What Picture Comes to Mind When You Hear the Word “DESIGN?”

Design is central to the way we do everything, to every technology we’re associated with. An exponential boost in the use of technology caused an increase in the creation and use of software.

The design we interact with influences our experiences.

Companies have made their design their differentiators, and this is seen through corporate branding, SEO rankings, and content marketing.

Design is all around you.

Previously, when people use or hear the word “designers,” it is usually about a graphic designer, UX/UI designer, website designer, and others. Presently, the word refers to several things. Every designer is an artist, whether it’s interiors, industrial, furniture, or websites.

Considering that design is a major commercial differentiator, it’s no wonder that creatives and professionals are getting the .design domain name extension for their brands. The .design domain helps build visibility and credibility for your online brand. Most sites using the .design domain showcase unique projects, and the domain name helps to quickly communicate what they do and assist in positioning the brand.

The .design TLD is perfect for bloggers, collaborators, freelance designers, and design companies. It is also for designers who want to create a community for networking and support. Creatives, freelancers, and everyone who want to create a niche for their online business use the .design domain.

Why use a .design domain name when you could use something like .com?

The popular domain name before the advent of .design as a domain name was the .com domain names. Domain names carry .com, no matter how long or boring the name is. With the introduction of .design and other Top Level Domains in 2014, domain names are now shorter, catchier, and legible. The .design name allows for differentiation between other online brands. Elements as ‘little’ as email addresses look more professional when you choose unique TLDs.

The .design name which can be easily interchanged and converted to .com domain names serves better SEO aims.

With the .design domain name, you are better positioned to create a unique niche for yourself, achieve higher SEO rankings, and equally, stand out from your competition. Moreover, there are still better chances of getting the specific name you want, one that’ll be relevant and memorable.

Why get a .design domain name

  • Relevance

Any customer can quickly identify your brand or project through a unique  .design domain name.  Your relevance in the industry increases when your domain name easily connects people who are looking for your type of designs or services through any search engine. The easier it is for customers to connect to your site, the more likely it is that they’ll contact you.

  • Branding

The .design domain name not only makes your brand and URL unique but also easy to remember. Such uniqueness has a way of placing emphasis on what you do.

  • Boost SEO rankings

A unique .design name helps with boosting up your website name in search results. A website that stands out increases the visibility of your brand.

  • Differentiation

The trend of getting a .design domain name is spreading fast. Getting the name helps aspiring and professional designers to differentiate themselves from their competition.

  • Content Marketing

Lots of creatives and designers use the .design site to showcase their creative side and promote their brands. It helps aspiring designers to share their design projects and give people unique content.

Get Your .design Domain Name Today

Use a .design domain name to showcase your skills, talents, and your achievements as an expert and a freelancer. .design is perfect for professional and upcoming designers (if you are looking at changing careers). Even the design departments of large brands now make use of the .design domain for easy niche recognition.

Curate and edit your project well before launching your site. Your portfolio should not be about the abundance of all the accomplishments of your successful career but about how well curated your work looks. All you need is to show your potential clients the niche you possess credibility and speciality in. You can get the necessary motivation to spur you on in the designing industry by obtaining a unique .design domain that you can use to create an engaging website. The demand for the domain name is increasing all over the world, quickly pick yours.

Getting a .design name will challenge you to get more creative than the over-used stock images. The domain name pushes you to be original in your output and thus putting your brands out there with wholesome and insightful content.

Having a .design domain name means that you occupy a viable space in your niche in the designing industry. The .design applies to all types of designers. The .design domain is available to everyone for the sake of giving every interested person a push in the designing industry.

Wait no more. Get your .design domain name today!

Either as a graphic designer, blogger, software designer, user experience designer, or even a lifestyle designer, a .design domain name is right for you. The domain name will attract both customers and employers. It is a great way to market your brand and put yourself out there.

The .design domain name stands you out from several sites, and it pushes your unique domain name forward. Your unique domain name markets your brand and also brings about the awareness of your area of expertise. They also used for community building, recruiting, and several other purposes.

The domain is said to have been significantly adopted by household brands. Companies like Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb’ design departments have taken the .design name to show off their smart design and content, which has led to the attraction of young talents to these companies.

Many companies are changing from .com to .design to get potential clients. If both small and large companies are getting a .design domain name, what are you waiting for, get your one for your brand now!

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