How Safe Are Jumping Stilts

There are various sports that people play to stay active and have some fun. One of these fun sports is stilting, which keeps you physically fit. By using jumping stilts, you can excitingly lose weight and remain energetic too.

Though more commonly, you would have played sports like soccer, baseball, and cricket – stilting can be another adventurous addition to your list of leisure activities. Wearing the stilts, you can jump like a kangaroo and perform some crazy stunts. While it may seem similar to jumping on a trampoline, you can perform acrobat backflips with a stilt.

This recreational device, equipped with springs, is attached to your feet and legs. Who wouldn’t love to have some thrill and adventure? However, one should be careful while stilting. Many people have been injured as they hop around on a jumping stilt. If you’re wondering about buying one for yourself, then continue reading this article to know all about the stilts, the possible injuries, and the need for safety measures.

The Evolution

Like every other product evolution, jumping stilts may be considered the new-age version of the space-hopper or better known as the hopper ball from the 1960s. The hopper ball was invented by Aquilino Cosani. The toy was initially called a “Pon-Pon” due to the sound it made as it bounced. From conception, Cosani geared his toy for children and their enjoyment.

Forty years on, this particular product has not just evolved in shape and size but has also led to many other variants for every age-group. The use of this product, which once started as a recreational outdoor activity for children, is now part of various sporting events and exercise therapies for almost every age.

It wasn’t till 2003/4 when Alexander Böck (a German aerospace engineer) patented his version of the product, Jumping Stilt (trademarked as “PowerSkip”), that’s now commonly used as an action-adventure sport or an extreme sporting activity. It has a particular age limit and safety guidelines.

What is Jumping Stilts?

What is Jumping Stilts?

As we are always searching for new activities to keep us entertained, jumping stilts is one of those adventurous games that let us have fun in a unique way. Attaching these stilts with springs to our knees, we can jump to great heights and run as fast as we want. It is fun to jump over tall objects and even perform acrobats wearing stilts.

Having a perfect pair of stilts and using them safely can be an exciting activity that lets us stay fit. Invented in 2003 by Alexander Boeck, jumping stilts are strapped onto both legs that send you flying into the air as you jump.

There are various jumping stilts available offered by different brands. However, make sure to purchase from the companies that are officially licensed to sell jumping stilts. These companies offer high-quality products with warranties. Beware of the brands offering non-licensed products, which are poorly manufactured and can be dangerous for the users.

Risk of Injuries

Though it may sound super-fun to be jumping with the stilts, there are also certain risks associated with its use. Because you will be far off the ground, the risk of getting injured increases. These injuries are similar to trampoline injuries and can lead to broken bones, sprains, strains, and head or neck injuries.

Doctors are concerned about the accidents that may result in injuries since the jumping stilts were patented in the United States. The recent commercialization of jumping stilts has left the doctors even more worried about head injuries suffered by people who practice “powerbocking.”

You may not find any training instructors to guide you on using the stilts, which makes it even more dangerous to use and increasing the risk of accidents.

The proponents of jumping stilts argue that jumping stilts can be beneficial even though there is a risk of injuries. You can burn calories five times faster than jogging. A study conducted in Korea showed that the group lost seven pounds by using the stilts for five weeks. Not only this, they even shed an inch off their waistlines.

Regardless of the benefits, it is essential to exercise caution to avoid injuries. Like any extreme sporting activity, the use of jumping stilts is regarded as a high-grade risky activity. The use is definitely of interest to the users, be it for exercise or outdoor activity or merely for the excitement of extreme sports; it still carries risks of accidents that, in some cases, can be extreme.

In 2010, Samuel Koch attempted to jump over multiple cars using the stilts and failed to clear one of the moving vehicles. As a result, he was heavily injured and was left tetraplegic. This is just one of the many incidents that indicate how risky it can be. Therefore, it is important to take adequate safety measures to protect yourself from such accidents.

Some Safety Measures

Despite all the injuries, the younger generation is now picking up on this activity as a means of thrill. Ideally, they should be monitored by a professional who can train the users and advise them of the physical risks – particularly if these stilts are used without adequate protective gear.

Like all other extreme sporting gear, physicians and experts recommend users to protect their heads, elbows, and knees when performing stunts wearing jumping stilts. There are also a few global sporting events and promoters of extreme sports that recommend users to wear a full protective suit when performing stunts. This safety measure is best recommended to avoid serious injuries to users during qualification stages for any major events.

Enthusiasts will argue otherwise; however, with any sport, precaution is always better than cure or, in extreme cases, death or permanent disability.

No wonder daredevils love taking risks and performing some amazing stunts for that adrenaline rush. Their lives are all about having fun and do what the heart desires. However, taking appropriate safety measures is very important to avoid any possible injuries.

Though it may seem easy to use, it needs a lot of practice to be comfortable using it. So before you wear it, don’t forget to put on your safety gear, including elbow and knee pads and a helmet. Start with jumping slowly and make sure to hold onto something sturdy to maintain your balance. Don’t shy away from asking help from a friend or your sibling when figuring out how to use it. You have to be patient and have some sessions of walking and small jumps before you attempt to perform any stunt.

Jumping Stilts Can Be Dangerous

If you are eager to perform high jumps, don’t compromise on the quality and get the jumping stilt only after doing research. There are various stilts available with different features such as cushioning on ankles and safety straps; get the one that best suits your needs.

You must have dreamed of running fast and jumping high, probably that’s why you have read so far to get hold of all the information you can about the stilts. We hope you will make your dream a reality with the jumping stilt, but without forgetting all the safety precautions.