5 Ways to Help You Conquer Your Skateboarding Fear

If you want to get better at skateboarding, conquering your fear of getting hurt is an essential part of the sport. While rolling on a wobbly wooden plank, executing tricks, and trying not to hit the pavement may all sound scary, you can get past this stage and be a better skater if you did some practice.

Here are the top five ways to conquer your skateboarding fear.

Give Yourself Time

Most of the time, fear comes from high expectations and from pushing yourself too far. Be kind to yourself. Maybe you just bought your Thrasher merchandise and started a week ago, but if you want to jump off the skating ramp too soon, it’s unrealistic.

It’s also normal to get scared. This might mean it’s too soon for you to try jumping off the ramps. Take it easy on yourself and give it time. Don’t treat skateboarding like a race but a marathon- you can learn it at your own pace.

If you loosen up and relax a bit, you can do better. Give it a try.

Accept that Falling Is a Part of the Learning Process

Though this might seem weird, falling can help you grow your confidence eventually. Every fall means you’re getting better. Your body will catch up and start learning what you have to do.

You can also practice how to fall in ways that you can avoid getting hurt. If you’re using ramps to skate, but you’re afraid of falling, then master running on the side of the ramp and dropping down to your knees. For this, you’ll need knee pads.

Run up the ramp, drop to your knees, and slide down. If you fall while doing this, you know how to do it. This can help you avoid injuries.

Take time in Ramping Up

Skating is not just about wearing trendy Thrasher merch or the newest trainers. There are some tricks and maneuvers that are scary to try. Here are the ways to help you build confidence and get ready to try such tricks.

  • Dropping in- This is scariest when attempted the first time. Start with shorter, smaller ramps to practice on. As you get better, slowly switch to higher slopes.
  • Ollies- Start practicing in your living room or on the grass.
  • Hills- This can also be terrifying for starters, so start practicing on smaller hills and work your way up.
  • Jumps- Start with curbs and other areas with smaller edges, and increase the difficulty level as you get better.

Commit Yourself to it

You can’t start skateboarding when you’re half-hearted about it. The moves and tricks are hard, so you must commit yourself to master it. You’ll be just setting yourself up for failure.

If you’re fully-committed to skateboarding, no matter how many times you fall and get hurt, it won’t matter because you know these are all necessary for you to get better at it.

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