What are the uses for a wood shredder?

Wood shredders, like wood chippers, are used to break down materials, usually from parts of a tree. The two of them produces wood by-product that can be used for landscaping. While they can be visually similar, there are a few differences between the two.

Wood Chipper vs. Wood Shredder

Wood shredders may look like a miniature version of wood chippers, especially for those unfamiliar with the two. Here are a few things that separate a wood chipper from a wood shredder:

1. Materials to Cut

Wood chippers are used to break down branches, larger limbs, and whole materials, while wood shredders are used to break down smaller vegetation debris like leaves, mulch sources, and compost.

2. Appearance

Wood shredders have two hoppers instead of one and do not have a long ejection chute like the wood chipper. Wood shredders have vertical strings that run up to the central drum.

3. Manner of breaking down materials

A shredder’s cutting tool is blunt compared to that of a chipper. On the flywheel, there are dull blades or hammers called flails located on the opposite sides of the shredder where leaves and twigs are reduced. Shredders possess more vacuums, effectively reducing consumption time and easing the flow.

4. Purpose

Since the primary distinction between a chipper and a shredder is the materials they can cut down. It would be necessary to know for what purpose one would use to identify which of the two a person needs. A shredder is more efficient compared to a chipper if one only wants to have a green by-product. While chippers can process anything larger than branches, they are not always advisable for green waste material as they can clog up standard chippers.

Benefits and Uses of Wood Shredder

1. Used for Landscape Clearing

Wood chippers are often helpful in cleaning up the landscaping of private homes and commercial properties. Homeowners can chop up the wood that cannot be used for other types of projects and can send it to the shredder.

2. Recycles Waste

Wood shredder uses a series of sharp blades and rotors to crush wood segments and convert them into fine shavings. These chips can be safely disposed of or sold for use in making pressboard and other compressed wood products. 

3. Affordability for homeowners

When purchasing this type of equipment, the wood shredder price depends on the capacity and features of the unit. Industrial models typically include a wide range of parts, such as baling features, which are especially useful if you want to sell chips for use in new product development. More precisely, smaller units designed for home use typically have fewer features and are much more affordable than industrial models.

What to look for in a shredder

leafy branches being shreaded

Before deciding to buy and purchase a shredder, there are specific things one should consider. These can include:

Material Used

Some shredder units are much more lenient and less prone to damage by stones and other glass or sharp edges. A user must look for shredders that possess such qualities. 

Durability of the shredder

The lifespan of a shredder will never be possible if one does not pair it with proper maintenance. Aside from choosing a shredder with a long lifespan, it is likewise vital for users to know precisely how to take care of a shredder properly for it to last a while. 

Amount of materials it can process

It is also a rule to know how much dirt or debris you will take down or clean up to decide on a suitable shredder unit. An estimated measure of wood shall be known to the user to determine how much horsepower a shredder should have.  

Final Thoughts

Machines such as wood chippers and wood shredders are an efficient way of reducing waste and the time that reduces time spent thinking of how to get rid of them.