How to Choose Custom-Printed Hand Sanitisers for Branding

COVID-19 wreaked havoc worldwide and took several lives in 2020. Hence, it is essential to spread the awareness of precautions like using a hand sanitiser after touching unknown surfaces to control this disease. The hand sanitisers are safe to use on hands with a minimum of 6% of alcohol.

Amid the current situations, hand sanitisers for branding have also become an inexpensive and impressive promotional tool. These promotional products have to follow the standards established by the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission).

Various promotional goods manufacturers in Australia design custom-printed hand sanitisers and you can visit website for details. With the growing awareness of personal hygiene, this is the best opportunity to enter their homes and promote your business. Any organisation that wishes to increase the reachability must use this latest branding trick to earn more customers and profits.

Here’s how custom-printed hand sanitisers can be chosen as a promotional tool.

Link Your Brand with the Customised Hand Sanitiser

It may require a thorough research before you choose to promote your brand with a hand sanitiser. You will have to understand the various aspects of your business that can be linked to hand sanitisers.

The bottles can also be customised using your brand logo. For instance, if your logo is a cross-shape, then design a sanitiser bottle of that shape. The primary purpose of distributing customised hand sanitisers is to make people aware of your brand. Having the unique shape of the bottle with your branding will lure the customers to get one, and they will not forget the brand’s name engraved on it.

Make Sure the Product Is Not Gender-biased

Hand sanitisers are used by the customers to kill germs. Design its covering and body that defines your brand. The entire promotional message should be linked with your services.

Do not jump into gender-specific promotion; let the sanitiser bottle be neutral in design. The only motive for promoting such products should be reaching the target audience. The more people start using your promoted goods, the more they will become aware of your brand’s existence.

Try Different Forms and Sizes of Hand Sanitisers

Visit the website to know what type of hand sanitisers are available. Post pandemic, many pharmaceutical companies came up with different types of hand sanitisers. There are liquid forms, gel forms, colourful liquid/gel forms, sanitising sprays, tube forms, etc.

Once you understand how you can link your brand with the hand sanitisers, you can choose different sanitising forms. Also, make sure the sanitising bottles come in small and medium sizes.

Check the Quality and Certification

As mentioned before, the hand sanitisers must be as per the appropriate medical and industry standards. While promoting your brand, you must not compromise the quality of the hand sanitisers.

If there are complaints about the quality, it will hurt your brand image. Have a reasonable budget, research online which promotional goods manufacturer is best. Get the desired quotes, check its certification, and place the bulk order. With these points and tips, you can make the most of your marketing efforts even amid the current situations.