Best Victorinox Camper Swiss Army Knife

Very few things are left in this world which trace their roots to the 19th century as far as industry products are concerned. Swiss Army Knife is one of the traditional sorts of thing which has been there in the markets since the late 19 century. Initially, there were two competitors which used to made almost same style Swiss Army Knife but as we speak there is only one producer left in the market which is “Victorinox”.

The Victorinox produces Swiss Army Knife and they are totally made in Switzerland keeping in view all the standards. There is one difference in the initial Swiss Knife and today’s one as the later one contains more features and compact too. So in order to give you the complete insight into the Swiss Army Knife, we are going to present you the overview of some of the best Swiss Army Knives. Keep reading.

Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Pocket KnifeThis is one of the best Swiss Army Pocket Knife the “Victorinox Swiss Army Camp Pocket Knife”, it is available in so many different colors too. There are 13 different features of this Swiss Army Camper knife and just by having this knife you will be equipped for any hurdle you face in your daily life or even when you are on an adventure. A good thing about this Victorinox pocket knife is that it is totally made up of stainless steel and not only that but there are polished red ABS scales in it which guarantees the durability. This pocket is good for any sort of outdoor activity like if you want to go fishing or hiking it could be a single tool which will solve you so many problems.

The overall length of this knife is around 3.58inch and it weighs around 2.6oz. So it is really light in weight and compact to that is the reason why it is so easy to handle and carry. Let’s talk about some of the features this pocket knife contains. With one large and small blade, there is a corkscrew in it (which is not present in all of the knives out there). You won’t have to worry about the can opener once you have got this knife. There is small size Philips screwdriver as well and not to forget that it has also got a large screwdriver. In other things, there is wire stripper, reamer, key ring, tweezers, toothpick, and the wood saw. There is nothing to worry about reliability as it comes with the lifetime warranty of any manufacturing defect.


Victorinox SwissArmy Camper Black Multi-tool

Victorinox SwissArmy Camper Black Multi-toolIf you are looking for some reliable Swiss Pocket Knife then this could be the best option, the “Victorinox Swiss Army Camper Black Multi-tool” and a good thing about this Swiss Army knife is that it is available in the low budget. The manufacturing of this knife has been done according to all the standards so it is very much durable (you can pass it on to your next generation too). The making of this has been carried out with stainless steel with so many different features. The size of this knife has been kept small and it is also very light in weight so that you can keep it easily. With large and small blade you will have sharp blades under your sleeve in a single click.

There are other things in this as well like can opener is one of the things most of the people forget but when you have this pocket knife you will not have to think twice about the can opener. There are tweezers and the screwdriver in this which could really come handy when things get messy. A good thing about this Swiss Army Pocket knife is that it is very much useful in our regular life and there is no denying of it being efficient once you step outside your home. With excellent reliability and so many features, this is actually going to save your valuable money spending on other things which this knife has got.


Swiss Army Camper

Swiss Army CamperHave you ever thought of something which can solve most of your technical problems and still it is cheap in price? Yes, there is something like this out there which could do this all and it is none other than the “Swiss Army Camper”. Not only that it is reliable but it costs very much low as well. There are features like it has got small pen blade in it alongside with large blade and doesn’t forget that the sharpness of the blades is of high quality. The size of this Swiss Army Camper has been kept such as to give you the most comfort. It is also worth mentioning here that it is actually smaller than the Swiss Army knives you see regularly.

There are other things as well inclusive of the package like it has got the corkscrew and the can opener in it. The general feedback of this Swiss Army Camper is positive as it is long lasting and can easily be passed onto generations to come. There is no compromise on the quality of this as it is made in Switzerland and meets every standard set by the traditional Swiss Army Knife. With all these things in it this you also need to understand that you should keep this on a regular basis as previously it was thought to be used for outdoors only. This is highly recommended from our side.



One thing is for sure that you are not going to waste your money if you buy any of this Swiss Army Knife. The reason is clear as there are so many different tools included in such a compact knife that you would save the money spending on purchasing all those things separately.