How To Buy The Best Swiss Army Knife? In 10 Steps

Buy the Best Swiss Army Knife

That’s great that you made your mind buying Swiss Army knife. For your convenience and great experience with the knife, the following steps are suggested to think on.

1. Define the motive of buying the knife

Never go to purchase anything without any motive or buy senselessly. If you decided to purchase a knife as a hobby or to impress your friends, then you do not need to look over other decision-making steps. Just go and buy the large one, and literally, if you do this, you are wasting money and lifting a weight. And remember you will not enjoy that and eventually if someone seriously asks you to review that knife for him, you will mislead him in making a decision. So it is advised that by the knife when you need it and always buy by your requirement. For this go to the manufacturer website, ask your friends and read reviews to understand about different knives. At last, you will be able to select the best one.

2. Determine the criteria

Swiss Army knives come with a lot of models having different features and tools. Some are simple and meant for daily life use; others have a bit complicated tools that are not required in everyday life. First, look at your lifestyle, if you are campaigner or hiker, you should opt for a multi-tools knife to help you in outdoor activities and if you do not have such hobbies and spend simple life then you can decide to buy simple one like Swiss Army Pioneer pocket knife. If you want a knife with good size to sit in your pocket easily then for you, one criterion may be the size and weight that qualifies your comfort level. Some may have an approach of many tools as many available in the market. Consequently, it is well suggested that choose the knife according to your lifestyle.

3. Look at the budget

Now your aim is to have the best at a low price. In most of the cases, available budget is very tight and definitely, you will find versatility in prices of knives dependent on the factors like available tools in it, its major uses, size, weight, and shape. You may wish more than one, but you are in the process of selecting one. Always ask your pocket before setting a price limit. Don’t be brief visit different online shopping sites like Amazon, Campmor, REI, etc. too. Analyze the prices they offer and you should visit the manufacturer website in this regard. Once you saw the prices and set the criteria than just looking for the knives according to your budget and decide to buy the one with the lowest possible price.

4. Compare two to three knives to make a better decision

Compare two to three knives to take better decisionAs you know that you will have many knives that come under your criteria and within the budget. In this situation, you do not have to confuse yourself. Make a list of things you must have on your knife for it to be useful for you. Our list may contain size, shape, weight, tools, the number of blades, tools and their uses, warranty and apparently the material in and over the body of the knife. Then pick two to three knives by that list and compare them. You may find some tools useless for you but maybe you need them later on, so it is much better to pay some dollars more than feeling sorry on your purchased knife. You can search online for the knives and go through reviews for a better option or ask any of your fellow who used it and asked how it feels holding and in use. But you must keep in mind the set criteria and budget. Comparing is critical in the sense that you end up on the best of all available knives.

5. Cautiously examine each knife

By diverse needs, each knife is introduced with different blades and tools. While making your decision, you should genuinely consider each knife and tool. If something felt bad at first glance, don’t buy it because you are never going to enjoy that. Look for the knife that pleasures you along with satisfying the needs. It is not important that if you are pure in life, then you must have the same requirements as any other mere man. It may vary. Also, you should be cautious about is reliability. You should be aware of the purpose of each tool. Also, inspect the material whether it is good steel and rust-free or not, edges are sharp and durable. When you are aware of all these things, there will be no complaints against the knife in the future.

6. Identify Pros and Cons

Identify Pros and ConsEvery person has a different mindset and wants to choose things in accordance to that. To be satisfied, later on, you should think about the pros and cons accord to your mindset and personality. There are many things come under pros and cons it may include color, shape, size, weight, easily washable, one hand opening blades or locking blades. That knife may be dull or odd to carry to the office. But if you often hike or camp then you do not have an issue with bulkiness. So always go for the knife that suits your personality.

7. Evaluate your decision

Evaluate your decision before leaving the purchase order. Look, did you choose for the knife that stays in budget, pleasures you and satisfies your need? If your answer is “Yes” then you finally have chosen the best knife of all available choices. All of the stated steps were important to follow to reach the best knife that fulfills your requirement, suits your personality and satisfies you in every aspect of your thinking. Now settle on the knife that you screened out and do not go back on choices because it will lead you to confusion.

8. Choose the site that suits you in buying the knife

You can find many online shops to buy your decided knife like Amazon, Campmor, REI, etc. Some sites have an outstanding reputation in the market others are known due to their low prices or timely delivery. So it all depends on you, ask your neighbors or friends who already experienced purchases from any of those sites. And lastly order from the site that offers the best combination of price (including shipping and other charges), reliability and delivery. Again it will be advised that it is better to spend some more dollars then feeling sorry later on.

9. Examine when your order arrives

It may happen that you are delivered with someone else order, or the order is damaged or destroyed while transporting. So, on receiving your order, check the knife carefully that it is the one you ordered and not destroyed. If you feel any flaws, you must consult to that online shopping site and log your complaint. If the delivery is alright then cheerfully receive it.

10. Enjoy with your knife

Once your knife is in your hands, take care of it. And if you see others with a different knife then never underestimate your knife as you bought the best one according to your needs after so much thinking and is your best companion.