Fun Ideas for Your Teenage Girl’s Birthday Party

Your teenage miss will be celebrating her birthday, and you want her to have a party she will always remember. This will take careful planning to ensure that everything goes as planned and your daughter will have that grateful smile on her face on her special day. Teenagers will always go for upbeat parties, where they can have special friends around them to celebrate life.

Why not consider some of these themes for your teenage daughter’s party. Imagine what she would like. Take note of her preferences and come up with that unique theme just for her.

The carnival

Children of all ages, teenagers too, will always have great fun in a carnival. The sights and the sounds are exciting and exuberant. A carnival-themed birthday party would undoubtedly be a fun party. You can check out funfair rides for hire, and bring that actual carnival feel to the party. You could serve hotdogs and popcorn, and the ever-present cotton candy. Create a tent, hang up balloons, erect colourful booths and get the party started.

The spa party

Your teenager and her closest friends will surely love to have a spa day all to themselves. Cookies and sandwiches, along with fruit punch and Iced teas can be served. They can have face masks, shampoos, manicures, and all the other amenities that a spa has to offer. You can also prepare little bags with lip balms, nail polish and hand lotion for the girls to take home with them. The fun thing about a spa party is they are at their most relaxed and can be themselves, chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

The Luau

The Hawaiian themed party will be perfect if you are celebrating your daughter’s party by the beach. Just the same, you can transform your poolside and give it the luau atmosphere. Guests can come in Hawaiian shirts, shorts, grass skirts and beachwear. Lanterns would look fantastic at night. Prepare a feast of barbecued fruit, fish fresh from the grill, fruit punches and fruit salads. Prepare garlands for the guests. Have Hawaiian music playing in the background, and invite guests to dance the hula.

The movie night

This theme is also most ideal outdoors where a projector can be set up, and a full screen prepared. Guests can bring along blankets and other items to make them comfortable while watching movies outdoors. Have popcorn, hotdogs, chips and soda available. Make sure to find out from your teenager what types of movies she and her friends would prefer. This is a party that will be a great hit.

If this isn’t a surprise party, it would be good to have your daughter involved with the preparations. She can best determine what she and her guests would enjoy. With her as part of your planning, you can also be assured that the party will be a success. Apart from that, the bonding time you have together is priceless. You can both appreciate how doing things together can create magical moments and celebrations to remember.