and hands and give your palm a sticky material for improved grip. Make sure that you find gloves that fit your hands properly. Avoid those that are very bulky or stiff, as those will only make holding the reins harder.person riding a horse

4.Safety Vest

Wearing a safety vest is encouraged, especially for beginners. It can protect your chest and vital organs during scenarios like hitting the ground. When you wear a safety vest, it can help absorb some of the shocks of hitting the ground. Though you won’t always get hurt when you ride a horse, it is still better to wear a safety vest in case of unforeseen events. 

5.Horse Gear

When you buy or lease a particular horse, there is also essential equipment you need. Here are some of them:

  • Girth: A girth is what keeps the saddle snug on the horse. There are different kinds of girths, depending on the kind of saddle you are using. 
  • Bridle and reins: When choosing a bridle, it should be comfortable to the head of your horse, and it should have the right size. The reins, on the other hand, need to be long enough to enable your horse to stretch its nose down to the ground without pulling your arms strongly. 
  • Bit: This is an important and highly specific piece of equipment for your horse. It actually depends on the training and sensitivity of your horse, and as well as your riding ability. When the bit is too strong, it might irritate the mouth of your horse, causing it to toss its head along with other unwanted behaviors. However, if the bit is not strong enough, it might not allow you to slow down or stop your horse effectively.

These are some of the essential items that are needed if you want to go horseback riding. There are indeed plenty of other horse-riding gear out there, but these ones we’ve listed here are some of the most important that you must have to be able to ride a horse effectively and safely. By having these items, you will be able to begin on the right foot in your equestrian journey. We hope this helped you learn more about the important items for horseback riding.