Types of Accessories You Can Use for Your Monster High Dolls

Since it was first launched in 2010, Monster High dolls have become increasingly popular among children and even young adults because of their creativity, colorfulness, variety, and touch of fantasy which features teenage monsters and mythical creatures in human form. Aside from each character’s uniqueness in style and personality, girls of different ages have loved these dolls because of the many accessories they can use to enhance their features and make the experience more memorable. Here are some of the Monster High doll accessories that you can consider buying online or in physical stores to spice up your dolls and of course, your playtime experience.

Shoe Accessories 

With over more than a hundred characters in the franchise, you can only imagine the number of accessories that are available for these characters. According to collectors, the first accessory you can look for in your dolls is a nice pair of shoes, because unlike other dolls in the market, Monster High dolls have unique feet so it can be quite difficult to look for the perfect fit. With a bit of patience, you can find Monster High shoe sets online that can include up to 10 unique pairs of heels, sandals, and boots. Most are made out of soft plastic so they can be easy to put on or take off. There are also online retailers and shops that sell accessories specifically designed for a certain doll if you want to stick to one character. 

Clothing Accessories

The same goes for clothes and other accessories like bags and jewelry. Although you can mix and match them whenever you like, sizes may also vary depending on the character, so it would probably be best to stick with the doll’s assigned clothes to also keep their character consistent. What you can do is search for the name of a specific doll and add the word “accessories” and get lots of results. One example would be, “Monster High Frankie Stein (10.1 inches) Boo-original Creeproduction doll stand & accessories”. The set includes a doll stand, voltages shoes, a scary chic purse, a Skullette hair brush, a diary, and even a creepy pet dog. You can probably find the same type of accessories for other dolls just make sure to be specific with the size since it may vary. 

Like the 10-piece shoe set mentioned earlier, you can also find a set of clothes that can include even up to 13 pieces of clothing, although some sets could have fewer pieces or freebies. Again, do not forget to check the size of the doll. An example you can check out online would be “Monster High Dolls Clothes Set Including 13-pieces of Clothing, One doll shoes, and One doll comb for 11.5-inch Dolls”. According to the description, the clothes are designed logically and tightly to perfectly fit the shape of the body and stay durable. They have vibrant colors that are guaranteed to not fade easily and the types and styles of clothing have been updated to match what a certain doll wears in different scenarios or themes. Also, since these are 11.5-inch dolls you may find them using Velcro for the clothes instead of zippers to make it more convenient.

monster high doll sitting in black and white

Playtime Accessories or Playsets

But of course, Monster High doll accessories do not only include those related to fashion, they can also be used to improve the playtime experience and can be things that do not necessarily have to be part or worn by the doll and these include playsets. Playsets, on the other hand, include thematic accessories such as houses, furniture, and even vehicles! This became a great addition to the already huge wardrobe provided by the fashion packs and made playtime more fun with Monster High dolls. True to their branding as a diverse, colorful, and creative brand, the playsets are very vibrant and detailed to fit the monster and goth vibe.

An example of playsets from 2010 and 2011 include one roadster car for Dracula and four beds for Frankie Stein, Draculara, Lagoona Blue, and Clawdeen Wolf which includes a jewelry box coffin, mirror bed, hydration station, and a bunk bed. These also come with doll-size accessories like kitchen utensils, combs, and diaries. In the later years, a wider variety of playsets became available like doll houses, powder rooms, scooters, café carts, showers, vanity sets, party lounges, dressing rooms, art class studios, diners, and many more. This 2022, playsets have become more personalized and related to girls with Dracula’s Gore-ganizer playset which is essentially a makeup box where you can store your makeup. But this playset also included that for buyers, the Gore-ganizer already comes with a compact mirror, face, stickers, stamper, and two life-size hairclips. 

clawdeen sitting in her pjs

Final Advice

Remember, before you buy any of these accessories, especially the clothes and the shoes, make sure that you consider their size, height, style, and personality. You also have to check with the shoes if they fit well and complement your doll’s outfit. Jewelry is another option to make your dolls look more stylish and personalized, so take the time to browse and look for pieces that will match your doll’s overall look. Purses are also an essential item that can help organize your doll’s belongings as some of the doll-size accessories like combs, glasses, or diaries, can fit inside them. 

The best places to buy any of these, be it clothes, shoes, or playtime accessories really depend on the availability of stock and what your preferences are. A sure answer could be browsing the official website of Mattel, the manufacturer of Monster High Dolls. There is a specific section allocated for buying the accessories of these dolls. You can also look up online retailers such as Amazon and eBay or other specialty stores that sell Monster High merchandise. Prices may vary depending on the playset and the availability of the stock as some are already considered rare collectibles, but just prepare around $50 as they usually go anywhere between 20$ to $45.